How far is the Net at Top Golf?

How far is the Net at Top Golf?
TopGolf range at Pinnacle Hills

How far is the net at Top Golf? This is a common question from those who play at the popular venue for the first time. The question comes up every time we see another video of Mike Trout hitting drives at TopGolf like he did during COVID and last year. The back net is 215 yards from the lower level, center tee and 150 feet high. The back net distance can vary slightly depending on the specific TopGolf location you are playing.

Are You Allowed to Hit over the Back Net at Top Golf?

It seems like everyone wants to be like Mike Trout and other people they see on YouTube hitting bombs at TopGolf. Besides being a safety hazard, the main goal of TopGolf is to hit one of the targets that are inside of the range. If you drive the golf ball outside of the net it is a safety violation. The staff have the right to ask you to leave if they think you are being malicious in hitting the ball that far. 

How Easy is it to Hit the Golf Ball Over the Top Golf Fence?

So, even though the back net at Top Golf may be inside of the range you drive the ball, it is not as easy as you might think. Remember, the 150 net height? On the professional golf tour this year, the average apex (height) of a golfer’s drive is just over 101 feet. Chris Gotterup has the highest apex of his drives at 138.8 feet. 

The average distance that pro golfers hit their drives at the apex is 185.5 feet. Chris’s average distance at apex (#1 at the time of this writing) is 208.8 yards. The average swing speed of golfers on tour is a tad over 115 mph this season as another point of reference for hitting the ball over the back net. 

If you are playing at a multi-level TopGolf, each level up will add distance and height to your drive. If you are hitting from the third level, then you will see approximately 30 extra yards and 20-25 yards additional in elevation, putting the net more in range for the non-professional golfer. 

What is Different with the Top Golf Clubs and Golf Balls?

TopGolf Las Vegas
TopGolf Las Vegas, NV

The next barrier to hitting the ball over the back net at Top Golf is the golf ball. The balls that are used at Top Golf are limited flight with RFID chips embedded for playing the games. This does three things. 1 – It makes the odds of leaving the TopGolf range harder or higher. 2 – Extends the life of the ball by having a thicker outer skin. 3 – Communicates with the game so you can see your score(s).

You can bring your own clubs to TopGolf, but most people use the ones provided which will limit the distance for most folks. The tees are set lower to the ground as well to discourage the high tee shot required to go over the net. 

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Balls to TopGolf?

No, TopGolf does not permit outside golf balls. First, there would be no way for you to track the score in the game your group chooses to play with an outside ball. Second, outside golf balls will travel further and potentially leave the TopGolf range. Finally, you add work to the TopGolf crew who will have to remove the non-chipped balls from those they provide at some point during the day / evening since you are not allowed to retrieve balls.  

What Types of Games are Available at TopGolf?

TopShot game at Top Golf
TopShot Rookie game at TopGolf El Segundo

If you have never been to a TopGolf, it’s worth trying out. The first time that I went to one was in Jacksonville, Florida with a group from my work. The primary game is TopGolf where you get points to hit different targets on the range. You get 10 shots per player, and the targets are between 30 and 200 yards away. The further away, the more the points. You can play this one by yourself as well. 

Other games include Angry Birds, TopChip, Quick 9, TopPressure, TopBreak, Top Score, TopDrive, and TopShot. They all have a slightly different focus or goal. The available games can differ based on the TopGolf location which you can check availability here

All games keep score based on the specific rules of play. For first time players, I recommend the core game to keep things simple. You also don’t need any golf experience to play if taking a significant other with you who may not play regular golf. 

What are the Different TopGolf Range Zones?

No matter what TopGolf facility you are playing, the scoring zones are setup the same. The colors and ranges are standard across the facilities. They are: 

  • Red Zone – 25 yards
  • Yellow Zone – 50 yards
  • Green Zone – 90 yards
  • Brown Zone – 125 yards
  • Blue Zone – 150 yards
  • White Zone – 185 yards
  • Range Net (Trench Zone) – 215 yards

The distance will vary based on how far off-center you are at the range. If you are on the second or third level of the TopGolf, it will be similar to hitting a downhill tee shot. Just be careful before you go off trying to recreate Mike Trout’s swing!

What are the TopGolf Locations?

TopGolf locations

First, if you want to know for sure if your city has a TopGolf, go to the source here. TopGolf lets you book a time for any facility in the United States.At the time of this writing, there are 88 (and counting) U.S. locations listed on the TopGolf site that you can book a reservation for playing. More are coming. The company has established international franchise relationships / partnerships with companies located in Australia, Central Europe, Colombia, Greater China, Mexico, South East Asia, the Iberian Peninsula, and U.A.E.

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