Super Bowl Hosts; New Orleans to Hold Super Bowl LIX

Super Bowl Hosts

We have the complete list of Super Bowl hosts for you since the game started in 1967. One of the most watched sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl always occurs in February and is the championship game for the NFL Playoffs. The game has been played the most times in Miami, Florida (11 times). The last time the NFL held the game in a cold weather state was in 2018 in Minnesota, MN. We list out the Super Bowl number (they always use Roman numerals), date, stadium, and location for the past games and all of the future Super Bowl locations that have been confirmed. 

Has a Team Ever Played in the Super Bowl at Their Home Stadium? 

This has happened one time. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers became the first team to play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Although the city has hosted the game five times, this was the first time the team was good enough in the same year to make it to the game. You can also check out the past Super Bowl winners and Super Bowl wins by team listings we have up for you. 

What Cities have Hosted the Super Bowl the Most Times? 

2025 Super Bowl Host is New Orleans
New Orleans is the host city for the 2025 Super Bowl.

In my experience, fans are generally interested in where the Super Bowl is going to be played (and when) for the next five years. The NFL will usually announce the Super Bowl location for the next few years for us. We do know the dates of the game out to the 2038 Super Bowl. We’ll keep you updated here as future venues are confirmed by the league. 

One location that you’ll note is not here, and that is Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. There is just no appetite to play the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in February in the Midwest. So, if we see the Chiefs eventually get a domed or covered stadium instead of Arrowhead, we might see the game move there. It won’t happen in the next several years though. Here’s the list of cities who have hosted the most.

  • Miami – 11
  • New Orleans – 10
  • Los Angeles – 8
  • Tampa Bay – 5
  • Glendale, Arizona – 3
  • San Diego – 3
  • Atlanta – 3
  • Houston – 3
  • San Francisco – 2
  • Detroit – 2
  • Minneapolis – 2

Super Bowl Hosts (2000-2027)

Feb 14, 2027LXISoFi Stadium Inglewood, California
Feb 8, 2026LXLevi’s Stadium Santa Clara, California
Feb 9, 2025LIXCaesars Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Feb 11, 2024LVIIIAllegiant Stadium, Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 12, 2023LVIIState Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
Feb 13, 2022LVIInglewood, California
Feb 7, 2021LVTampa, Florida
Feb 2, 2020LIVMiami Gardens, Florida
Feb 3, 2019LIIIAtlanta, Georgia
Feb 4, 2018LIIMinneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 5, 2017LIHouston, Texas
Feb 7, 2016LSanta Clara, California
Feb 1, 2015XLIXGlendale, Arizona
Feb 2, 2014XLVIIIEast Rutherford, New Jersey
Feb 3, 2013XLVIINew Orleans
Feb 5, 2012XLVIIndianapolis
Feb 6, 2011XLVArlington, Texas
Feb 7, 2010XLIVMiami, Florida
Feb. 1, 2009XLIIITampa, Florida
Feb. 3, 2008XLIIArizona
Feb. 4, 2007XLIMiami, Florida
Feb. 5, 2006XLDetroit
Feb. 6, 2005XXXIXJacksonville
Feb. 1, 2004XXXVIIIHouston
Jan. 26, 2003XXXVIISan Diego
Feb. 3, 2002XXXVINew Orleans
Jan. 28, 2001XXXVTampa
Jan. 30, 2000XXXIVAtlanta
Super Bowl Hosts 2000-2027

Super Bowl Hosts (1967-1999)

Jan. 31, 1999XXXIIIMiami
Jan. 25, 1998XXXIISan Diego
Jan. 26, 1997XXXINew Orleans
Jan. 28, 1996XXXTempe
Jan. 29, 1995XXIXMiami
Jan. 30, 1994XXVIIIAtlanta
Jan. 31, 1993XXVIIPasadena
Jan. 26, 1992XXVIMinneapolis
Jan. 27, 1991XXVTampa
Jan. 28, 1990XXIVNew Orleans
Jan. 22, 1989XXIIIMiami
Jan. 31, 1988XXIISan Diego
Jan. 25, 1987XXIPasadena
Jan. 26, 1986XXNew Orleans
Jan. 20, 1985XIXStanford
Jan. 22, 1984XVIIITampa
Jan. 30, 1983XVIIPasadena
Jan. 24, 1982XVIPontiac
Jan. 25, 1981XVNew Orleans
Jan. 20, 1980XIVPasadena
Jan. 21, 1979XIIIMiami
Jan. 15, 1978XIINew Orleans
Jan. 9, 1977XIPasadena
Jan. 18, 1976XMiami
Jan. 12, 1975IXNew Orleans
Jan. 13, 1974VIIIHouston
Jan. 14, 1973VIILos Angeles
Jan. 16, 1972VINew Orleans
Jan. 17, 1971VMiami
Jan. 11, 1970IVNew Orleans
Jan. 12, 1969IIIMiami
Jan. 14, 1968IIMiami
Jan. 15, 1967ILos Angeles
Super Bowl Hosts 1967-1999

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