British Open Winners; Tiger Woods has 3 Wins

British Open Winners

The British Open winners list goes back to 1860. Also known as The Open, it is the oldest and most prestigious golf tournament in the World. The tournament is one of the four men’s major golf championships. Since 2019, The Open has become the last major tournament of the year held in July. The winner of the tournament earns the Claret Jug (a replica copy now-a-days). 

Who has Won the Most British Open Championships? 

So, we go back in time a bit to see who has won the most British Opens. Harry Vardon won the Open a record six times. He won in: 1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, and 1914. He was runner up in the tournament four times. Most notably in 1920 at the age of 50. There are four golfers who have won the tournament five times. They include James Braid, J.H. Taylor, Peter Thomason, and Tom Watson. 

How Many British Opens has Tiger Woods Won? 

So, Tiger Woods has won the British Open three times. He won the championship in 2000, 2005, and 2006. 2018 was the last time that Tiger was in contention at the tournament on Sunday. He narrowly lost out on the win on the back half of the day. He is expected to play in the 2024 British Open to wrap up his 2024 professional golf season. 

British Open Winners 

YearChampionCountryWinning Score
2024Xander SchauffeleUSA275 (-9)
2023Brian HarmanUSA271 (−13)
2022Cameron SmithAustralia268 (−20)
2021Collin MorikawaUSA265 (−15)
2019Shane LowryIreland269 (−15)
2018Francesco MolinariItaly276 (−8)
2017Jordan SpiethUSA268 (−12)
2016Henrik StensonSweden264 (−20)
2015Zach JohnsonUSA273 (−15) playoff
2014Rory McIlroyUK / Northern Ireland271 (–17)
2013Phil MickelsonUnited States281 (-3)
2012Ernie ElsSouth Africa273 (-7)
2011Darren ClarkeUK / Northern Ireland275 (-5)
2010Louis OosthuizenSouth Africa272 (-16)
2009Stewart CinkUnited States278 (-2) playoff
2008Pádraig HarringtonIreland283 (+3)
2007Pádraig HarringtonIreland277 (-7) playoff
2006Tiger WoodsUnited States270 (-18)
2005Tiger WoodsUnited States274 (-14)
2004Todd HamiltonUnited States274 (-10) playoff
2003Ben CurtisUnited States283 (-1)
2002Ernie ElsSouth Africa278 (-6) playoff
2001David DuvalUnited States274 (-10)
2000Tiger WoodsUnited States269 (-19)
1999Paul LawrieScotland290 (+6) playoff
1998Mark O’MearaUnited States280 (E) playoff
1997Justin LeonardUnited States272 (-12)
1996Tom LehmanUnited States271 (-13)
1995John DalyUnited States282 (-6) playoff
1994Nick PriceZimbabwe268 (-12)
1993Greg NormanAustralia267 (-13)
1992Nick FaldoEngland272 (-12)
1991Ian Baker-FinchAustralia272 (-8)
1990Nick FaldoEngland270 (-18)
1989Mark CalcavecchiaUnited States275 (-13) playoff
1988Seve BallesterosSpain273 (-11)
1987Nick FaldoEngland279 (-5)
1986Greg NormanAustralia280 (E)
1985Sandy LyleScotland282 (+2)
1984Seve BallesterosSpain276 (-12)
1983Tom WatsonUnited States275 (-9)
1982Tom WatsonUnited States284 (-4)
1981Bill RogersUnited States276 (-4)
1980Tom WatsonUnited States271 (-13)
1979Seve BallesterosSpain283 (-1)
1978Jack NicklausUnited States281 (-7)
1977Tom WatsonUnited States268 (-12)
1976Johnny MillerUnited States279 (-9)
1975Tom WatsonUnited States279 (-5) playoff
1974Gary PlayerSouth Africa282 (-2)
1973Tom WeiskopfUnited States276 (-12)
1972Lee TrevinoUnited States278 (-6)
1971Lee TrevinoUnited States278 (-10)
1970Jack NicklausUnited States283 (-5) playoff
1969Tony JacklinEngland280 (-4)
1968Gary PlayerSouth Africa289 (+1)
1967Roberto DeVicenzoArgentina278 (-10)
1966Jack NicklausUnited States282 (+2)
1965Peter ThomsonAustralia285 (-3)
1964Tony LemaUnited States279 (-9)
1963Bob CharlesNew Zealand277 (-7) playoff
1962Arnold PalmerUnited States276 (-12)
1961Arnold PalmerUnited States284 (-4)
1960Kel NagleAustralia278 (-10)
1959Gary PlayerSouth Africa284 (E)
1958Peter ThomsonAustralia274 (-10) playoff
1957Bobby LockeSouth Africa279 (-9)
1956Peter ThomsonAustralia286 (-2)
1955Peter ThomsonAustralia281 (-7)
1954Peter ThomsonAustralia283 (-5)
1953Ben HoganUnited States282 (-6)
1952Bobby LockeSouth Africa287 (-1)
1951Max FaulknerEngland285 (-3)
1950Bobby LockeSouth Africa279 (-9)
1949Bobby LockeSouth Africa283 (-5)
1948Henry CottonEngland288 (E)
1947Fred DalyNorthern Ireland293 (+5)
1946Sam SneadUnited States290 (+2)
1940-1945not held due to World War II
1939Richard BurtonEngland290
1938Reg WhitcombeEngland295
1937Henry CottonEngland290
1936Alf PadghamEngland287
1935Alf PerryEngland283
1934Henry CottonEngland283
1933Denny ShuteUnited States292 playoff
1932Gene SarazenUnited States283
1931Tommy ArmourUnited States (nat)296
1930Bobby Jones (Amateur)United States291
1929Walter HagenUnited States292
1928Walter HagenUnited States292
1927Bobby Jones (Am)United States285
1926Bobby Jones (Am)United States291
1925Jim BarnesUnited States (nat)300
1924Walter HagenUnited States301
1923Arthur HaversEngland295
1922Walter HagenUnited States300
1921Jock HutchisonUnited States (nat)296 playoff
1920George DuncanScotland303
1915-1919Not held due to World War I
1914Harry VardonJersey306
1913John Henry TaylorEngland304
1912Ted RayJersey295
1911Harry VardonJersey303 playoff
1910James BraidScotland299
1909John Henry TaylorEngland291
1908James BraidScotland291
1907Arnaud MassyFrance312
1906James BraidScotland300
1905James BraidScotland318
1904Jack WhiteScotland296
1903Harry VardonJersey300
1902Sandy HerdScotland307
1901James BraidScotland309
1900John Henry TaylorEngland309
1899Harry VardonJersey310
1898Harry VardonJersey307
1897Harold Hilton (Amateur)England314
1896Harry VardonJersey316 play off
1895John Henry TaylorEngland332
1894John Henry TaylorEngland326
1893William AuchterlonieScotland322
1892Harold HiltonEngland305
1891Hugh KirkaldyScotland166
1890John Ball (Am)England164
1889Willie Park, JnrScotland155 playoff
1888Jack BurnsScotland171
1887Willie Park, JnrScotland161
1886David BrownScotland157
1885Bob MartinScotland171
1884Jack SimpsonScotland160
1883Willie FernieScotland159 playoff
1882Bob FergusonScotland171
1881Bob FergusonScotland170
1880Bob FergusonScotland162
1879Jamie AndersonScotland169
1878Jamie AndersonScotland157
1877Jamie AndersonScotland160
1876Bob MartinScotland176
1875Willie Park, SnrScotland166
1874Mungo ParkScotland159
1873Tom KiddScotland179
1872Tom Morris, JnrScotland166
1871not held
1870Tom Morris, JnrScotland149
1869Tom Morris, JnrScotland154
1868Tom Morris, JnrScotland157
1867Tom Morris, SnrScotland170
1866Willie Park, SnrScotland169
1865Andrew StrathScotland162
1864Tom Morris, SnrScotland167
1863Willie Park, SnrScotland168
1862Tom Morris, SnrScotland163
1861Tom Morris, SnrScotland163
1860Willie Park, SnrScotland174
List of The Open Winners

British Open Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights from The Open at St. Andrews, Scotland. 

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