PGA Championship Winners; Tiger Woods has Won Four Times

PGA Championship Winners

The PGA Championship winners list dates to 1916. The golf major is now played in the US in May every year. It used to take place in August before the Fedex Playoffs planted themselves in that timeframe. Since 1958, the tournament has been a traditional, four round, stroke play event. Prior to that it was played in match format. We have the list of PGA Championship winners for you below. The champion is awarded the Wanamaker Trophy every year (named after NY department store magnate Rodman Wanamaker). 

Who has Won the Most PGA Championships? 

SInce the PGA Championship started being played, two players have won the event five times. Walter Hagen won it in the match play era in 1921, 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1927. That was a pretty dominant scratch. Jack Nicklaus won in the stroke play era in 1963, 1971, 1973, 1975, and 1980. More recently, Tiger Woods has won the PGA Championship four times. He’s the only professional golfer to win the tournament back-to-back twice in the stroke play era. He accomplished this in 1999 and 2000 and then in 2006 and 2007. 

How is the List of PGA Championship Winners Setup? 

We’ve set the list of PGA Championship winners up for you to checkout the year you are interested in fairly quickly. I always hate reading really really long lists online, so I’ve spit this up by groups of approximately 20 winners. Then, you’ll see the year, the person who won, the golf course, score by round, and the final score to par for the player. For match play, we just have the final score for those years. 

PGA Championship Winners (2003-2023)

YearChampionCourseScore (By Round)Final Score
2023Brooks KoepkaOak Hill C.C.72-66-66-67-271-9
2022Justin ThomasSouthern Hills C.C.67-67-74-67-275-5
2021Phil MickelsonKiawah Island70-69-70-73-6
2020Collin MorikawaTPC Harding Park69-69-65-64-13
2019Brooks KoepkaBethpage Black63-65-70-74-8
2018Brooks KoepkaBellerive C.C.69-63-66-66-16
2017Justin ThomasQuail Hollow C.C.73-66-69-68-8
2016Jimmy WalkerBaltusrol G.C. (Lower)65-66-68-67-14
2015Jason DayWhistling Straits (Straits)68-67-66-67-20
2014Rory McIlroyValhalla G.C.66-67-67-68-16
2013Jason DuffnerOak Hill C.C.68-63-71-68-10
2012Rory McIlroyKiawah Island (Ocean)67-75-67-66-13
2011Keegan BradleyAtlanta Athletic Club71-64-69-68-8
2010Martin KaymerWhistling Straits72-68-67-70-11
2009Yang Yong-eunHazeltine National G.C.73-70-67-70-8
2008Pádraig HarringtonOakland Hills (South)71-74-66-66-3
2007Tiger WoodsSouthern Hills C.C.71-63-69-69-8
2006Tiger WoodsMedinah C.C. (#3)69-68-65-68-18
2005Phil MickelsonBaltusrol G.C. (Lower)67-65-72-72-4
2004Vijay SinghWhistling Straits (Straits)67-68-69-76-8
2003Shaun MicheelOak Hill C.C. (East)69-68-69-70-4
2003-2023 PGA Championship Winners

PGA Championship Winners (1980-2002)

Tiger Woods PGA Championship Winner
Tiger Woods pictured after winning one of his 4 PGA Championship victories.
YearChampionCourseScore (By Round)Final Score
2002Rich BeemHazeltine National G.C.72-66-72-68-10
2001David TomsAtlanta Athletic Club66-65-65-69-15
2000Tiger WoodsValhalla C.C.66-67-70-67-18
1999Tiger WoodsMedinah C.C. (#3)70-67-68-72-11
1998Vijay SinghSahalee C.C.70-66-67-68-9
1997Davis Love IIIWinged Foot C.C.66-71-66-66-11
1996Mark BrooksValhalla G.C.68-70-69-70-11
1995Steve ElkingtonRiviera C.C.68-67-68-64-17
1994Nick PriceSouthern Hills C.C.67-65-70-67-11
1993Paul AzingerInverness Club69-66-69-68-12
1992Nick PriceBellerive C.C.70-70-68-70-6
1991John DalyCrooked Stick G.C.69-67-69-71-12
1990Wayne GradyShoal Creek G.C.C.72-67-72-71-6
1989Payne StewartKemper Lakes G.C.74-66-69-67-12
1988Jeff SlumanOak Tree G.C.69-70-68-65-12
1987Larry NelsonPGA National70-72-73-72-1
1986Bob TwayInverness Club72-70-64-70-8
1985Hubert GreenCherry Hills C.C.67-69-70-72-6
1984Lee TrevinoShoal Creek G.C.C.69-68-67-69-15
1983Hal SuttonRiviera C.C.65-66-72-71-10
1982Raymond FloydSouthern Hills C.C.63-69-68-72-8
1981Larry NelsonAtlanta Athletic Club70-66-66-71-7
1980Jack NicklausOak Hill C.C.70-69-66-69-6
1980-2002 PGA Championship Winners

PGA Championship Winners (1958-1979)

YearChampionCourseScore (By Round)Final Score
1979David GrahamOakland Hills C.C.69-68-70-65-8
1978John MahaffeyOakmont C.C.75-67-68-66-8
1977Lanny WadkinsPebble Beach Golf Links67-69-70-76-6
1976Dave StocktonCongressional C.C.70-72-69-701
1975Jack NicklausFirestone C.C.70-68-67-71-4
1974Lee TrevinoTanglewood Park73-66-68-69-4
1973Jack NicklausCanterbury G.C.72-68-68-69-7
1972Gary PlayerOakland Hills C.C.71-71-67-721
1971Jack NicklausPGA National69-69-70-73-7
1970Dave StocktonSouthern Hills C.C.70-70-66-73-1
1969Raymond FloydNCR C.C.69-66-67-74-8
1968Julius BorosPecan Valley G.C.71-71-70-691
1967Don JanuaryColumbine C.C.71-72-70-68-7
1966Al GeibergerFirestone C.C.68-72-68-72E
1965Dave MarrLaurel Valley G.C.70-69-70-71-4
1964Bobby NicholsColumbus C.C.64-71-69-67-9
1963Jack NicklausDallas Athletic Club69-73-69-68-5
1962Gary PlayerAronomink G.C.72-67-69-70-2
1961Jerry BarberOlympia Fields C.C.69-67-71-70-3
1960Jay HebertFirestone C.C.72-67-72-701
1959Bob RosburgMinneapolis G.C.71-72-68-66-3
1958Dow FinsterwaldLlanerch C.C.67-72-70-67-4
1958-1979 PGA Championship Winners

PGA Championship Winners (Match Play) (1939-1957)

YearChampionCourseFinal Score
1957Lionel HebertMiami Valley G.C.2 and 1
1956Jack Burke Jr.Blue Hill C.C.3 and 2
1955Doug FordMeadowbrook C.C.4 and 3
1954Chick HarbertKeller G.C.4 and 3
1953Walter BurkemoBirmingham C.C.2 and 1
1952Jim TurnseaBig Spring C.C.1 up
1951Sam SneadOakmont C.C.7 and 6
1950Chandler HarperScioto C.C.4 and 3
1949Sam SneadBelmont Golf Course3 and 2
1948Ben HoganNorwood Hills C.C.7 and 6
1947Jim FerrierPlum Hollow C.C.2 and 1
1946Ben HoganPortland G.C.6 and 4
1945Byron NelsonMoraine C.C.4 and 3
1944Bob HamiltonManito G.C.C.1 up
1943No Tournament (World War II)
1942Sam SneadSeaview C.C.2 and 1
1941Vic GhezziCherry Hills C.C.38 Holes
1940Byron NelsonHershey C.C.1 up
1939Henry PicardPomonok C.C.37 Holes
1939-1957 PGA Championship Winners

PGA Championship Winners (Match Play) (1916-1938)

YearChampionCourseFinal Score
1938Paul RunyanShawnee C.C.8 and 7
1937Denny ShutePittsburgh Field Club37 Holes
1936Denny ShutePinehurst Resort #23 and 2
1935Johnny RevoltaTwin Hills G.C.C.5 and 4
1934Paul RunyanThe Park C.C.38 Holes
1933Gene SarazenBlue Mound C.C.5 and 4
1932Olin DutraKeller G.C.4 and 3
1931Tom CreavyWannamoisett C.C.2 and 1
1930Tommy ArmourFresh Meadow C.C.1 up
1929Leo DiegelHillcrest C.C.6 and 4
1928Leo DiegelBaltimore C.C.6 and 5
1927Walter HagenCedar Crest C.C.1 up
1926Walter HagenSalisbury C.C.5 and 3
1925Walter HagenOlympia Fields C.C.6 and 5
1924Walter HagenFrench Lick Springs G.C.2 up
1923Gene SarazenPelham C.C.38 Holes
1922Gene SarazenOakmont C.C.4 and 3
1921Walter HagenInwood C.C.3 and 2
1920Jock HutchisonFlossmoor C.C.1 up
1919Jim BarnesEngineers C.C.6 and 5
1918No Tournament (World War I)
1917No Tournament (World War I)
1916Jim BarnesSiwanoy C.C.1 up
1916-1938 PGA Championship Winners

PGA Championship Highlights (Tiger Woods first Win in 1999)

So, we’ll leave you with some vintage Tiger highlights from his first PGA Championship victory in 1999. 

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