2024 New York Yankees TV Schedule

2024 New York Yankees TV Schedule

The 2024 New York Yankees TV schedule kicks off on March 28th, 2024. New York takes on the Houston Astros on the road for a four-game series. New York’s home opening series is from April 5-7, 2024, against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees wrap up the regular season with inter-league play finishing on September 29th, 2024, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

What Channel is the Yankees Game on Today?

Throughout the MLB season, there are a number of channels that will show Yankees games. So, when you are looking for what channel is the Yankees game on today? It will depend on where you are located a lot of times. Yes, is the regional affiliate for New York. You will also be able to see New York games throughout the season on ESPN, FS1, FOX, Apple TV+, TBS, Peacock, and the MLB Network. Stay tuned for coverage changes as we get deeper into the MLB season.

We’ll keep you updated with any major changes here on Sports Brackets as well for what channel the Yankees are playing on today (when the question comes up!). You can also listen to Yankees games on the radio. The New York flagship stations are WFAN 660 AM and 101.9 FM. You can follow the Yankees Twitter here.

Who is on the Projected Opening Day Lineup for the Yankees?

Juan Soto and Aaron Judge at 2024 Spring Training.

The New York Yankees have made some upgrades to work to get back to the World Series this year. The most significant signing was the trade for star player, Juan Soto. The left-handed slugger is expected to feast with the short porch at Yankees Stadium this season. Other stars that are projected to start for the Yankees include: DJ LeMahieu (3B), Aaron Judge (OF), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Gleyber Torres (2B), Giancarlo Stanton (DH), Anthony Volpe (SS), Austin Wells ( C), and Alex Verdugo (OF). 

Gerrit Cole will be the ace of the pitching staff again this season. Other projected Yankees starters include Carlos Rodon, Marcus Stroman, Clarke Schmidt, and Nestor Cortest. It should be a great season to follow to see if the Yankees can go deep in the 2024 MLB Playoffs

2024 New York Yankees TV Schedule

@ AstrosThu, Mar 284:10 PMYES
@ AstrosFri, Mar 298:10 PMYES
@ AstrosSat, Mar 307:15 PMFOX
@ AstrosSun, Mar 312:10 PMYES
Yankees March 2024 TV Schedule

Yankees April 2024 TV Schedule

@ DiamondbacksMon, Apr 19:40 PMYES
@ DiamondbacksTue, Apr 29:40 PMYES
@ DiamondbacksWed, Apr 33:40 PMYES
vs. Blue JaysFri, Apr 51:05 PMYES
vs. Blue JaysSat, Apr 67:05 PMYES
vs. Blue JaysSun, Apr 71:35 PMYES
vs. MarlinsMon, Apr 8TBAYES
vs. MarlinsTue, Apr 97:05 PMYES
vs. MarlinsWed, Apr 107:05 PMYES
@ GuardiansFri, Apr 127:10 PMYES
@ GuardiansSat, Apr 136:10 PMYES
@ GuardiansSun, Apr 141:40 PMYES
@ Blue JaysMon, Apr 157:07 PMYES
@ Blue JaysTue, Apr 167:07 PMYES
@ Blue JaysWed, Apr 173:07 PMYES
vs. RaysFri, Apr 197:05 PMYES
vs. RaysSat, Apr 201:05 PMYES
vs. RaysSun, Apr 211:35 PMYES
vs. AthleticsMon, Apr 221:05 PMYES
vs. AthleticsTue, Apr 237:05 PMYES
vs. AthleticsWed, Apr 247:05 PMYES
vs. AthleticsThu, Apr 257:05 PMYES
@ BrewersFri, Apr 268:10 PMYES
@ BrewersSat, Apr 277:10 PMYES
@ BrewersSun, Apr 282:10 PMYES
@ OriolesMon, Apr 296:35 PMYES
@ OriolesTue, Apr 306:35 PMYES
Yankees April 2024 TV Schedule

Yankees May 2024 TV Schedule

@ OriolesWed, May 16:35 PMYES
@ OriolesThu, May 21:05 PMYES
vs. TigersFri, May 37:05 PMYES
vs. TigersSat, May 41:05 PMYES
vs. TigersSun, May 51:35 PMYES
vs. AstrosTue, May 77:05 PMTBS
vs. AstrosWed, May 87:05 PMYES
vs. AstrosThu, May 95:05 PMYES
@ RaysFri, May 106:50 PMYES
@ RaysSat, May 114:10 PMYES
@ RaysSun, May 121:40 PMYES
@ TwinsTue, May 147:40 PMTBS
@ TwinsWed, May 157:40 PMYES
@ TwinsThu, May 161:10 PMYES
vs. White SoxFri, May 177:05 PMYES
vs. White SoxSat, May 181:05 PMYES
vs. White SoxSun, May 191:35 PMYES
vs. MarinersMon, May 207:05 PMYES
vs. MarinersTue, May 217:05 PMYES
vs. MarinersWed, May 227:05 PMYES
vs. MarinersThu, May 2312:35 PMYES
@ PadresFri, May 249:40 PMYES
@ PadresSat, May 259:40 PMYES
@ PadresSun, May 264:10 PMYES
@ AngelsTue, May 289:38 PMYES
@ AngelsWed, May 299:38 PMYES
@ AngelsThu, May 309:38 PMYES
@ GiantsFri, May 3110:15 PMYES
Yankees May 2024 TV Schedule

Yankees June 2024 TV Schedule

@ GiantsSat, Jun 110:05 PMYES
@ GiantsSun, Jun 24:05 PMYES
vs. TwinsTue, Jun 47:05 PMTBS
vs. TwinsWed, Jun 57:05 PMYES
vs. TwinsThu, Jun 67:05 PMYES
vs. DodgersFri, Jun 77:05 PMYES
vs. DodgersSat, Jun 87:35 PMYES
vs. DodgersSun, Jun 97:10 PMESPN
@ RoyalsMon, Jun 108:10 PMYES
@ RoyalsTue, Jun 118:10 PMYES
@ RoyalsWed, Jun 128:10 PMYES
@ RoyalsThu, Jun 132:10 PMYES
@ Red SoxFri, Jun 147:10 PMYES
@ Red SoxSat, Jun 157:15 PMYES
@ Red SoxSun, Jun 167:10 PMESPN
vs. OriolesTue, Jun 187:05 PMTBS
vs. OriolesWed, Jun 197:05 PMYES
vs. OriolesThu, Jun 204:05 PMYES
vs. BravesFri, Jun 217:05 PMYES
vs. BravesSat, Jun 227:15 PMYES
vs. BravesSun, Jun 231:35 PMYES
@ MetsTue, Jun 257:10 PMTBS
@ MetsWed, Jun 267:10 PMYES
@ Blue JaysThu, Jun 277:07 PMYES
@ Blue JaysFri, Jun 287:07 PMYES
@ Blue JaysSat, Jun 293:07 PMYES
@ Blue JaysSun, Jun 301:37 PMYES
Yankees June 2024 TV Schedule
Yankees Stadium

Yankees July 2024 TV Schedule

vs. RedsTue, Jul 27:05 PMYES
vs. RedsWed, Jul 37:05 PMYES
vs. RedsThu, Jul 41:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxFri, Jul 57:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxSat, Jul 61:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxSun, Jul 71:35 PMYES
@ RaysTue, Jul 96:50 PMYES
@ RaysWed, Jul 106:50 PMYES
@ RaysThu, Jul 116:50 PMYES
@ OriolesFri, Jul 127:05 PMYES
@ OriolesSat, Jul 134:05 PMYES
@ OriolesSun, Jul 141:35 PMYES
vs. RaysFri, Jul 197:05 PMYES
vs. RaysSat, Jul 201:05 PMYES
vs. RaysSun, Jul 211:35 PMYES
vs. RaysMon, Jul 221:05 PMYES
vs. MetsTue, Jul 237:05 PMYES
vs. MetsWed, Jul 247:05 PMYES
@ Red SoxFri, Jul 267:10 PMYES
@ Red SoxSat, Jul 277:15 PMYES
@ Red SoxSun, Jul 281:35 PMYES
@ PhilliesMon, Jul 296:40 PMYES
@ PhilliesTue, Jul 306:40 PMYES
@ PhilliesWed, Jul 3112:35 PMYES
Yankees July 2024 TV Schedule

Yankees August 2024 TV Schedule

vs. Blue JaysFri, Aug 27:05 PMYES
vs. Blue JaysSat, Aug 31:05 PMYES
vs. Blue JaysSun, Aug 41:35 PMYES
vs. AngelsTue, Aug 67:05 PMYES
vs. AngelsWed, Aug 77:05 PMYES
vs. AngelsThu, Aug 87:05 PMYES
vs. RangersFri, Aug 97:05 PMYES
vs. RangersSat, Aug 101:05 PMYES
vs. RangersSun, Aug 111:35 PMYES
@ White SoxMon, Aug 128:10 PMYES
@ White SoxTue, Aug 138:10 PMYES
@ White SoxWed, Aug 148:10 PMYES
@ TigersFri, Aug 166:40 PMYES
@ TigersSat, Aug 171:10 PMYES
@ TigersSun, Aug 187:10 PMESPN
vs. GuardiansTue, Aug 207:05 PMYES
vs. GuardiansWed, Aug 217:05 PMYES
vs. GuardiansThu, Aug 221:05 PMYES
vs. RockiesFri, Aug 237:05 PMYES
vs. RockiesSat, Aug 242:05 PMYES
vs. RockiesSun, Aug 251:35 PMYES
@ NationalsMon, Aug 266:45 PMYES
@ NationalsTue, Aug 276:45 PMYES
@ NationalsWed, Aug 286:45 PMYES
vs. CardinalsFri, Aug 307:05 PMYES
vs. CardinalsSat, Aug 311:05 PMYES
Yankees August 2024 TV Schedule

Yankees September 2024 TV Schedule

vs. CardinalsSun, Sep 11:35 PMYES
@ RangersMon, Sep 28:05 PMYES
@ RangersTue, Sep 38:05 PMYES
@ RangersWed, Sep 48:05 PMYES
@ CubsFri, Sep 62:20 PMYES
@ CubsSat, Sep 72:20 PMYES
@ CubsSun, Sep 82:20 PMYES
vs. RoyalsMon, Sep 97:05 PMYES
vs. RoyalsTue, Sep 107:05 PMYES
vs. RoyalsWed, Sep 117:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxThu, Sep 127:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxFri, Sep 137:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxSat, Sep 141:05 PMYES
vs. Red SoxSun, Sep 151:35 PMYES
@ MarinersTue, Sep 179:40 PMYES
@ MarinersWed, Sep 189:40 PMYES
@ MarinersThu, Sep 194:10 PMYES
@ AthleticsFri, Sep 209:40 PMYES
@ AthleticsSat, Sep 219:07 PMYES
@ AthleticsSun, Sep 224:07 PMYES
vs. OriolesTue, Sep 247:05 PMYES
vs. OriolesWed, Sep 257:05 PMYES
vs. OriolesThu, Sep 267:05 PMYES
vs. PiratesFri, Sep 277:05 PMYES
vs. PiratesSat, Sep 281:05 PMYES
vs. PiratesSun, Sep 293:05 PMYES
Yankees September 2024 TV Schedule

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