2024 Olympics Schedule for the Paris Games

2024 Olympics Schedule

The 2024 Olympics schedule for the Paris Games is out. This will be the third time the summer games take place in Paris. They were previously held there in 1900 and 1924. Everyone is pretty excited for the first games since the 2021 Covid recovery ones. We’ve included the day-by-day schedule of the events for you below. 

As we put out more granular information regarding each medal event, we’ll update you here and link out to the specific schedule information. The Olympic organizers can modify event schedules on short notice, so always do one last check before making plans you can’t back out of for events. 

Did Anything Big Change Since the Last Summer Olympics? 

One big change from the previous Summer Olympics is there is an extra day added for the swimming schedule. This makes August 3rd and 4th a lot busier than they were in past years. In total, there are 329 medal events across men’s and women’s categories. 

How Do I Know What Time an Event is in My Time? 

So, if you are on the main Paris Olympics Website, the times will be listed in Central European Summer Time (aka Paris Time). That is unless they show it in US ET . CEST is one hour ahead of British Summer time, and it is two ahead of UTC. If you are on the U.S. east coast, it is six hours ahead of you, and nine hours ahead of the U.S. west coast. 

For the Aussie audience, Paris time is eight hours behind you, 10 behind New Zealand, and 3.5 hours behind India Standard time. When! Worst case, in my experience, I recommend you ask Google too! 

2024 Olympics Schedule – Day-By-Day

We’ve posted the day-by-day 2024 Olympics schedule for you below. We split the schedules out by month. Just realize a lot of the events will go across into August. For example, Archery runs from July 25th through August 4th. As we have more specific information to each event, we’ll link to it from here like you’ll see for the 2024 Olympic basketball schedule (men). 

If you are inpatient, the main Paris Olympics site has some additional details for you as well on the schedules. They also include a printable 2024 Olympics schedule in PDF format so that you can print and share it easily. The format is a bit rough right now, but it’s a little more info for you. 

2024 Olympics Schedule – July

July 24

Rugby sevens: July 24-30 

Soccer (Football): July 24-August 10 (men / women)

July 25

Archery: July 25-August 4

Handball: July 25-August 11 

July 26

Opening Ceremony: July 26 

July 27

Artistic gymnastics: July 27-August 5

Badminton: July 27-August 5

Basketball: July 27-August 11 (men / women)

Beach volleyball: July 27-August 10

Boxing: July 27-August 10

Canoe slalom: July 27-August 5

Diving: July 27-August 10

Equestrian: July 27-August 6

Fencing: July 27-August 10

Hockey: July 27-August 9

Judo: July 27-August 3

Road cycling: July 27-August 4

Rowing: July 27-August 3 (reserve day: August 4)

Shooting: July 27-August 5

Skateboard: July 27-August 7

Surfing: July 27-July (reserve days: July 31-August 4)

Swimming: July 27-August 9

Table tennis: July 27-August 10

Taekwondo: July 27-August 10

Tennis: July 27-August 4

Volleyball: July 27-August 11

Water polo: July 27-August 11 

July 28

Mountain bike: July 28-29

Sailing: July 28-August 8 

July 30

BMX freestyle: July 30-31

Triathlon: July 30-August 5 

2024 Olympics Schedule – August

Paris 2024 Olympics
Paris 2024 Olympics

August 1

Golf: August 1-10

Athletics (track and field): August 1-11

August 2

Trampoline gymnastics: August 2 

August 5

Artistic swimming: August 5-10

Sport climbing: August 5-10

Track cycling: August 5-11

Wrestling: August 5-11 

August 6

Canoe sprint: August 6-10 

August 7

Weightlifting: August 7-11 

August 8

Modern pentathlon: August 8-11

Rhythmic gymnastics: August 8-10 

August 9

Breaking: August 9-10 

August 11

Closing ceremony: August 11 (starts at 20:00)

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