2024 Fantasy Football Bye Week Pairings for Quarterbacks

2024 Fantasy Football Bye Week Pairings

So, you will want to get smart on the 2024 fantasy football bye week pairings for quarterbacks before your draft. The last thing you want to do is think you have an awesome roster lineup with bye weeks, skills, and so on only to figure out that you drafted a QB sitting during the first round of your league’s playoffs. We have the bye week pairings for all of the top quarterbacks entering the 2024 NFL regular season for you. 

When are the 2024 NFL Bye Weeks? 

Here are the 2024 NFL bye weeks for all of the teams. The first bye week of the season is week 5. We see four teams off that week that include higher-end quarterbacks. The last bye week of the 2024 NFL regular season is week 14. For many leagues, this may be your first week of Fantasy Football playoffs, so you will want to draft with the end in mind (or at least have a good backup if your league depth allows). 

WeekTeams on Bye
5Detroit, LA Chargers, Philadelphia, Tennessee
6Kansas City, LA Rams, Miami, Minnesota
7Chicago, Dallas
9Pittsburgh, San Francisco
10Cleveland, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Seattle
11Arizona, Carolina, NY Giants, Tampa Bay
12Atlanta, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, NY Jets, New Orleans
14Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Washington
2024 NFL Bye Weeks

2024 Fantasy Football Bye Week Pairings – Quarterbacks

So, for the 2024 Fantasy Football bye week pairings for quarterbacks, we’ll go through the top options and when they aren’t playing for you here. Depending on the size of your league, you may or may not be able to draft two decent quarterbacks based on how you plan out your overall draft strategy. 

Knowing is half the battle (this is ahead of injury impacts, etc). We’re just covering the higher-ranked QB’s (fantasy) for these byes, so if you have an option not listed, you will still need to come up with a draft strategy on how you’re going to approach that week. 

NFL Bye Weeks 5 – 9

NFL Bye Week 5 

Teams on bye: Detroit, LA Chargers, Philadelphia, Tennessee

Jalen Hurts is the top-ranked quarterback out during the first bye week. Jared Goff is the second-best that is out. You can probably find some values on the lower end of the QB rankings to have in reserve for these two if either is your QB1. 

NFL Bye Week 6

Teams on bye: Kansas City, LA Rams, Miami, Minnesota

Patrick Mahomes is the highest ranked QB of the group on bye this week. He’s still ranked in the top 5 QBs in most leagues. Depending on how much draft capital you want to spend, you could take a swing at someone like Caleb Williams who isn’t proven yet, then figure things out in week 3 on the waiver wire if he’s not performing yet. 

NFL Bye Week 12

Teams on Bye: Atlanta, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, NY Jets, New Orleans

Week 12 sees two quality QB1s out the same week. Josh Allen and Joe Burrow. Heck, if Aaron Rodgers is still playing by week 12, he’ll probably have great numbers too. Allen is ranked either 1 or 2 in most leagues and Burrow between 6-8 depending on where you are playing. There are not a lot of awesome options out there, so if you are in this spot you can either draft for it…or wait and see what might come open to trade for or pick up on waivers closer to your week. Justin Herber and Matthew Stafford could be two options to put in your hip pocket. 

NFL Bye Week 14

Teams on Bye: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Washington

Week 14 has the most big-time quarterbacks on bye. This is where you need to do your research before your Fantasy Draft. We have Lamar Jackson, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Jayden Daniels on bye this week. Some options that you have are Geno Smith, Kirk Cousins, and Aaron Rodgers. Of all the bye weeks, this is probably the biggest one to plan for if your league is starting playoffs this week. 

2024 Fantasy Football Tools to Use

So, we have a few fantasy football tools up for you to use to help with your draft planning. The first is the 2024 NFL Strength of Schedule. This lets you see which teams have the toughest schedules going into the season to help inform who you may or may not draft depending on the matchups. We also have the printable NFL schedule grid for 2024 that shows you on one sheet where all of the teams are playing. We have a number of printable schedule options up for you here that you can use as well. The NFL preseason will be here before you know it.

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