Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball; Schedule to Start Back Up in 2025

Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball

The Kentucky vs Indiana basketball series is one of the best in college basketball. The rivalry started out with football in 1893, but basketball got going in 1924. The schools used to play each other alternating each year. Coach Calipari stopped the arrangement after losing to Indiana in 2011 with the #1 ranked Wildcats at the time (they would go on to win the 2012 NCAA Men’s DI Title). Now, the series is back on. The Kentucky vs Indiana basketball schedule starts back up in 2025. We have the details and the past game results for you below. 

Why Did the Series with Indiana Stop? 

You have to go back to the 2011 Kentucky vs Indiana basketball game to understand why the series got stopped, paused, whatever you want to call it. The game was at Assembly Hall on the Indiana campus. In my experience, that is just a nutty, crazy, awesome basketball environment. It stinks to be the visiting team. Kentucky was ranked #1 going into the game. Coach Cal and the Wildcats lost on a last second three-pointed by Christian Watford…. also called the “Watshot.” This would be the last regular season game between the two teams (planned).

Kentucky would get their revenge in the 2012 Sweet 16 beating the Hoosiers 102-90 going on to win the NCAA Title. After the season, UK Coach Calipari and IU Coach Crean could not come to an agreement on continuing the series. IU wanted to keep the home-and-home arrangement, and UK wanted to play at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. Cal didn’t believe with how young his teams were that it benefited going to small home courts every other year (paraphrasing here). They would benefit more from March Madness to play at large, neutral sites. 

Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Schedule (Men’s)

UK basketball coach, Mark Pope.
UK basketball coach, Mark Pope.

So, after a 14-year hiatus, the Kentucky vs Indiana basketball series will start back up in 2025. This was one of the last big schedule moves that Cal did in late 2023. There is a four-game agreement in place on a home-and-home basis. The first game will be at Rupp Arena in 2025. Who knows though…maybe Coach Pope can get the game going a year earlier for us in the 2024-25 schedule? That would be super awesome, but probably even too hard for the “Pope” to pull off. 

  • Dec. 20, 2025 – Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center, Lexington, Ky.
  • Dec. 27, 2026 – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Ind. (IU home game)
  • Dec. 18, 2027 – Rupp Arena Central Bank Center, Lexington, Ky.
  • Dec. 16, 2028 – Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Ind.

Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Game Results (1924-1986)

UK leads the all time series against Indiana 32-25. We have the past results, date, score, and who won the game for you going back to 1924 below. We’ve split the results out some so the list is easier to read as well. 

1December 18, 1924Alumni GymnasiumIndiana34–23
2January 5, 1926Men’s GymnasiumIndiana34–23
3December 21, 1926Alumni GymnasiumIndiana38–19
4February 4, 1928Men’s GymnasiumIndiana48–29
5December 30, 1940Municipal AuditoriumIndiana48–45
6December 23, 1942Jefferson County ArmoryIndiana58–52
7December 11, 1943Jefferson County ArmoryKentucky66–41
8December 16, 1944Jefferson County ArmoryKentucky61–43
9December 18, 1965Alumni GymnasiumKentucky91–56
10December 13, 1969Alumni GymnasiumNo. 1 Kentucky109–92
11December 12, 1970New Field HouseNo. 5 Kentucky95–93OT
12December 17, 1971Freedom HallIndiana90–89OT
13December 9, 1972Assembly HallIndiana64–58
14March 17, 1973Memorial GymnasiumNo. 6 Indiana72–65
15December 8, 1973Freedom HallNo. 3 Indiana77–68
16December 7, 1974Assembly HallNo. 3 Indiana98–74
17March 22, 1975UD ArenaNo. 5 Kentucky92–90
18December 15, 1975Freedom HallNo. 1 Indiana77–68OT
19December 6, 1976Assembly HallNo. 5 Kentucky66–51
20December 5, 1977Rupp ArenaNo. 1 Kentucky78–64
21December 16, 1978Assembly HallNo. 8 Indiana68–67OT
22December 15, 1979Rupp ArenaNo. 5 Kentucky69–58
23December 6, 1980Assembly HallNo. 2 Kentucky68–66
24December 8, 1981Rupp ArenaNo. 2 Kentucky85–69
25December 22, 1982Assembly HallNo. 5 Indiana62–59
26March 24, 1983Stokely Athletic CenterNo. 12 Kentucky64–59
27December 3, 1983Rupp ArenaNo. 1 Kentucky59–54
28December 8, 1984Assembly HallNo. 11 Indiana81–68
29December 12, 1985Rupp ArenaNo. 9 Kentucky63–58
30December 6, 1986Assembly HallNo. 3 Indiana71–66
Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Game Results (pre-1987)

Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Game Results (1987-2016)

The last two times that Kentucky has played Indiana in men’s basketball were during the NCAA DI Men’s basketball tournament. December 10th, 2011 was the last time that the two teams played each other during the regular season. If we have a ranking by one of the teams in the winner’s column, that is the ranking at the time the two teams faced off against each other. Notably, when Coach Pope was our starting center, Kentucky defeated IU 89-82.

31December 5, 1987Hoosier DomeNo. 2 Kentucky82–76
32December 20, 1988Rupp ArenaIndiana75–52
33December 2, 1989Hoosier DomeNo. 14 Indiana71–69
34December 18, 1990Assembly HallNo.7 Indiana87–84
35December 7, 1991Hoosier DomeNo. 14 Kentucky76–74
36January 3, 1993Freedom HallKentucky81–78
37December 4, 1993Hoosier DomeNo. 21 Indiana96–84
38December 4, 1994Freedom HallNo. 7 Kentucky73–70
39December 2, 1995RCA DomeNo. 1 Kentucky89–82
40December 7, 1996Freedom HallNo. 6 Kentucky99–65
41December 6, 1997RCA DomeNo. 1 Kentucky75–72
42December 8, 1998Freedom HallNo. 8 Kentucky70–61OT
43December 4, 1999RCA DomeNo. 23 Indiana83–75
44December 22, 2000Freedom HallKentucky88–74
45December 22, 2001RCA DomeNo. 7 Kentucky66–52
46December 21, 2002Freedom HallNo. 16 Kentucky70–64
47December 20, 2003RCA DomeNo. 2 Kentucky80–41
48December 11, 2004Freedom HallNo. 10 Kentucky73–58
49December 10, 2005RCA DomeNo. 18 Indiana79–53
50December 9, 2006Rupp ArenaKentucky59–54
51December 8, 2007Assembly HallNo. 15 Indiana70–51
52December 13, 2008Rupp ArenaKentucky72–54
53December 12, 2009Assembly HallNo. 4 Kentucky90–73
54December 11, 2010Rupp ArenaNo. 17 Kentucky81–62
55December 10, 2011Assembly HallIndiana73–72
56March 23, 2012Georgia DomeNo. 1 Kentucky102–90
57March 19, 2016Wells Fargo ArenaNo. 14 Indiana73–67
Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Game Results (1987-Current)

1975 Kentucky Upset of #1 Ranked Indiana in the NCAA Tournament

I remember as a kid, my grandpa would always talk about the 1975 game the Cats upset the Hoosiers in the NCAA Tournament. Here’s the highlights of that game for you. 

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