2026 World Cup Schedule; Printable, Expansion to 48 Teams

2026 World Cup Schedule

The 2026 World Cup schedule takes place from June 11th to July 19th, 2026. FIFA World Cup 26 is the 23rd time the quadrennial international men’s soccer tournament will be held. We have the printable schedule for group play and the knockout stage for you. This is the first time that the United States, Canada, and Mexico have jointly hosted the tournament. The games are set to take place in 16 cities located across the three countries. 2026 is also the first time that we will see the tournament expanded from 32 to 48 teams. This is the first time since 2002 that multiple countries will host the tournament. 

What is the 2026 World Cup Schedule Format? 

The 2026 World Cup schedule expands to 48 teams from 32. There are 12 groups of four teams each for this go. The top two teams in each group and the eight best third-place teams move on to the round of 32. (World Cup knockout stage). We also see an overall increase in games from 64 to 104. To reach the Final Four of the tournament, teams will have to play (and win a bunch) eight games. There will be three group stage games. The tournament will be the longest ever held by FIFA for soccer. It will be 39 days from day 1 to the championship game. 

2026 World Cup Stadiums

There are a number of 2026 World Cup stadiums is that are on the 2024 Copa America stadium list. Here’s the full list. It includes the total number of games, any knockout stage matches, and more.

StadiumNumber of Games
Dallas (AT&T Stadium)9 games, including a semi-final
New Jersey (MetLife Stadium)8 games, including the final
Atlanta (Mercedes-Benz Stadium)8 games, including a semi-final
Los Angeles (SoFi Stadium)8 games, including a quarter-final
Boston (Gillette Stadium)7 games, including a quarter-final
Miami (Hard Rock Stadium)7 games, including a quarter-final and the third-place match
Houston (NRG Stadium)7 games
Vancouver (BC Place)7 games
Kansas City (Arrowhead Stadium)6 games, including a quarter-final
Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field)6 games
Toronto (BMO Field)6 games
San Francisco (Levi’s Stadium)6 games
Seattle (Lumen Field)6 games
Mexico City (Estadio Azteca)5 games
Guadalajara (Estadio Akron)4 games
Monterrey (Estadio BBVA)4 games
2026 World Cup Stadiums

2026 World Cup Schedule – Group Stage

1June 11Estadio AztecaGroup stage (Mexico’s 1st game)
2June 11Estadio AkronGroup stage
3June 12BMO FieldGroup stage (Canada’s 1st game)
4June 12SoFi StadiumGroup stage (USMNT’s 1st game)
5June 13Gillette StadiumGroup stage
6June 13BC PlaceGroup stage
7June 13MetLife StadiumGroup stage
8June 13Levi’s StadiumGroup stage
9June 14Lincoln Financial FieldGroup stage
10June 14NRG StadiumGroup stage
11June 14AT&T StadiumGroup stage
12June 14Estadio BBVAGroup stage
13June 15Hard Rock StadiumGroup stage
14June 15Mercedes-Benz StadiumGroup stage
15June 15SoFi StadiumGroup stage
16June 15Lumen FieldGroup stage
17June 16MetLife StadiumGroup stage
18June 16Gillette StadiumGroup stage
19June 16Arrowhead StadiumGroup stage
20June 16Levi’s StadiumGroup stage
21June 17BMO FieldGroup stage
22June 17AT&T StadiumGroup stage
23June 17NRG StadiumGroup stage
24June 17Estadio AztecaGroup stage
25June 18Mercedes-Benz StadiumGroup stage
26June 18SoFi StadiumGroup stage
27June 18BC PlaceGroup stage (Canada’s 2nd game)
28June 18Estadio AkronGroup stage (Mexico’s 2nd game)
29June 19Lincoln Financial FieldGroup stage
30June 19Gillette StadiumGroup stage
31June 19Levi’s StadiumGroup stage
32June 19Lumen FieldGroup stage (USMNT’s 2nd game)
33June 20BMO FieldGroup stage
34June 20Arrowhead StadiumGroup stage
35June 20NRG StadiumGroup stage
36June 20Estadio BBVAGroup stage
37June 21Hard Rock StadiumGroup stage
38June 21Mercedes-Benz StadiumGroup stage
39June 21SoFi StadiumGroup stage
40June 21BC PlaceGroup stage
41June 22MetLife StadiumGroup stage
42June 22Lincoln Financial FieldGroup stage
43June 22AT&T StadiumGroup stage
44June 22Levi’s StadiumGroup stage
45June 23Gillette StadiumGroup stage
46June 23BMO FieldGroup stage
47June 23NRG StadiumGroup stage
48June 23Estadio AkronGroup stage
49June 24Hard Rock StadiumGroup stage
50June 24Mercedes-Benz StadiumGroup stage
51June 24BC PlaceGroup stage (Canada’s 3rd game)
52June 24Lumen FieldGroup stage
52June 24Estadio AztecaGroup stage (Mexico’s 3rd game)
54June 24Estadio BBVAGroup stage
55June 25Lincoln Financial FieldGroup stage
56June 25MetLife StadiumGroup stage
57June 25AT&T StadiumGroup stage
58June 25Arrowhead StadiumGroup stage
59June 25SoFi StadiumGroup stage (USMNT’s 3rd game)
60June 25Levi’s StadiumGroup stage
61June 26Gillette StadiumGroup stage
62June 26BMO FieldGroup stage
63June 26Lumen FieldGroup stage
64June 26BC PlaceGroup stage
65June 26NRG StadiumGroup stage
66June 26Estadio AkronGroup stage
67June 27MetLife StadiumGroup stage
68June 27Lincoln Financial FieldGroup stage
69June 27Arrowhead StadiumGroup stage
70June 27AT&T StadiumGroup stage
71June 27Hard Rock StadiumGroup stage
72June 27Mercedes-Benz StadiumGroup stage
2026 FIFA World Cup Group Stage Match Schedule

2026 World Cup Schedule – Knockout Stage

73June 28SoFi StadiumRound of 32
74June 29Gillette StadiumRound of 32
75June 29Estadio BBVARound of 32
76June 29NRG StadiumRound of 32
77June 30MetLife StadiumRound of 32
78June 30AT&T StadiumRound of 32
79June 30Estadio AztecaRound of 32
80July 1Mercedes-Benz StadiumRound of 32
81July 1Levi’s StadiumRound of 32
82July 1Lumen FieldRound of 32
83July 2BMO FieldRound of 32
84July 2SoFi StadiumRound of 32
85July 2BC PlaceRound of 32
86July 3Hard Rock StadiumRound of 32
87July 3Arrowhead StadiumRound of 32
88July 3AT&T StadiumRound of 32
89July 4Lincoln Financial FieldRound of 16
90July 4NRG StadiumRound of 16
91July 5MetLife StadiumRound of 16
92July 5Estadio AztecaRound of 16
93July 6AT&T StadiumRound of 16
94July 6Lumen FieldRound of 16
95July 7Mercedes-Benz StadiumRound of 16
96July 7BC PlaceRound of 16
97July 9Gillette StadiumQuarter-final
98July 10SoFi StadiumQuarter-final
99July 11Hard Rock StadiumQuarter-final
100July 11Arrowhead StadiumQuarter-final
101July 14AT&T StadiumSemi-final
102July 15Mercedes-Benz StadiumSemi-final
103July 18Hard Rock StadiumThird place play-off
104July 19MetLife StadiumFinal
2026 World Cup Knockout Stage Schedule

Printable 2026 World Cup Schedule 

Printable 2026 World Cup Schedule Group Stage First Half
World Cup Group Stage (first 22 games) Schedule

I always prefer to have a printable 2026 World Cup schedule to follow the action. We have the group stage schedule posted in PDF for you here. The knockout stage schedule is up for you in PDF here. Once we get a lot closer to the tournament, we’ll update you with the group assignments, team matchups, and printable bracket too. If you want to see where your favorite team sits on the FIFA World Cup winners list, we have that posted up for you too. 

Printable 2026 World Cup Schedule Grid

2026 World Cup Schedule Grid

FIFA has also put out the initial 2026 World Cup schedule grid for us. You can see where the groups are lined up to play each other to mary up with the printable match schedule we have for you above. The updated FIFA page is here too. 

2022 World Cup Highlights  (Finals)

Here are highlights of the Argentina vs France finals match from 2022 for you. 

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