See Caitlin Clark Play Today: How to Watch Iowa vs Nebraska Big Ten Championship Game

See Caitlin Clark play today

Well, we are being treated to some great basketball from the Iowa women’s team. If you want to see Caitlin Clark play today (Sunday), we’ve got you covered. When you need to figure out how to watch Iowa vs Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship game, we have the information for you. Living on the West Coast, when we want to watch mid-west or East Coast teams a lot of times it’s easy. Natives where I live refer to ESPN as the “East Coast Sports Network.” Anyway, let’s get into the details. 

How did Caitlin Clark do Against Michigan? 

Caitlin Clark had a great game against Michigan. 28 points, 15 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals. Not too shabby. A tad below her 32 ppg average, but you have to love the assist numbers. No new records broken today. We have more games coming though!

How to Watch Iowa vs Nebraska Big Ten Championship Game

If you’re looking for how to watch the Iowa vs Nebraska Big Ten Championship game, look no further. The No. 2 seed Iowa Hawkeyes (28-4) take on the No. Nebraska Cornhuskers (22-10) in the WBB Big Ten Tournament Championship. The game is at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. 

It is scheduled to be played at 12:00 PM ET, 9:00AM PT, and 11 AM CT. Don’t forget the time change if you are a late sleeper. Don’t ask us why the best WBB game on the docket is still during church time for those who go, but it will still be a great game to check out. The TV station for the game is on CBS with streaming on Paramount Plus.

Can You Stream the Big Ten WBB Championship Game?  

Yes, there are a ton of options to stream the Big Ten WBB Championship game out there. YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Fubu, etc. Pretty much, if they carry CBS, you can watch the game. Paramount + is the CBS streaming partner and is a bit cheaper than the full-service options. You can try the YouTube TV one out for free then decide if you want to stick with it or not post-game. For new subscribers, there’s a decent discount over the first few months…no contract either. 

Watch the Iowa Game on the School Website

Just like we mentioned yesterday, you have a totally free way to check out the game too. Watch it old-school, on the Iowa Website here. They even have a countdown until the game starts and everything. Too easy. But all the options are money. I just hate the early game time….

Updated 2024 Big Ten WBB Schedule

Watch Iowa vs Nebraska online

We have the full Big 10 tournament schedule and game action updates here. But the updated 2024 Big Ten Women’s tournament schedule is below if you want everything in one place. The Big Ten WBB Championship game will be tomorrow at 12 PM Eastern Time. You can also check out the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament schedule to see where Iowa or Nebraska may land. 

First round – Wednesday, March 6
115:30 p.m.No. 12 Purdue vs. No. 13 Northwestern78–72Peacock
28:00 p.m.No. 11 Minnesota vs. No. 14 Rutgers77–69
Second round – Thursday, March 7
2311:30 a.m.No. 8 Maryland vs. No. 9 Illinois75−65BTN
42:00 p.m.No. 5 Nebraska vs. No. 12 Purdue64−56
355:30 p.m.No. 7 Penn State vs. No. 10 Wisconsin80−56
68:00 p.m.No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 11 Minnesota76−57
Quarterfinals – Friday, March 8
4711:30 a.m.No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 8 Maryland61−82BTN
82:00 p.m.No. 4 Michigan State vs. No. 5 Nebraska61−73
595:30 p.m.No. 2 Iowa vs. No. 7 Penn State95−62
108:00 p.m.No. 3 Indiana 56 vs. No. 6 Michigan 6956-69
Semifinals – Saturday, March 9
6111:00 p.m.No. 8 Maryland vs. No. 5 Nebraska68-78BTN
123:30 p.m.No. 2 Iowa vs. No. 6 Michigan95-68
Championship – Sunday, March 10
71311:00 a.m.No. 5 Nebraska vs. No. 2 IowaCBS/Paramount+
*Game times in Central Time.
2024 Big Ten women’s Tournament Schedule and Bracket

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