2024 Little League World Series Schedule and Bracket

2024 Little League World Series Schedule

The 2024 Little League World Series schedule takes place August 14-25, 2024. The games are all played in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and feature a US and International bracket. The schedule is set up to conclude with the championship game the weekend prior to Labor Day. This year, it takes place on Sunday, August 25, 2024, on ABC. The ESPN family of networks televise all of the games on their networks to include ESPN Deportes, ESPN2, ESPN, and ABC. We have the schedule, brackets when posted, and more for you below. 

Little League World Series History

The Little League World Series started in 1947. The games originally only took place between American Little League teams. Now, it has expanded to have a global rhea. The US champion takes on the International Bracket champion to wrap up game play. There is always a ton of scrutiny over player ages since this is the age that young men and women start to really hit their growth spurts around this time. 

Little League also has geographic requirements for players to actually live and play in the league they are representing. Little League has adopted controls for all of these over the years, and we get to enjoy some great youth baseball every year. Some of the past MLB Hall of Famers to play in the game include Tom Seaver, Derek Jeter, Nolan Ryan, Carl Yastrzemski, and more. 

2024 Little League World Series Schedule

The notional 2024 Little League World Series schedule and TV schedule is listed for you below. The game skeds don’t change much each year. This is based off of the last two years of Little League World Series play. When the matchups are all set, we’ll update you here. We’ll also include the printable 2024 Little League World Series bracket for you in PDF and image format to follow the game play. The games are setup to take place after the College World Series and Olympics are over just before school starts up and college football. For MLB fans, the Little League World Series Classic takes place on August 18th between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees in Williamsport. 

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Wednesday, August 14Game 11:00 PMESPN
Game 23:00 PMESPN
Game 35:00 PMESPN
Game 47:00 PMESPN
Thursday, August 15Game 51:00 PMESPN
Game 63:00 PMESPN
Game 75:00 PMESPN
Game 87:00 PMESPN2
Friday, August 16Game 91:00 PMESPN
Game 103:00 PMESPN
Game 115:00 PMESPN
Game 127:00 PMESPN
Saturday, August 17Game 1312:00 PMESPN
Game 142:00 PMESPN
Game 154:00 PMESPN
Game 166:00 PMESPN
Sunday, August 18Game 179:00 AMESPN
Game 1811:00 AMESPN
Game 191:00 PMESPN
Game 202:00 PMABC
Monday, August 19Game 211:00 PMESPN
Game 223:00 PMESPN
Game 235:00 PMESPN
Game 247:00 PMESPN2
Tuesday, August 20Game 251:00 PMESPN
Game 263:00 PMESPN
Game 275:00 PMESPN
Game 287:00 PMESPN
Wednesday, August 21Game 291:00 PMESPN
Game 303:00 PMESPN
Game 315:00 PMESPN
Game 327:00 PMESPN
Thursday, August 22Game 333:00 PMESPN
Game 347:00 PMESPN
Saturday, August 24Game 3512:30 PMESPN
Game 363:30 PMESPN
Sunday, August 25Third Place Game11:00 AMESPN2
Sunday, August 25FINAL3:30 PMABC
2024 LLWS Schedule

Printable 2024 Little League World Series Bracket

Printable 2024 LLWS Bracket

Here is the printable 2024 Little League World Series bracket. Little League updates the bracket for you here once the games are set. We have a local PDF copy for you here too. Enjoy the games. 

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