2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule

2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule

The 2024 Olympic basketball schedule takes place in Paris, France from July 27th to August 10th, 2024. Officials held the Draw Ceremony for the tournament the other day confirming the Group assignments for the tournament. After Group play concludes, the knockout portion of the tournament takes place from August 6-10th, 2024 wrapping up with the medal round of play. There are 12 total teams who enjoy the opportunity to play in the Paris Olympics basketball 5 x 5 event this year. We’ll cover the 2024 Women’s Olympic basketball schedule for you separately. 

Where Does the Olympics Group Phase of Play Take Place? 

The 2024 Olympics group phase of play takes place at the Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille. The final phase (or knockout phase) of the tournament shifts to Bercy Arena. This locale is also known as the Accor Arena and is in Paris, France. The schedule is setup to take place after the 2024 NBA Playoffs and several months before the 2024 WNBA playoffs (the WNBA takes a 30 day break for the Olympics). 

Which Teams have Secured a Spot in the Paris 2024 Basketball Tournament? 

There are eight teams with their tickets punched to the 2024 Olympic basketball schedule in Paris. These are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Serbia, South Sudan, and the United States. There will be four more teams that earn spots through the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament process. These are scheduled July 2nd-7th, 2024. There are four locations for the qualifiers. These are: Piraeus, Greece; Valencia, Spain, Riga, Latvia, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The champion of each tournament earns a spot in the 2024 Olympics. 

What are the 2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule Groups? 

The draw for the 2024 Olympic Basketball Tournaments in Paris took place on March 19th, 2024. The draw was held at the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball in Mies, Switzerland. The resulting group assignments are laid out below. We also list out the teams that will be playing in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for each group. 

Group AGroup BGroup C
CanadaGermanySouth Sudan
Winner of OQT in SpainJapanUSA
Winner of OQT in GreeceWinner of OQT in LatviaWinner of OQT in Puerto Rico
2024 Men’s Olympic Basketball Group Assignments

Which Teams are Playing in the 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournaments? 

This is the part that I have to look up every FIBA and Olympic basketball event over the years. Probably because I tend to watch American basketball more. Anyway, here are the four remaining OQTs and the teams competing July 2-7, 2024. The winner of each tournament gets the spot in the assigned group above. 

OQT (Greece): Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, or Egypt

Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Spain): Spain, Angola, Lebanon, Poland, Finland, or Bahamas

OQT (Latvia): Latvia, Georgia, Philippines, Brazil, Cameroon, or Montenegro

OQT (Puerto Rico): Puerto Rico, Mexico, Lithuania, Ivory Coast, Italy, or Bahrain

How Does the Olympic Basketball Tournament Work? 

So, first the teams compete in a round-robin format within their group. One game against each team. If you are a World Cup fan, same way that works. Then, the top two teams from each group along with the two best third-place teams move to the quarterfinals. This is the equivalent of the World Cup “Knockout Phase.” Then it’s game on, single-elimination style for the opening round. Since there are Olympic medals at stake, the two semi-final teams who lose face off in a third-place game for the bronze medal. The loser of the championship game earns the silver. 

How do the Teams get Matched up in the Quarterfinals? 

After group play (the preliminary round), teams get grouped-up based on their results from the round-robin play. Then, tournament officials pair teams from the different groups for the quarterfinals. The way this works is they put teams into four pots. Pot D is the #1 and #2 teams, E is 3 and 4, F is 5 and 6, and G is 7 and 8. Then, Teams from D get paired with teams from G, and E against F. They do not have teams from the same group play each other again. The 2024 Olympic bracket is setup to ensure that the top two ranked teams will not meet until the 2024 Olympic basketball finals. Make sense? 

Printable 2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule

2024 Olympic Men's Basketball Schedule
2024 Olympic Men’s Basketball Schedule

The following is the 2024 Olympic basketball schedule for the men’s 5 x 5 tournament. The dates and some of the times are set. As more information gets set, we’ll make sure to update you here so you can follow the game action if you are not going to Paris to watch the games. If you are, expect traffic to be even more nuts than it is on a normal day in Paris. From my experience, the Paris Métro is the easiest way to get around the city (and not spend a mortgage on a hotel downtown). The printable 2024 Olympic basketball schedule is above for you to enjoy as well. The schedule is up in image format that you can download, share, print, you name it. We’ll push out additional details on the times and the teams who win the qualifying tournaments when released.

2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule – Preliminary Round (Group)

July 27, 2024

France vs. W OQT LAT

Germany vs. Japan

Australia vs. W OQT ESP

W OQT GRE vs. Canada

July 28, 2024

Serbia vs. USA

South Sudan vs. W OQT PUR

July 30, 2024

Canada vs. Australia


Japan vs. France

W OQT LAT vs. Germany

July 31, 2024

W OQT PUR vs. Serbia

USA vs. South Sudan

August 2, 2024

France vs. Germany

Japan vs. W OQT LAT

Australia vs. W OQT GRE

Canada vs. W OQT ESP

August 3, 2024

Serbia vs. South Sudan



2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule – Quarterfinal Round

Bercy Arena host of 2024 Paris Olympics Quarterfinals
Bercy Arena host of 2024 Paris Olympics Quarterfinals

August 6, 2024

All 4 games played at Bercy Arena. Times TBA

2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule – Semifinal Round

August 8, 2024

Both semi finals will be played at Bercy Arena.

2024 Olympic Basketball Schedule – Consolation and Championship Games

August 10, 2024

3rd Place Game – 1130am Local Time (GMT+2)

Final – 9:30 PM local time (GM2+2)

Location: Bercy Arena

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