2025 Fiesta Bowl Schedule; College Football Playoff Quarterfinals

2025 Fiesta Bowl Schedule

The 2025 Fiesta Bowl schedule takes place on December 31st, 2024. The game is one of the Quarterfinal matchups in the 2024-25 College Football Playoff. Now that we have 12 teams in the playoffs this postseason, the New Year’s Six bowls are split out across the four quarterfinal and two Quarterfinal games. We have the current Fiesta Bowl schedule and other information that you need for planning until we see which teams make it to the final four left in the playoffs.

Please note, the labeling of the bowl this year is a tad different since the game is technically in 2024. Last year’s Fiesta Bowl was on January 1st and was branded the 2024 Fiesta Bowl. So….keeping convention, we’re sticking with the 2025 label for the bowl. When….now for the rest of the schedule. 

How Does the 2024-25 College Football Playoff Work? 

Before we get into the Fiesta Bowl schedule, we’ll go over how the 2024-25 College Football playoff is working this year. The first big change, is we get 12 teams in the playoff this year. The College Football Playoff committee determines the seeds. The top four seeded conference champions get byes (this keeps one conference from taking them all). The  first round of the playoffs will see the higher of the two seeds of the four matchups host the respective game. The Fiesta Bowl along with the Peach, Rose, and Sugar Bowls then hosts one of the four quarterfinal games. The Orange and Cotton Bowls host the semifinals. The CFP Championship is then played on January 20th, 2024. 

What Stadium is the Fiesta Bowl Played in? 

The Fiesta Bowl is played annually in the greater Phoenix area. It is played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona now. Vrbo is the official sponsor, and the official title of the game is the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl. The official capacity of the stadium is 63,400. It can be expanded to 72,200 fans and even further to 78,600 if standing room only seats are permitted. State Farm Stadium is the home field of the Arizona Cardinals

State Farm Stadium Seating Chart for the Fiesta Bowl

Here’s the State Farm Stadium seating chart from 2023-24. When they update it further for the 2025 Fiesta Bowl, we’ll update you here. 

2025 Fiesta Bowl Seating Chart

2025 Fiesta Bowl Schedule

Here’s the 2025 Fiesta Bowl schedule. Please note the kickoff time is confirmed for 7:30 PMET. The game is being broadcast on ESPN. As more information on the schedule and events are put out, we’ll update you here for the game. Since its New Year’s eve, there will be plenty added to the schedule for fans to enjoy their time. 

11:30 AM – Gates to the stadium open

3:00 PM – Pregame activities begin / Parking Gates Open

7:30 PM – Kickoff

*All times noted in Eastern Time

Fiesta Bowl History 

The Fiesta Bowl has been played in the Phoenix metro area since 1971. Until 2006, the game was played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Since 2007, the bowl shifted to be played at the State Farm Stadium. Vrbo has been the sponsor of the Fiesta Bowl since 2022. The Fiesta Bowl has been part of the organization of bowls to determine the national champion since 1992. It’s run the gambit from the Bowl Coalition to the BCS, to now the College Football Playoff system. Under the two year plan, the Fiesta Bowl will host the 2026 college football playoff semifinals (one of two sites). 

2024 Fiesta Bowl Highlights

Here are highlights from the 2024 Fiesta Bowl for you to enjoy. 

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