Caitlin Clark NIL Deals

Caitlin Clark NIL Deals
Caitlin Clark Crunch Time Cereal

The other day, Caitlin Clark NIL deals seemed to take over the women’s basketball news. The USC vs LSU fight, Iowa’s crazy OT Big Ten Championship, you name it. All dropped out of the primetime news. Unlike a lot of the men’s college football and basketball NIL collective deals that are a “pay to play” type of deal, Caitlin Clark’s known NIL deals are sponsorship deals that will for the most part extend into her WNBA time. We’ll go over the ones that are known about below for Clark’s estimated NIL value of $3.1 million USD.

Where does Caitlin Clark Rank for NIL Deals amongst Women’s College Basketball Players? 

Caitlin Clark NIL Value
Caitlin Clark NIL Value from ON3

So, if you haven’t seen it, ON3 has a pretty cool NIL deal ranking portal. They have Caitlin Clark ranked #1 for female college basketball players. Her estimated deal value is $3.1 million USD. It’s kind of funny. Their NIL deal tracker has her net worth go up $50K after signing a deal with Panini….her rounded off value doesn’t go up! That’s verging on big time money wise. Well-deserved though for one of the best players on the planet!

When compared to all sports, Caitlin comes in at #4. She is behind the following athletes: #1 Bronny James, #2 Shedeur Sanders, #3 Livvy Dunne. Arch Manning is just behind her at #5 ($2.8 million). Course for a player that people were willing to pay thousands to see in the Big Ten Women’s Championship game, we should not be surprised. 

Caitlin Clark NIL Deals

State Farm

Caitlin and Jake is Cake
Caitlin + Jake = Cake

Caitlin partnered with State Farm in October 2023. While her State Farm commercial with Jimmy Butler and Reggie Miller has gotten a lot of press, I like her pics with Jake from state farm. Or her insta of Jake + Cate == cake 🙂 We’ll keep watching to see what new commercials she comes up with the State Farm creators. 


Caitlin Clark signed a NIL deal with Nike in October 2022. 


One of the newer NIL deals for Clark. The star player signed with the brand in December 2023. Gatorade released a pretty cool inspirational video shortly after signing her. 


The major car brand signed her ahead of the 2023 NCAAA Women’s basketball tournament. She took part in the “See Her Greatness” campaign. 


Caitlin Clark signed her Bose NIL deal just before the 2023 NCAA Women’s Tournament. Promptly featured in an ad, we look forward to what new commercials they’ll air for the 2024 Women’s tourney. 


Caitlin Clarke SHoot-A-Way
Caitlin Clark with the Shoot-A-Way machine

This is actually my favorite reported NIL deal by Caitlin Clark. Probably because both of my younger kids that are still in the house play basketball. You never realize the value of a basketball shooting machine for repetition, until you get to use one. Then, you can’t not use one! Great deal by Shoot-A-Way

The Vinyl Studio

The Vinyl Studio was the first reported NIL deal for clark. Signed soon after NIL became cool. When she signed, the brand put out some pretty cool BlackNGold tee shirts by the niche clothing store.  


Hy-Vee was another early Caitlin Clark NIL deal. The grocery store chain continues to work with Clark at the time of this writing. I mean, you can’t beat a deal where you have your own cereal before you are officially a pro right? You can check out the listing for Caitlin’s Crunch Time here. Only $4.99 too. 

H&R Block

Another NIL deal for Clark that she signed in April 2022. She and Zia Cooke from South Carolina were signed by H&R Block and took part in their “A Fair Shot” campaign. 

Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs NIL deal with Caleb Love was different than her others. It was an advocacy for modernizing the SBA (Small Business Association). 

Caitlin Clark NIL Deals (Basketball Cards)

Topps Basketball Cards

Caitlin Clark Basketball Card
Caitlin Clark’s 2022 Basketball Card that sold for $78,000

This was Caitlin Clark’s first deal with Topps that was signed in the summer of 2022. Out of the deal, we saw a Caitlin Clark basketball card sell for $78,000 in January 2024. This was crazy. Second-highest women’s sports card ever sold. The card is a 1 of 1 Bowman University, autographed. Still, craziness. 

Panini America

Panini is taking over the Caitlin Clark basketball card market come April 1st, 2024. Clark signed an exclusive partnership with Panini America for basketball cards and autographed memorabilia. This is the first exclusive contract Panini has signed with a female athlete. The company will have cards up for pre-order for fans prior to the April 1st contract date. 

What’s Next for Caitlin Clark?  

We’ll all keep our eyes peeled for new commercials and ads by Caitlin Clark as we move into the 2024 NCAA Women’s basketball tournament. After what Iowa basketball fans hope is a deep run to the 2024 NCAA Championship is the 2024 WNBA draft. It definitely looks to be an exciting March and April for basketball fans. We’ll keep you updated on any NIL changes for Clark and basketball news during March Madness. 

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