Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024

Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024

So, there’s a lot of fans who are interested in Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024. The interest has only grown since she helped lead the Iowa Women’s basketball team to an OT win in the 2024 Big Ten Women’s basketball championship. This win made it three in a row. Now, the question is, can Caitlin Clark and the Iowa women keep the magic going? Make another run to the NCAA Championship game? Or will they get upset along the way and Clark gets an early start to her WNBA prep? 

Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024 – Iowa Bracket and Schedule

So if you want to watch Caitlin Clark play today (today being Saturday, March 23rd), Iowa plays Holy Cross at 3PM ET. ABC has the telecast since they expect the number of fans watching the game to be a LOT more than normal. That is even despite the 37.5 point odds in favor of Iowa (from Sporting News). You can still get tickets on the secondary market for 150 ish or so, but watch the prices as they get on a roll. Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024 will just get crazier as the Iowa basketball team moves through the brackets. 

Assuming a 1st round win (ack the 2024 Men’s March Madness has taught us to not assume), then we see either West Virginia (coach is getting threats for talking trash) or Princeton. Both would be great games. Ultimately fans want to see the rematch of the 2023 NCAA Women’s Championship final against LSU. IF, Iowa can get to that point and past LSU, then it’s still tough sledding to get to the SHIP! If they do, it will just add to the great story of Clark and the Iowa women’s basketball team. We have the updated bracket below for you to check out too.

Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024
2024 Women’s March Madness Bracket

Caitlin Clark March Madness Stats

We have some more on Caitlin Clarks stats up here. But for March Madness stats, here you go. In the 2023 NCAA Championship game loss to LSU, she scored 30 points. Now, if you ask how many points Caitlin Clark scored in the NCAA Tournament? That would be 312 points over 11 games before the game against Holy Cross. That puts her at an average of 28.4 ppg for March Madness. In total in her career, she has scored 3,771 and counting after notching 34 in the 2024 Big Ten Ship. Her other March Madness stats are 11 steals (1.0 spg), 98 assists (8.9 apg), and 66 rebounds (6.0 rpg). 

What new Caitlin Clark NIL Deals are There?

The two reported NIL deals that Caitlin Clark has made in 2024 are with Panini America (basketball cards and memorabilia) and with Gainbridge. Gainbridge is the title sponsor of the home arena in Indianapolis for the Pacers and Indiana Fever’s home arena. Her ON3 valuation is $3.1 million, so not too shabby. I’ve already seen Gainbridge commercials today, so I’m looking forward to what Panini rolls out as their contract becomes effective on April 1st. 

Where will Caitlin Clark Play in the WNBA?

So, the WNBA draft is on April 15th. The Indiana Fever have the #1 pick in the draft order. It would be a huge surprise to everyone (and probably Gainbridge too), if she didn’t go #1 in the draft. The crazy thing is WNBA regular season play starts up in a month, so we’d get to see her in uniform again.

The WNBA does take a month off for the Olympics this summer, but to date, I haven’t seen a lot of new chatter about Clark getting an invite.The schedules are not exactly in favor of her doing so, but nothing is ruled out officially. The team is filled with WNBA stars, so the 2030 Olympics may be her time to represent the USA again. 

Will Caitlin Clark be the Tallest Player on the Indiana Fever? 

So, Clark is the third tallest player on the Iowa women’s basketball team right now at 6’0” tall. Depending on how the final Fever roster shakes out, right now if no one left, she’d be the 7th or 8th tallest player on the Fever (out of 13 if you don’t remove anyone). Height makes a difference at the higher levels of play, so we’ll have to see if she encounters an adjustment period or not at the WNBA level of play once we are done enjoying Caitlin Clark March Madness in 2024. 

Caitlin Clark 2024 Season Highlights

Here are some highlights from Clark’s 2024 season. We can’t wait to see more during this March Madness. 

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