2024 Championship Week Winners, Automatic Bids for the NCAA Tournament

2024 Championship Week Winners

We are knee deep into 2024 Championship week. We have the 2024 Championship week winners, automatic qualifiers for the NCAA Tournament for you below. We’ve already seen some great games, upsets, and more. 2024 March Madness is shaping up to be one of our favorites ever. We’ll keep you updated on the results here as the action unfolds. 

How Many Teams have Earned an Automatic Bid to March Madness? 

So far, we have two teams who have punched their tickets to the Dance. One in the women’s and one in the men’s brackets. UT-Martin earned their way in the WBB field. Morehead State did the same for the OVC Tournament. More to come here pretty quickly. Don’t forget about Caitlin Clark and Iowa as well. It’s time for the March Madness schedules and bracketology to take over! We’ll forego numbers for our updates. There are now 7 combined men’s and women’s teams dancing! WE’ll just update in the blocks below for you until we have all 64 automatic qualifiers in the books!

Last Updated: 17 March **** We know have 32 Women’s teams and 32 men’s teams with automatic bids to March Madness 2024 in hand!

Caitlin Clark with the iconic Kobe Pose post Big 10 Champsionship Victory

Ref to Bri Lewerke (@brilewerke) / X (twitter.com) for the nice share and ask!! Awesome photos.

2024 Women’s Basketball Automatic Bids for the NCAA Tournament

CONFERENCEDATESChampionship DateAuto Bid
America EastMarch 8-15March 15Maine (24-9)
American AthleticMarch 9-13March 13Rice (19-14)
Atlantic 10March 6-10March 10Richmond (29-5)
ACCMarch 6-10March 10Notre Dame (26-6)
Atlantic SunMarch 8-16March 16Florida Gulf Coast (29-4)
Big 12March 7-12March 12Texas (30-4)
Big EastMarch 8-11March 11UCONN (29-5)
Big SkyMarch 9-13March 13Eastern Washington (29-5)
Big SouthMarch 6-10March 10Presbyterian Blue Hose (20-14)
Big TenMarch 6-10March 10Iowa (29-4)
Big WestMarch 13-16March 16UC Irvine (23-8)
CAAMarch 13-17March 17Drexel (18-14)
C-USAMarch 12-16March 16Middle Tennessee (29-4)
HorizonMarch 5-12March 12Green Bay (27-6)
IvyMarch 15-16March 16Princeton (25-4)
MAACMarch 12-16March 16Fairfield (31-1)
MACMarch 13-16March 16Kent State (21-10)
MEACMarch 13-16March 16Norfolk State (27-5)
MVCMarch 14-17March 17Drake (29-5)
MWCMarch 10-13March 13UNLV (30-2)
NortheastMarch 11-15March 17Sacred Heart (23-9)
OVCMarch 6-9March 9UT-Martin (16-16)
Pac-12March 6-10March 10USC (26-5)
PatriotMarch 9-17March 17Holy Cross (20-12)
SECMarch 6-10March 10South Carolina (32-0)
SouthernMarch 6-10March 10Chattanooga (28-4)
SouthlandMarch 11-14March 14Texas A&M Corpus Christi (23-8)
SWACMarch 13-16March 16Jackson State (29-4)
SummitMarch 8-12March 12South Dakota State (27-5)
Sun BeltMarch 5-11March 11Marshall (26-6)
WACMarch 13-16March 16California Baptist (28-3)
West CoastMarch 7-12March 12Portland (21-2)
2024 Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship Winners

2024 Women’s NCAA Tournament Schedule 

2024 Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket

Selection show: 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 17 on ESPN

First Four games: Wednesday and Thursday, March 20-21

First round: Friday and Saturday, March 22-23

Second round: Sunday and Monday, March 24-25

Sweet 16: Friday and Saturday, March 29-30

Elite Eight: Sunday and Monday, March 31-April 1

Final Four: 7 p.m. ET and 9:30 p.m. ET on Friday, March April 5 on ESPN

National Championship: 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 7 on ABC

2024 Men’s Basketball Automatic Bids for the NCAA Tournament

Wagner automatic bid
Wagner Earned the NEC automatic bid this year
ConferenceDatesChampionship DateAuto Bid
American AthleticMarch 13th-17thMarch 17
ACCMarch 12th-16thMarch 16NC State (22-14)
America EastMarch 9th, 12th & 16thMarch 16Vermont (28-6)
ASUNMarch 4th-5th, 7th & 10thMarch 10Stetson (22-12)
A-10March 12th-14th, 16th-17thMarch 17UAB (23-11)
Big 12March 12th-16thMarch 16Iowa State (27-7)
Big EastMarch 13th-16thMarch 16UConn (31-3)
Big SkyMarch 9th-13thMarch 13Montana State (17-17)
Big SouthMarch 6th & 8th-10thMarch 10Longwood (21-13)
Big TenMarch 13th-17thMarch 17Wisconsin (23-12)
Big WestMarch 13th-16thMarch 16Long Beach State (21-14)
CUSAMarch 12th-16thMarch 16WKU (22-11)
CAAMarch 8th-12thMarch 12Charleston (27-7)
HorizonMarch 5th, 7th & 11th-12thMarch 12Oakland (23-11)
IvyMarch 16th-17thMarch 17Yale (22-9)
MAACMarch 12th-16thMarch 16St. Peter’s (19-13)
MACMarch 14th-16thMarch 16Akron (24-10)
MEACMarch 13th-16thMarch 16Howard (18-16)
MVCMarch 7th-10thMarch 10Drake (28-6)
MWCMarch 13th-16thMarch 16New Mexico (26-9)
NECMarch 6th, 9th & 12thMarch 12Wagner (16-15)
OVCMarch 6th-9thMarch 9Morehead State (26-8)
Pac-12March 13th-16thMarch 16Oregon (23-11)
PatriotMarch 5th, 7th, 10th & 13thMarch 13Colgate (25-9)
SECMarch 13th-17thMarch 17Auburn (27-7)
SouthernMarch 8th-11thMarch 11Samford (29-5)
SouthlandMarch 10th-14thMarch 14McNeese (30-3)
SummitMarch 8th-12thMarch 12South Dakota State (22-12)
Sun BeltMarch 5th, 7th & 9th-11thMarch 11James Madison (31-3)
SWACMarch 13th-16thMarch 16Grambling (20-14)
WACMarch 13th-16thMarch 16Grand Canyon (29-4)
WCCMarch 7th-9th & 11th-12thMarch 12St. Mary’s (26-7)
2024 Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship Winners
Morehead State was the first team to clinch an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament (Men's).,
Morehead State was the first team to clinch an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament (Men’s).,

2024 Men’s NCAA Tournament Schedule 

2024 Men's NCAA Tournament Bracket

First Four: March 19-20

First round: March 21-22

Second round: March 23-24 

Sweet 16: March 28-29 

Elite Eight: March 30-31 

Final Four: Saturday, April 6

NCAA championship game: Monday, April 8

NCAA Tournament Brackets

If you are looking for the tournament brackets for the Men’s and Women’s editions of March Madness, we have you covered. We have them each below in printable, PDF format for you to use to fill out your bracketology. We’ll keep flowing info to you as we have it on the matchups, seeds, and more. 

2024 Women’s NCAA Tournament Bracket

2024 Men’s NCAA Tournament Bracket

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