How Tall is Caitlin Clark? Is She the Tallest Player on Her Team?

How tall is Caitlin Clark

So, a question that a lot of basketball fans ask is how tall is Caitlin Clark? Then, they want to know if she is the tallest player on her team? We have these answers and more for you on Iowa’s favorite basketball guard. Especially as we all gear up for March Madness and the WNBA draft. We’ll get into those and some related comparisons with guards already in the WNBA.

So, How Tall is Caitlin Clark?

When you ask how tall Caitlin Clark is, we’ve got your answer. She is 6’0” tall. Now, when many fans meet her, they may think she’s the tallest player on the Iowa basketball team. Not the case though. She is the third tallest player on the team this year. Caitlin is behind Sharon Goodman who is 6’2” and Monika Czinano who is 6’3” tall. So, at least for the rest of this basketball season, she will not be the tallest player on her team.

Will Caitlin Clark be Tall for a WNBA Guard? 

So, we all know that Caitlin Clark has announced her intentions to enter the 2024 WNBA draft after the 2024 NCAA Women’s basketball tournament is over. The next logical question if you are looking into her height and other body measurements, is if she will be tall for a WNBA guard? The short answer is yes. At 6 feet tall, Clark is taller than the average 5’9” starting WNBA point guard. This is just another reason why she is projected to go #1 in the upcoming WNBA Draft. She is a fan favorite, and most of her NIL endorsement deals will extend into her WNBA career. 

How Tall are the Starting WNBA Point Guards? 

This list will change over time, but gives you a good idea of how tall the other point guards in the league are at the time of this writing. Kia Nurse is the only starting point guard listed at the same height as Caitlin Clark, so she should enter the league at an advantage in this category. 

TeamPlayer / Height
Atlanta DreamJordin Canada, 5-foot 6
Chicago SkyLindsey Allen, 5-foot 8
Connecticut SunMoriah Jefferson, 5-foot-6
Indiana FeverKelsey Mitchell, 5-foot-8
New York LibertySabrina Ionescu, 5-foot-11
Washington MysticsBrittney Sykes, 5-foot-9
Dallas WingsArike Ogunbowale, 5-foot-8
Las Vegas AcesChelsea Gray, 5-foot-11
Los Angeles SparksKia Nurse, 6-foot-0
Minnesota LynxKayla McBride, 5-foot-11
Phoenix MercuryNatasha Cloud, 5-foot-10
Seattle StormJewell Loyd, 5-foot-10
Height of WNBA Starting Point Guards pre-2024 WNBA Draft

Who has the Larger Wingspan? Kia Nurse or Caitlin Clark? 

Kia Nurse same height as Caitlin Clark
Kia Nurse is the only WNBA starting point guard as tall as Caitlin Clark

So, when we compare Caitlin Clark with the tallest starting point guard in the NBA, Kia Nurse, the next question that arises is what is Caitlin Clark’s wingspan? Clark and Kia Nurse have the same reported wingspan. Each measures at 6’4” in length. For those who think in metric, that is 193 cm for each player. 

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