Number of Super Bowl Wins Per Team; Patriots and Steelers Lead the Way

number of Super Bowl wins per team

When you go looking for the number of Super Bowl wins per team, the Patriots and Steelers lead the way with six. Everyone was watching the 2024 Super Bowl to see if the San Francisco 49ers could join the elite group with six, but they did not do so. The Kansas City Chiefs won their fourth Super Bowl since the game started in 1967. We have the complete list of all of the teams who have won the game for you below. 2024 will mark the first time in a long time that the New England Patriots have a new coach, so will Russell Wilson lead the Steelers to their 7th title? 

Which Teams Have Not Won a Super Bowl? 

So, there are eight teams that have not won a Super Bowl that have played in one. There are 12 total. The four teams who have never played in a Super Bowl are listed first on our list below for you. They are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars. You could argue that the Lions and Texans are best positioned to make a run at the 2025 Super Bowl. We’ll just have to wait and see. There is a lot of football to play before we get to that point this coming season. 

Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals
LA Chargers
Minnesota Vikings
Tennessee Titans
Teams Who Never Won a Super Bowl

Number of Super Bowl Wins Per Team

 The 2025 NFL Playoffs will be here before you know it. The NFL regular season will get started around Labor Day too. Once the NFL Draft goes down, we’ll get the full list of the dates for the regular season games. Here are the number of Super Bowl wins per team along with how many times. If a team has moved locations during its history, we list the current location for them on our list. Each team that has won a Super Bowl honors the achievement in slightly different ways. You can also check out the scores of all the Super Bowls if you are curious too. 

TeamSuper Bowl Wins
New England Patriots6
Pittsburgh Steelers6
San Francisco 49ers5
Dallas Cowboys5
Green Bay Packers4
New York Giants4
Kansas City Chiefs4
Denver Broncos3
Las Vegas Raiders3
Indianapolis Colts2
Miami Dolphins2
Baltimore Ravens2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2
Chicago Bears1
New Orleans Saints1
New York Jets1
Seattle Seahawks1
Philadelphia Eagles1
Number of Super Bowl Wins Per Team

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