2024 MLB Little League Classic Schedule

2024 MLB Little League Classic Schedule

The 2024 MLB Little League Classic schedule is set for Sunday, August 18th, 2024. The game is set to be a home game for the Detroit Tigers who host the New York Yankees. It is set to be shown on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast at 7PM ET. The game is coordinated with the Little League Baseball World Series. Players from the Tigers and Yankees will attend the Little League World Series games earlier in the day which will be pretty cool. 

How Many Games do the Yankees and Tigers Play in Williamsport?

So, unlike the Mexico City and London Series schedules, the Little League Classic is a one and done affair. The Tigers will be the home team. Yankees are the visitors. One game. The coolest part about this series is actually the players interacting with all of the Little Leaguers the day of the game. It’s definitely a game for the bucket list if you haven’t had the chance to attend one in the past. Just getting to see the big leaguers play in Williamsport after a full day of the kids playing is a treat in my experience. 

2024 MLB Little League Classic Schedule

The 2024 MLB Little League Classic takes place on August 18th, 2024. The game will be broadcast on ESPN and is at 7 PM ET. One of my favorites to watch every year. Doesn’t matter which teams are playing either. This one is just in the “cool” box of MLB games to watch every year. And who doesn’t want to see Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, and the rest of the gang play in the mecca of all places baseball in the United States? 

Game 1August 18, 2024
MatchupNew York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers
Time7:00 PM ET
LocationBowman Field in Williamsport, PA
2024 Little League Classic Schedule

What are the Yankees and Tigers Prospects for the MLB Postseason? 

2023 Little League Classic
2023 Little League Classic

Well, heading into the 2024 MLB season, the Yankees were favorites to win everything. The Tigers were going to be fun to watch. By the time we get to see the teams at the Little League Classic, we’ll know a lot better about what their prospects are for earning a spot in the 2024 World Series. Fans from both teams will be looking to see if each can earn a spot in the 2024 MLB playoffs. Enjoy the game. Williamsport is always fun. Let alone when you mix Little League with MLB!

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