2025 SEC Football Schedule

2025 SEC Football Schedule

Ok, the 2025 SEC football schedule is starting to get some clarity now. The conference confirmed that they will preserve the eight game conference schedule in use for 2024 the following season. The opponents and locations for the 2025 season for each member school is confirmed. Out of the four non-conference matchups, at least one is required to be a major independent or from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, or Pac-12 (2) for the 2025 season. 

How is the 2025 SEC Football Schedule Different? 

The biggest difference between the 2025 SEC football schedule and the 2024 schedule is the location of the games. All of the destinations are flipped for each SEC team from the 2024 season. That way, if some matchups are changed up or lost if the league goes to nine conference games in the 2026 SEC schedule, it will be more fair to those teams with harder draws. This will be the first time since forever that Texas has hosted A&M (in 2025). 

The 2024 SEC football schedule is the first one that includes newcomers Texas and Oklahoma to the conference. Now, each team will start adding non-conference opponents to round out their 2025 football schedules. I know, this is a lot of yabbing about the 2025 season before we start the 2024, but it is what it is. Same/same with the 2024-25 college football playoff. We’re just trying out 12 teams this coming season, and already looking to go to 14.

2025 SEC Football Schedule and Opponents

2025 SEC Football Schedule by Team
2025 SEC Football Schedule by Team

We’ve included all of the SEC-confirmed home and away in-conference games for you. These are for the 2025 SEC football schedule. Each team is linked to the published 2024 SEC schedule (all 12 games with dates and locations). Once the 2025 schedule is fully confirmed, we’ll put that out for you to enjoy as well. 

Alabama Crimson Tide

Home: LSU, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

Away: Auburn, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina

Arkansas Razorbacks

Home: Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri, Texas A&M

Away: LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Auburn Tigers

Home: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri

Away: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Florida Gators

Home: Georgia (in JAX), Mississippi State, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M

Georgia Bulldogs

Home: Alabama, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Texas

Away: Auburn, Florida (in JAX), Mississippi State, Tennessee

Kentucky Wildcats

Home: Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

LSU Tigers

Home: Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M

Away: Alabama, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Home: Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas

Away: Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Texas A&M

Missouri Tigers

Home: Alabama, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Texas A&M

Away: Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Oklahoma Sooners

Home: Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri

Away: Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (in Dallas)

Ole Miss Rebels

Home: Arkansas, Florida, LSU, South Carolina

Away: Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Oklahoma

South Carolina Gamecocks

Home: Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Away: LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri, Texas A&M

Tennessee Volunteers

Home: Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt

Away: Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State

Texas Longhorns

Home: Arkansas, Oklahoma (in Dallas), Texas A&M, Vanderbilt

Away: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi State

Texas A&M Aggies

Home: Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, South Carolina

Away: Arkansas, LSU, Missouri, Texas

Vanderbilt Commodores

Home: Auburn, Kentucky, LSU, Missouri

Away: Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

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