NCAA Men’s BB Brackets for 2024

NCAA Men’s BB Brackets for 2024

The First Four is complete. NCAA Men’s BB brackets for 2024 are all set. You have until 12 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, March 21st to enter any complete March Madness bracket contests if that’s your thing. We wanted to make sure you have the full bracket to check out if you are in that situation. Or, for others, just so you have one with all of the teams lined up to start tracking the action on one of the most enjoyable days of the year—the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. 

2024 First Four Results – Men

The First Four has come and gone. 

Tuesday, March 19 (First Four in Dayton, Ohio)ResultsWinner
(16) Wagner vs. (16) Howard71 – 68 Wagner
(10) Colorado State vs. (10) Virginia67 – 42Colorado State
Wednesday, March 20 (First Four in Dayton, Ohio)
(16) Grambling vs. (16) Montana State88 – 81Gramblin
(10) Colorado vs. (10) Boise State60 – 53Colorado
2024 First Four Results

2024 NCAA Men’s Tournament First Round Schedule – Thursday

Thursday, March 21 (First Round)TimeTV
(8) Mississippi State vs. (9) Michigan State12:15 p.m.CBS
(6) BYU vs. (11) Duquesne12:40 p.m.truTV
(3) Creighton vs. (14) Akron1:30 p.m.TNT
(2) Arizona vs. (15) Long Beach State2 p.m.TBS
(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Wagner2:45 p.m.CBS
(3) Illinois vs. (14) Morehead State3:10 p.m.truTV
(6) South Carolina vs. (11) Oregon4 p.m.TNT
(7) Dayton vs. (10) Nevada4:30 p.m.TBS
(7) Texas vs. (10) Colorado State6:50 p.m.TNT
(3) Kentucky vs. (14) Oakland7:10 p.m.CBS
(5) Gonzaga vs. (12) McNeese7:25 p.m.TBS
(2) Iowa State vs. (15) South Dakota State7:35 p.m.truTV
(2) Tennessee vs. (15) Saint Peter’s9:20 p.m.TNT
(6) Texas Tech vs. (11) NC State9:40 p.m.CBS
(4) Kansas vs. (13) Samford9:55 p.m.TBS
(7) Washington State vs. (10) Drake10:05 p.m.truTV
2024 NCAA Basketball First Round Schedule

2024 NCAA Men’s BB Tournament First Round Schedule – Friday

Friday, March 22 (First Round)TimeTV
(8) Florida Atlantic vs. (9) Northwestern12:15 p.m.CBS
(3) Baylor vs. (14) Colgate12:40 p.m.truTV
(5) San Diego State vs. (12) UAB1:45 p.m.TNT
(2) Marquette vs. (15) Western Kentucky2 p.m.TBS
(1) UConn vs. (16) Stetson2:45 p.m.CBS
(6) Clemson vs. (11) New Mexico3:10 p.m.truTV
(4) Auburn vs. (13) Yale4:15 p.m.TNT
(7) Florida vs. (10) Colorado4:30 p.m.TBS
(8) Nebraska vs. (9) Texas A&M6:50 p.m.TNT
(4) Duke vs. (13) Vermont7:10 p.m.CBS
(1) Purdue vs. (16) Grambling7:25 p.m.TBS
(4) Alabama vs. (13) College of Charleston7:35 pm.TNT
(1) Houston vs. (16) Longwood9:20 p.m.TNT
(5) Wisconsin vs. (12) James Madison9:40 p.m.CBS
(8) Utah State vs. (9) TCU9:55 p.m.TBS
(5) Saint Mary’s vs. (12) Grand Canyon10:05 p.m.truTV
2024 NCAA First Round Schedule

NCAA Men’s BB Brackets for 2024

Complete 2024 NCAA Tournament Bracket
Complete 2024 NCAA Tournament Bracket (Post First Four)

We have updated NCAA Men’s BB brackets for 2024 for you. The March Madness Men’s bracket is down to 64 teams now. The first round of play starts on March 21st as the big days of game play come up over the next four days. You can download the updated bracket in PDF format here to print and share as you deem fit. 

March Madness Bracket Picks

If you’re looking for tips and data to help you with your March Madness bracket picks, we have some resource articles up for you to check out too. 

We’ll add to the list as we come across topics that will be helpful to you. Otherwise, enjoy the Madness. 

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