2025 NBA Playoff Schedule; Matchups and TV Broadcast

2025 NBA Playoff Schedule

The 2025 NBA Playoff schedule starts on Saturday, April 19th, 2025. The playoffs wrap up with the NBA Finals that start on Thursday, June 5th, 2025. Prior to the playoffs, the NBA holds a Play-In tournament between the #8 through #10 seeds in each conference. The outcome of these games is the winners are the #7 and #8 seeds in each respective conference bracket. For last season’s playoffs we saw the Lakers, Pelicans, Heat, and 76ers emerge from the Play-in to join in the first round of the playoffs.

*Note: All dates listed are notional based on the 2024 NBA Playoff schedule. Once the NBA confirms the dates and times, we will update you here for the 2025 NBA Playoff schedule 

When does the 2025 NBA Playoff Start? 

The 2025 NBA Playoffs start with the Play-in tournament. The tournament is held right after the regular season concludes. The Play-in tourney takes place April 15-18th, 2025 this year. The first round of the NBA Playoffs gets started on April 19th, 2025. Please note that we expect the 2024-25 NBA regular season to conclude on April 13th. If the league decides not to have a rest/travel day, then the play-in and first round dates will shift one day left.

2025 NBA Playoff Schedule

Here’s the high-level 2025 NBA Playoff schedule. In the NBA, there are four rounds of play in the postseason. If we count the play-in, its technically five rounds. The NBA allows the postseason schedule to be fluid between the first round and the Finals. This way, if you see too many sweeps, we don’t have as long of a pause in the action. 2024 did see a week+ pause between the Conference finals and the championship. We’ll see if the league adjusts the playoff schedule or not for 2025. 

  • NBA Play-in Tournament: April 15-18, 2025
  • NBA Playoffs – First Round: April 19-29 
  • Conference Semifinals: May 5-6 (start estimate)
  • Conference Finals: May 20-21
  • NBA Finals June 5-22, 2025

Once we have all of the finalized seeds and brackets, we’ll update the NBA Playoff schedule and sports bracket for you to follow the tournament. We’ll also get you a blank, printable 2025 NBA Playoff bracket in PDF to follow throughout the regular season. After we get through the 2024 NBA Draft, we’ll start updating you on the 2025 NBA Playoff Picture as well. 

When Do the 2025 NBA Finals Take Place? 

The 2025 NBA Finals take place June 5-22, 2025 (if the series goes for the complete seven games). These are another best of seven game contest. Once a team gets to four wins, they win the NBA Championship. You can checkout all of the NBA Finals winners here and the Finals MVP winners here.

What TV Channels Show the 2025 NBA Playoffs? 

The NBA playoffs will be shown across several networks this year. These include ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV. The 2025 NBA Finals will only be shown on ABC (part of the ESPN family of networks now). If things change as we get closer to the NBA Playoffs in 2025, we’ll update you here with the changes. 

2025 NBA Play-In Schedule

Here’s the 2025 NBA Play-in schedule. Please note, these dates are notional and based on the 2024 NBA Play-in schedule until revised by the NBA. 

DateGameMatchResult/ Outcome
April 151East 7 vs East 8Winner earns 7 seed
April 152W7 vs W8Winner earns 7 seed
April 163East 9 vs East 10Winner plays loser E7 vs E8
April 164W9 vs W10Winner plays loser E7 vs E8
April 185E Loser 7/8 vs E Winner 9/10Winner earns 8 seed
April 186W Loser 7/8 vs W Winner 9/10Winner earns 8 seed
2025 NBA Play-In Schedule

2025 NBA Playoff Schedule

The 2025 NBA Playoff schedule kicks off right after the Play-in tournament concludes. No rest for the weary in some cases. 

2025 NBA Playoffs – First Round

Seed 1 vs. Seed 8April 19-TBDTBDTBD
Seed 2 vs. Seed 7April 19-TBDTBDTBD
Seed 3 vs. Seed 6April 19-TBDTBDTBD
Seed 4 vs. Seed 5April 19-TBDTBDTBD
2025 NBA Playoff Schedule – First Round

2025 NBA Playoffs – Conference Semifinals

Winner of 1-8 vs. Winner of 4-5May 6-7TBDTBD
Winner of 2-7 vs. Winner of 3-6May 6-7TBDTBD
2025 NBA Playoff Schedule – Conference Semifinals

2025 NBA Playoffs – Conference Finals

Winner of 1-4-5-8 vs. Winner of 2-3-6-7May 21-22TBDTBD
2025 NBA Playoff Schedule – Conference Finals

2025 NBA Playoffs – Finals

Game 1June 58:30 PMABC
Game 2June 88:00 PMABC
Game 3June 118:30 PMABC
Game 4June 138:30 PMABC
Game 5*June 168:30 PMABC
Game 6*June 198:30 PMABC
Game 7*June 228:00 PMABC
2025 NBA Playoff Schedule – Finals

2024 NBA Playoff Highlights

Here are some of the best plays and highlights for the 2024 NBA Playoffs for you. 

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