2024 FedEx Cup Standings; Scottie Scheffler Leads the Way

2024 FedEx Cup Standings

The 2024 FedEx Cup standings will come down to the end of the regular season to determine all of the players eligible for the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Scottie Scheffler has a Tiger Woods-like grip on the #1 spot. This season, we have 35 PGA Tour events during the regular season that count towards players points. The three event FedEx Playoff wraps up with the Tour Championship schedule from August 29th through September 1st, 2024. We have the standings and more for you below. 

How do Players Earn Points in the 2024 FedEx Cup Standings?

So, a common question that comes up is how do players earn FedEx Cup points? I’ll try to explain for you here since it’s changed a bit over the years. During the 2024 PGA Tour schedule, there are 35 regular season events prior to the playoff series. The playoffs start with the FedEx St. Jude Championship. They end with the Tour Championship that starts on August 29th, 2024. 

For a standard regular season event, players earn 500 FedEx Cup points for a win. They also earn points for making the cut. There are eight signature events during the season that up the ante and give 700 points to the winner. Players who win a major championship or The Players championship also get 750 points. There are also 300 points that go to the winner of an event played in the same week as a major or signature event. 

How Many Players Earn a Spot in the FedEx Cup Playoffs? 

All of the players that are inside of the top 70 at the end of the season get into the playoffs. Then, the players in the top 50 after the FedEx St. Jude Championship qualify for the 2025 PGA Tour signature events. Even better, is the top 30 after the 2024 BMW Championship get to play in the Tour Championship. The prize there for first place is $25 Million out of the bonus pool of $100 Million. So…we could see Scottie Scheffler making what feels like a gazillion dollars this season! 

2024 FedEx Cup Standings

Here’s the 2024 FedEx Cup Standings as of July 1st, 2024. We still have The Open left of the major golf championships. As you can see, Scottie has a pretty huge lead over Xander for the #1 spot. I’ve listed the top 75 players (top 70 make it). We’ll see how things sort out here over the last few months of the PGA Tour schedule for who makes the cut for the Playoffs. 

1Scottie SchefflerUSA576861314$27,696,85860
2Xander SchauffeleUSA325711015$12,636,36059
3Rory McIlroyNIR24452512$10,034,66556
4Collin MorikawaUSA22410612$7,509,25259
5Wyndham ClarkUSA2088155$9,728,97551
6Ludvig AbergSWE19920610$7,830,99853
7Hideki MatsuyamaJPN1893159$7,597,33155
8Sahith TheegalaUSA1845058$7,562,68565
9Patrick CantlayUSA1717048$5,406,23757
10Byeong Hun AnKOR1620059$5,175,43659
11Shane LowryIRL1592058$5,093,52055
12Tony FinauUSA15790511$4,881,06065
13Matthieu PavonFRA1558146$5,032,80849
14Sungjae ImKOR1500058$4,572,37259
15Akshay BhatiaUSA14221210$4,226,09070
16Justin ThomasUSA1412058$4,130,66147
17Sepp StrakaAUT1410049$4,045,70153
18Tom HogeUSA14060310$4,188,59373
19Russell HenleyUSA1371058$4,016,96957
20Christiaan BezuidenhoutZAF13700310$4,651,53861
21Brian HarmanUSA1362039$4,731,37363
22Chris KirkUSA1280124$5,277,15259
23Stephan JaegerDEU1207138$3,669,03461
24Tommy FleetwoodENG1203038$3,648,11853
25Sam BurnsUSA1181068$3,680,98057
26Max HomaUSA1175038$3,550,66657
27Thomas DetryBEL1173047$3,342,11960
28Jason DayAUS1173045$3,490,08557
29J.T. PostonUSA1165048$3,412,67063
30Taylor PendrithCAN1149149$3,554,12559
31Adam HadwinCAN1133056$3,779,65857
32Si Woo KimKOR11230110$3,354,13369
33Corey ConnersCAN1121029$3,301,24271
34Cameron YoungUSA1073056$3,458,19665
35Matt FitzpatrickENG1049038$3,184,77559
36Keegan BradleyUSA1030026$3,133,53058
37Robert MacIntyreSCO1023146$3,135,14655
38Will ZalatorisUSA1019034$3,790,79953
39Tom KimKOR1001026$3,946,91872
40Nick TaylorCAN964134$3,067,93563
41Austin EckroatUSA963115$2,925,15566
42Denny McCarthyUSA944025$2,903,72464
43Harris EnglishUSA938028$2,680,16061
44Billy HorschelUSA937148$2,595,53359
45Jake KnappUSA923144$2,944,70563
46Alex NorenSWE8660210$2,507,21357
47Viktor HovlandNOR846016$2,647,85839
48Mackenzie HughesCAN832035$2,526,00559
49Patrick RodgersUSA816037$2,290,69959
50Grayson MurrayUSA802123$2,471,53243
51Peter MalnatiUSA789124$2,448,87662
52Erik van RooyenZAF710037$2,060,34959
53Jordan SpiethUSA688033$2,503,17455
54Taylor MooreUSA679015$2,109,81867
55Mark HubbardUSA677013$1,959,18067
56Eric ColeUSA663016$1,941,91373
57Ben GriffinUSA649026$2,040,74971
58Davis ThompsonUSA635029$1,674,47366
59Emiliano GrilloARG633025$1,952,46963
60Maverick McNealyUSA626036$1,986,85758
61Davis RileyUSA616112$2,040,14952
62Seamus PowerIRL604004$1,738,67957
63Luke ListUSA598013$2,424,89353
64Min Woo LeeAUS597016$1,709,28650
65Lee HodgesUSA586005$1,753,09862
66Adam SchenkUSA578016$1,789,24767
67Adam ScottAUS576016$1,676,80651
68Brendon ToddUSA573023$1,797,63163
69Victor PerezFRA568025$1,718,80254
70Lucas GloverUSA559005$1,682,23159
71Andrew PutnamUSA556024$1,729,34459
72Aaron RaiENG512027$1,549,66565
73Nicolai HojgaardDNK508012$1,636,30249
74Justin RoseENG506012$1,439,68349
75Keith MitchellUSA490038$1,460,06759
2024 FedEx Cup Standings

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