Masters Schedule 2024

Masters schedule 2024

If you are looking for the Masters schedule 2024, you have found the right place. The 2024 Masters Tournament will be the 88th time this golf tournament has been played in Augusta, Georgia. The tourney dates back to 1934. The Masters is the only professional golf major championship played at the same course every year. The tournament has the smallest playing field of the major’s championships seeing between 85-100 pros invited to the tournament each year. 

When does the Masters Schedule get Started?

Similar to past years, the Masters schedule 2024 starts on a Monday and goes for seven days. Each day there is something different for fans to enjoy at the Augusta National Golf Club. On Monday and Tuesday, the pros get to take advantage of practice rounds on the course to see what’s in store for them for the rest of the week. These are the only days (including Wednesday) that cameras are allowed on the course and the atmosphere is more relaxed prior to The Masters tournament getting going. 

What Happens on Wednesday at the Masters?

Every year, the Masters holds the Par 3 contest on Wednesday. The match is played on a 9-hole, par-27 course that is separate from the main golf course. During the contest, it’s not unusual to see family members, children, or other friends caddy for the pros. In the history of the tournament, no player has won the par-3 tournament and gone on to win the “Green Jacket.” Some consider it extremely bad luck to win the par-3 tourney.

When does the Masters Schedule 2024 Tournament Play Begin?

Augusta National Layout

Thursday is the day for the Masters schedule 2024 to get started in earnest. The first round always has an honorary tee-off to start the match, and play begins at eight am eastern time. The second round of play begins at eight am as well. The pros are normally sent off in threesomes for the opening two rounds of play.

The field is cut to 50 players after the second round (counting ties). It includes any golfer who finds themselves within 10 strokes of the lead. The third and fourth rounds see the players grouped in twosomes. The leaders of the tourney tee off last each day, with the first tee off occurring at 10 am local time each day if the weather cooperates. 

Masters Schedule 2024

Augusta National host of the Masters

The 2024 Masters schedule can be adjusted based on the weather at the time in Augusta, Georgia. If things change, we’ll come back and update you here. We also include the 2024 Masters TV schedule for you with the expected broadcast times based on the 2023 Masters. ESPN carries the golf action for the first two rounds before CBS takes over for the 3rd and 4th rounds of play. 

Round 1Thursday, April 113 pm – 7:30 pmESPN Live
8 pm – 11 pmESPN Replay
Round 2Friday, April 123 pm – 7:30 pmESPN Live
8 pm – 11 pmESPN Replay
Round 3Saturday, April 133 pm – 7 pmCBS
Round 4Sunday, April 142 pm – 7 pmCBS

What are the Masters Dates by Year?

The Masters is scheduled to conclude on the second Sunday of April. Only four times has this not been the case since 1948. The most recent time was in 1984 in the event you are trying to forecast when the 2030 Masters schedule will take place. One of these was the COVID Masters in 2020 that occurred in November (and we don’t count in our math). The Masters schedule 2024 conforms to what has been played traditionally. The Masters dates by year through 2028 are: 

  • 2024 Masters: Thursday, April 11, through Sunday, April 14
  • 2025 Masters: Thursday, April 10, through Sunday, April 13
  • 2026 Masters: Thursday, April 9, through Sunday, April 12
  • 2027 Masters: Thursday, April 8, through Sunday, April 11
  • 2028 Masters: Thursday, April 6, through Sunday, April 9

Are Masters Tickets Hard to Get for the Masters Schedule 2024?

The short answer is yes. The Masters golf tournament is one that requires you to plan to attend extremely early. If you do have the opportunity to purchase a ticket, they will likely be fairly expensive unless you have success in the Masters ticket lottery. Many fans will purchase practice-day tickets that are a bit easier to get, but still hard.

If you plan to travel in for the tournament, you will want to make your Augusta hotel reservations early as well. New ticket applications for the 2024 Masters are closed if you have not had an account before which will push you to the secondary ticket market. A ground pass will typically run around $8,000 USD at this point of the year. You can apply for the 2025 Masters at the beginning of June.

Who are the Back-Back Winners of the Masters Tournament?

Throughout the history of the Masters, there have only been three players that are back-to-back winners. No player has won three in a row, and the first player to pull off the feat was almost 30 years after the tournament got started. Jack Nicklaus was the first golfer to win the Masters in two consecutive years. He did so in 1965-66. In 1966 he won in a three player, 18-hole playoff with Gay Brewer and Tommy Jacobs. Nick Faldo accomplished the feat in 1989 and 1990. In both cases, he had to win the playoff to earn the Green Jacket. Finally, Tiger Woods was the most recent golfer to win back-to-backs in 2001 and 2002. 

What are some of the Masters Tournament Traditions?

Tiger Woods Green Jacket at the Masters

In addition to the ceremonial first tee shot and Par-3 tournament, there are several additional traditions associated with The Masters at Augusta. Another is the Champions Dinner held on Tuesday night of Masters week. All of the previous tournament winners attend a seated dinner at the Clubhouse. The winner of the previous year’s event chooses the menu.

The dishes are typically picked to reflect the country the player is from. The most famous tradition for the Masters is the Green Jacket awarded to the winner of the tourney by the previous year’s champion. After the first year following a win, a player has to return his jacket to the club and can only wear it on the grounds of the course. 

Stay tuned for any updates regarding the Masters schedule 2024 and television / streaming coverage. If things change, we’ll keep you posted, and we’re all looking forward to some great golf!

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