2024 NFL Strength of Schedule; Browns, Ravens Toughest Schedules

2024 NFL Strength of Schedule

So, the 2024 NFL strength of schedule rankings are included for you below. They are based on the 2023 NFL record of the opposing teams. We also include the predicted win totals for each team for you to use. While nothing is a guarantee when you are trying to setup a Fantasy team or play other NFL games, using the NFL’s weakest strength of schedule is a solid indicator for picking teams and players. 

Which NFL Teams have the Hardest 2024 Schedules? 

So, if you only use the 2023 NFL regular season winning percentages, then the Browns have the hardest 2024 NFL regular season schedule. If you use the predicted total number of wins, then it’s the Steelers. Since we use the winning percentage in the chart below, here’s the list of teams with the hardest schedules based on predicted wins for you: 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New England Patriots
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Minnesota Vikings

Which NFL Teams have the Easiest 2024 Schedules? 

So, similar to the NFL hardest schedules. The rankings of schedules in the table using the 2023 winning percentage show that the Saints and Falcons have the easiest 2024 schedules. This is one case, where the projected win totals line up a tad better than the hardest schedules list. The teams with the easier 2024 schedules are: 

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Chicago Bears
  • New York Jets
  • New Orleans Saints

2024 NFL Strength of Schedule – Opponent Winning Percentage

The 2024 NFL strength of schedule is listed below. The rankings are based on the opponent’s winning percentages in 2023. The predicted wins column is provided for your reference. Keep in mind, these numbers are before training camp, preseason, etc. A lot can happen to influence these up or down with regards to injuries, Murphy, you name it. I’ve found using the NFL schedule grid and looking at the strength of schedule for teams can help better influence decisions when drafting teams for Fantasy Football or playing other NFL games. 

RankTeamOpp. RecordOpp. Win Pct.Predicted Wins
1Cleveland Browns158-131-00.5478.5
2Baltimore Ravens155-134-00.53611.5
3Pittsburgh Steelers154-135-00.5338.5
4Green Bay Packers152-137-00.52610.5
4Houston Texans152-137-00.5269.5
6Buffalo Bills149-140-00.51610.5
6New York Giants149-140-00.5166.5
8New England Patriots148-141-00.5124.5
8Jacksonville Jaguars148-141-00.5128.5
8Las Vegas Raiders148-141-00.5126.5
11Detroit Lions147-142-00.50910.5
12Los Angeles Rams146-143-00.5058.5
12San Francisco 49ers146-143-00.50511.5
12Dallas Cowboys146-143-00.50510.5
12New York Jets146-143-00.5059.5
16Kansas City Chiefs145-144-00.50211.5
16Washington Commanders145-144-00.5026.5
16Cincinnati Bengals145-144-00.50210.5
16Minnesota Vikings145-144-00.5026.5
20Denver Broncos143-146-00.4955.5
21Tennessee Titans142-147-00.4916.5
21Indianapolis Colts142-147-00.4918.5
21Philadelphia Eagles142-147-00.49110.5
24Miami Dolphins141-148-00.4889.5
24Seattle Seahawks141-148-00.4887.5
24Arizona Cardinals141-148-00.4886.5
27Los Angeles Chargers138-151-00.4788.5
27Tampa Bay Buccaneers138-151-00.4788.5
29Carolina Panthers135-154-00.4674.5
29Chicago Bears135-154-00.4678.5
31Atlanta Falcons131-158-00.4539.5
31New Orleans Saints131-158-00.4537.5
2024 NFL Strength of Schedule

Printable 2024 NFL Strength of Schedule Listing

Printable 2024 NFL Strength of Schedule

If you’re like me, you’ll want a printable 2024 NFL strength of schedule listing. We have it in image format for you above. You can also download or share it in PDF here. Enjoy. 

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