Tiger Woods Schedule; What Tournament will He Play in Next?

Tiger Woods Schedule

So, if you are looking for Tiger Woods schedule, we have the latest for you. He has been all over the news here lately with the release of his Sun Day Red clothing line, and news about his golf schedule. The next tournament that Tiger is signed up to play is the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ll get into Tiger’s schedule, planned tournament participation, and more for you. 

When will Tiger Woods Play Golf Next? 

The next golf tournament that Tiger Woods has acknowledged he will play in is the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky. The golf major is set to take place May 16-19, 2024. Tiger has an exemption for the tournament from past victories. Tiger has enjoyed the PGA Championship almost as much as he has the Masters over the years. He has won the event four times, played in it 22 times, and has nine top-10 finishes. Everyone would love to see him in contention on Sunday, so we’ll see. 

Tiger Woods Schedule 2024

So, for the 2024 Tiger Woods Schedule we know a few things. First, he thinks his body can hold up to play in one tournament a month. Now, with that being said, his #1 priority for tournaments is to play in the Golf Majors. The Masters was his first complete tournament on tour in what feels like a bazillion years. Tiger made the cut, was in it to win it, then wasn’t. 

Still it was a pretty cool few days. I’m hoping we see more of the same in Kentucky. Anyway, he just accepted a special exemption to play in the 2024 US Open (the only major he didn’t have one for this year since the free pass for champions only lasts for ten years). We assume he’ll do the British Open, and then from there we are TBD on Tiger’s schedule for the rest of 2024. 

The MastersApril 11-14, 2024Complete
2024 PGA ChampionshipMay 16-19, 2024Yes
2024 US OpenJune 13-16, 2024Yes, special exemption
2024 British OpenJuly 18-21, 2024Yes
2024 Tiger Woods Schedule

Tiger Woods Tournament Exemptions

Tiger Woods US Open Exemption
Tiger Woods US Open Exemption update.

So, Tiger Woods has a lifetime exemption to play in The Masters and PGA Championship as a past champion. For The Open (British Open), his exemption as a past champion is good until the age of 60. For the U.S. Open, his exemption ran out in 2018 based off the 10 year clock. It got extended another five after winning the Masters in 2019. This has been the first year he didn’t automatically qualify for a golf major since 1996. Hence, why he needed the special exemption to play. So, no LIV golfers, it doesn’t apply to most of you. Phil has an argument, and maybe John Rahm in a few years, but otherwise no. 

What Other Tournaments will Tiger Woods Play in during 2024? 

So, when you look at the PGA Tour schedule, there are not a lot of strong possibilities for us to see Tiger after July. We have the 2024 Olympics that are July 29–August 4, 2024 as the next possibility after The Open. We have Tiger’s Hero World Challenge and the PNC Championship going down in December. Now, if Tiger can pull off some magic in the Majors (ie win) to get into the rankings, we could see him in the FedEx Playoffs, but that is not something to plan for (right now). We’ll keep you updated as we have news on Tiger Woods schedule updates. 

Tiger Woods Golf Highlights

Here’s some cool career highlights of Tiger over the years for you. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him add some more this year. 

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