US Open Golf Winners: Tiger Woods has Won Three Times

US Open Golf Winners

We have the complete list of US Open Golf winners for you. The US Open Golf Championship is one of the oldest tournaments in professional golf. One of the four major golf tournaments, it has been played since 1895 except for taking pauses during the two World Wars. Jordan Spieth is the youngest to win the tournament at 21. Tiger Woods has won the tourney three times in his career. 

Who has Won the Most US Open Golf Championships? 

So, Tiger does not have this record (shocker). There are four golfers who hold the honors with four victories at the US Open. They are: Ben Hogan, Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, and Jack Nicklaus. Still a little daylight left for Tiger fans since he’s planning on playing in the 2024 US Open, so we’ll see how we sit later in the year. 

US Open Golf Winners (2000-2024)

To help make the US Open Golf winners list a little more readable, I’ve split it up for you. We go back to 1895, so it’s a long list. The final score of the winner, and if there was a playoff involved is annotated for you. 

2023Wyndham ClarkUSA270 (−10)
2022Matt FitzpatrickEngland274 (−6)
2021Jon RahmSpain278 (−6)
2020Bryson DeChambeauUSA274 (-6)
2019Gary WoodlandUSA271 (−13)
2018Brooks KoepkaUSA281 (+1)
2017Brooks KoepkaUSA272 (−16)
2016Dustin JohnsonUSA276 (−4)
2015Jordan SpiethUSA275 (-5)
2014Martin KaymerGermany271 (–9)
2013Justin RoseEngland281 (+1)
2012Webb SimpsonUSA281 (+1)
2011Rory McIlroyUK (Northern Ireland)268 (-16)
2010Graeme McDowellUK (Northern Ireland)284 (E)
2009Lucas GloverUSA276 (-4)
2008Tiger WoodsUSA283 (-1)
2007Ángel CabreraArgentina285 (+5)
2006Geoff OgilvyAustralia285 (+5)
2005Michael CampbellNew Zealand280 (E)
2004Retief GoosenSouth Africa276 (-4)
2003Jim FurykUSA272 (-8)
2002Tiger WoodsUSA277 (-3)
2001Retief GoosenSouth Africa276 (-4) PO
2000Tiger WoodsUSA272(-12)
US Open Golf Winners (2000-2024)

US Open Golf Winners (1942-1999)

1999Payne StewartUSA279 (-1)
1998Lee JanzenUSA280 (E)
1997Ernie ElsSouth Africa276 (-4)
1996Steve JonesUSA278 (-2)
1995Corey PavinUSA280 (E)
1994Ernie ElsSouth Africa279 (-5) PO
1993Lee JanzenUSA272 (-8)
1992Tom KiteUSA285 (-3)
1991Payne StewartUSA282 (-6) PO
1990Hale IrwinUSA280 (-8) PO
1989Curtis StrangeUSA278 (-2)
1988Curtis StrangeUSA278 (-6) PO
1987Scott SimpsonUSA277 (-3)
1986Ray FloydUSA279 (-1)
1985Andy NorthUSA279 (-1)
1984Fuzzy ZoellerUSA276 (-4) PO
1983Larry NelsonUSA280 (-4)
1982Tom WatsonUSA282 (-6)
1981David GrahamAustralia273 (-7)
1980Jack NicklausUSA272 (-8)
1979Hale IrwinUSA284 (E)
1978Andy NorthUSA285 (+1)
1977Hubert GreenUSA278 (-2)
1976Jerry PateUSA277 (-3)
1975Lou GrahamUSA287 (+3) PO
1974Hale IrwinUSA287 (+7)
1973Johnny MillerUSA279 (-5)
1972Jack NicklausUSA290 (+2)
1971Lee TrevinoUSA280 (E) PO
1970Tony JacklinEngland281 (-7)
1969Orville MoodyUSA281 (+1)
1968Lee TrevinoUSA275 (-5)
1967Jack NicklausUSA275 (-5)
1966Billy CasperUSA278 (-2) PO
1965Gary PlayerSouth Africa282 (+2) PO
1964Ken VenturiUSA278 (-2)
1963Julius BorosUSA293 (+9) PO
1962Jack NicklausUSA283 (-1) PO
1961Gene LittlerUSA281 (+1)
1960Arnold PalmerUSA280 (-4)
1959Billy CasperUSA282 (+2)
1958Tommy BoltUSA283 (+3)
1957Dick MayerUSA282 (+2) PO
1956Cary MiddlecoffUSA281 (+1)
1955Jack FleckUSA287 (+7) PO
1954Ed FurgolUSA284 (+4)
1953Ben HoganUSA283 (-5)
1952Julius BorosUSA281 (+1)
1951Ben HoganUSA287 (+7)
1950Ben HoganUSA287 (+7) PO
1949Cary MiddlecoffUSA286 (+2)
1948Ben HoganUSA276 (-8)
1947Lew WorshamUSA282 (-2) PO
1946Lloyd MangrumUSA284 (-4) PO
1942-45canceled World War II
US Open Golf Winners (1942-1999)

US Open Golf Winners (1895-1941)

1941Craig WoodUSA284
1940Lawson LittleUSA287
1939Byron NelsonUSA284
1938Ralph GuldahlUSA284
1937Ralph GuldahlUSA281
1936Tony ManeroUSA282
1935Sam Parks, JrUSA299
1934Olin DutraUSA293
1933Johnny Goodman (Amateur)USA287
1932Gene SarazenUSA286
1931Billy BurkeUSA292
1930Bobby Jones (Amateur)USA287
1929Bobby Jones (Amateur)USA294
1928Johnny FarrellUSA294
1927Tommy ArmourUSA301
1926Bobby Jones (Amateur)USA293
1925Willie MacfarlanScotland291
1924Cyril WalkerEngland297
1923Bobby Jones (Amateur)USA296
1922Gene SarazenUSA288
1921Jim BarnesUSA289
1920Ted RayEngland295
1919Walter HagenUSA301
1917-18canceled due to World War I
1916Chick Evans (Amateur)USA286
1915Jerome Travers (Amateur)USA297
1914Walter HagenUSA290
1913Francis Ouimet (Amateur)USA304
1912John McDermottUSA294
1911John McDermottUSA307
1910Alex SmithScotland298
1909George SargentEngland290
1908Fred McLeodScotland322
1907Alec RossScotland302
1906Alex SmithScotland295
1905Willie AndersonScotland314
1904Willie AndersonScotland303
1903Willie AndersonScotland307
1902Laurie AuchterlonieScotland307
1901Willie AndersonScotland331
1900Harry VardonEngland313
1899Willie SmithScotland315
1898Fred HerdScotland328
1897Joe LloydEngland162
1896James FoulisScotland152
1895Horace RawlinsEngland173
US Open Golf Winners (1895-1941)

2000 US Open Highlights

Highlights from one of the most dominant tournaments in pro golf by Tiger Woods

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