2024 Iron Bowl Schedule

2024 Iron Bowl Schedule

The 2024 Iron Bowl schedule is out. The Alabama Crimson Tide will host the Auburn Tigers on November 30th, 2024, at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The 2023 Iron Bowl was one of the most exciting games of the 2023 college football season. Alabama won the game in the final moments. Fans from both teams will be excited to see the first rivalry matchup since the retirement of Nick Saban. We have all of the schedule details and past results of the game for you to checkout below.

When was the Iron Bowl First Played?

The Iron Bowl pre-dates the formation of the Southeastern Conference. The rivalry game first started in 1893. The game was originally played at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The teams played annually through 1907 until renewing the matchup in 1948. Alabama and Auburn have played every year since then.

Why is the Game Called the Iron Bowl?

The name of the Alabama vs Auburn rivalry game dates to 1964 from an interview with Auburn coach, Ralph “Shug” Jordan. When asked about his team being disappointed about not playing in a bowl game, he said the following. “We’ve got our bowl game. We have it every year. It’s the Iron Bowl in Birmingham.” Through the early 20th Century, Birmingham was a leading industrial city known for the production of pig iron, coke, coal, and steel. Through the 1998 season, all but four of the Iron Bowls were played in Birmingham. 

What is the 2024 Iron Bowl Schedule?

The 2024 Iron Bowl schedule is on Saturday, November 30th, 2024. The game is at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The game time is TBD. The 2023 Iron Bowl kicked off at 3:30 PM Eastern Time/ 12:30 PM Pacific time. 

Similar to the Iron Bowl TV schedule. ESPN has the rights to the 2024 SEC football schedule. The game can also be telecast on ABC depending on how the rivalry week schedule sorts out. Iron Bowl tickets for 2024 can be purchased now. Even though the season hasn’t started yet, tickets are available ranging between the high $200s through $9K+ on the secondary market. 

Bryant-Denny Stadium seating chart

What is the Iron Bowl Series Record?

So, the Alabama Crimson Tide have a winning record against all of the teams in the SEC. Their record in Iron Bowls is no different. The Crimson Tide hold a 50-37-1 advantage over the Auburn Tigers. Despite this, the two schools together have won a total of 38 SEC football titles. Alabama and Auburn are two of the most successful college football programs. Alabama has won 30 SEC titles and Auburn eight. The series has been played 88 times heading into the 2024 Iron Bowl matchup. 

Who is the Home Team for the 2024 Iron Bowl Schedule and Why?

Auburn fans after winning the 2013 Iron Bowl.
Auburn fans after winning the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Alabama is the home team for the 2024 Iron Bowl schedule. For even years, the Crimson Tide are always home, and Auburn is the home team in odd years. The Tigers were the first of the two teams to shift their home game to their campus field in 1989. Alabama moved their home games permanently to Bryant-Denny Stadium in 2000. 

Past Iron Bowl Results (1893-2023)

We have all 88 results of the Iron Bowl for you below. During these matchups, the game has been played in four cities in Alabama. These locations are: Auburn, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. For games that were played in Birmingham, Alabama is 34-18-1. Auburn leads the series for games played in Auburn at 10-7. The teams are tied in the matchups at Tuscaloosa (7-7) and Montgomery (2-2). Since the series resumed in 1948, Alabama leads 45-30. For readability, we have split the results up across the various years below. 

November 25, 2023Auburn, ALAlabama27-24
November 26, 2022Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama49-27
November 27, 2021Auburn, ALAlabama24-22
November 28, 2020Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama42-13
November 26, 2016Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama30-12
November 28, 2015Auburn, ALAlabama29-13
November 24, 2012Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama49-0
November 30, 2019Auburn, ALAuburn48-45
November 24, 2018Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama52-21
November 25, 2017Auburn, ALAuburn26-14
November 29, 2014Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama55-44
November 30, 2013Auburn, ALAuburn34-28
November 26, 2011Auburn, ALAlabama42-14
November 26, 2010Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn28-27
Iron Bowl Results (2010-2023)

Iron Bowl Results 1989-2009

November 27, 2009Auburn, ALAlabama26-21
November 29, 2008Tuscaloosa, ALAlabama36-0
November 24, 2007Auburn, ALAuburn17-10
November 18, 2006Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn22-15
November 19, 2005Auburn, ALAuburn28-18
November 20, 2004Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn21-13
November 22, 2003Auburn, ALAuburn28-23
November 23, 2002Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn17-7
November 17, 2001Auburn, ALAlabama31-7
November 18, 2000Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn9-0
November 20, 1999Auburn, ALAlabama28-17
November 21, 1998Birmingham, ALAlabama31-17
November 22, 1997Auburn, ALAuburn18-17
November 23, 1996Birmingham, ALAlabama24-23
November 18, 1995Auburn, ALAuburn31-27
November 19, 1994Birmingham, ALAlabama21-14
November 20, 1993Auburn, ALAuburn22-14
November 26, 1992Birmingham, ALAlabama17-0
November 30, 1991Birmingham, ALAlabama13-6
December 1, 1990Birmingham, ALAlabama16-7
December 2, 1989Auburn, ALAuburn30-20
1989-2000 Iron Bowl Results

Iron Bowl Results 1970-1988

November 25, 1988Birmingham, ALAuburn15-10
November 27, 1987Birmingham, ALAuburn10-0
November 29, 1986Birmingham, ALAuburn21-17
November 30, 1985Birmingham, ALAlabama25-23
December 1, 1984Birmingham, ALAlabama17-15
December 3, 1983Birmingham, ALAuburn23-20
November 27, 1982Birmingham, ALAuburn23-22
November 28, 1981Birmingham, ALAlabama28-17
November 29, 1980Birmingham, ALAlabama34-18
December 1, 1979Birmingham, ALAlabama25-18
December 2, 1978Birmingham, ALAlabama34-16
November 26, 1977Birmingham, ALAlabama48-21
November 27, 1976Birmingham, ALAlabama38-7
November 29, 1975Birmingham, ALAlabama28-0
November 29, 1974Birmingham, ALAlabama17-13
December 1, 1973Birmingham, ALAlabama35-0
December 2, 1972Birmingham, ALAuburn17-16
November 27, 1971Birmingham, ALAlabama31-7
November 28, 1970Birmingham, ALAuburn33-28
1970-1988 Iron Bowl Results

Iron Bowl Results 1948-1969

November 29, 1969Birmingham, ALAuburn49-26
November 30, 1968Birmingham, ALAlabama24-16
December 2, 1967Birmingham, ALAlabama7-3
December 3, 1966Birmingham, ALAlabama31-0
November 27, 1965Birmingham, ALAlabama30-3
November 26, 1964Birmingham, ALAlabama21-14
November 30, 1963Birmingham, ALAuburn10-8
December 1, 1962Birmingham, ALAlabama38-0
December 2, 1961Birmingham, ALAlabama34-0
November 26, 1960Birmingham, ALAlabama3-0
November 28, 1959Birmingham, ALAlabama10-0
November 29, 1958Birmingham, ALAuburn14-8
November 30, 1957Birmingham, ALAuburn40-0
December 1, 1956Birmingham, ALAuburn34-7
November 26, 1955Birmingham, ALAuburn26-0
November 27, 1954Birmingham, ALAuburn28-0
November 28, 1953Birmingham, ALAlabama10-7
November 29, 1952Birmingham, ALAlabama21-0
December 2, 1951Birmingham, ALAlabama25-7
December 2, 1950Birmingham, ALAlabama34-0
December 3, 1949Birmingham, ALAuburn14-13
December 4, 1948Birmingham, ALAlabama55-0
Iron Bowl Results 1948-1969

Iron Bowl Results 1893-1907

November 16, 1907Birmingham, ALTie6-6
November 17, 1906Birmingham, ALAlabama10-0
November 18, 1905Birmingham, ALAlabama30-0
November 12, 1904Birmingham, ALAuburn29-5
October 23, 1903Montgomery, ALAlabama18-6
October 18, 1902Birmingham, ALAuburn23-0
November 15, 1901Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn17-0
November 17, 1900Montgomery, ALAuburn53-5
November 23, 1895Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn48-0
November 29, 1894Montgomery, ALAlabama18-0
November 29, 1893Montgomery, ALAuburn40-16
February 22, 1893Birmingham, ALAuburn32-22
Iron Bowl Results 1893-1907

Iron Bowl Winners and the College Football Playoff

Cam Newton after winning the 2010 National Championship.
Cam Newton after winning the 2010 National Championship.

One of the two teams from the Iron Bowl has gone to the BCS or the College Football Playoff 12 times in 13 years (2009 to 2021). Alabama then made it to the 2024 College Football playoff. During these years, Alabama won the national title six times (2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2020). Auburn has gone twice (2010 and 2013) and won the title in 2010.

We’ll have to see how the current season turns out. You can check out Alabama’s schedule here and Auburn’s here as well as the entire 2024 SEC football schedule. We also enjoy an expanded playoff this year, so we have published a bracket for you to use here. Enjoy the Iron Bowl and some good football. 

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