2024 Tour de France Schedule; TV Broadcast, Stages

2024 Tour de France schedule

The 2024 Tour de France schedule kicks off on June 29th, 2024. This will be the 111th time for the famous cycling race. 2024 is the first time that the race holds the Grand Départ from Italy. The other big change for fans this year is the race avoids Paris due to preparations for the 2024 Olympics. We have the race schedule for all 21 stages and TV broadcast schedule for you and more below. 

What Route does the 2024 Tour de France Take? 

The 2024 Tour de France starts in Florence, Italy on June 29th. It goes to Rimini on the Adriatic coast. Then, it proceeds from Cesenatico to Bologna. The Italian-phase of the race goes across Italy to Turin on July 1st before entering France. Instead of finishing in Paris, the race will travel through Monaco and finishes in Nice at the Promenade des Anglais on July 21st. In total, the 21 stages of the race cover 2,237 miles (3,600 kilometers). The mountain stage of the race is at Mont Ventoux. 

2024 Tour de France Schedule and Race Map

Here is the 2024 Tour de France schedule and race map. You can see the destinations and stage numbers on the map. The reference link is above for you too. 

2024 Tour de France route
2024 Tour de France race route and stages.

2024 Tour de France Schedule

Here’s the 2024 Tour de France schedule along with the expected TV broadcasts for the United States. If you are watching the race in the UK, ITV4 will air all of the stages. In Australia, SBS covers the race and highlights, and Eurosport provides coverage in Europe. Please note the times and streaming information is based on the 2023 Tour de France and may change slightly. We’ll keep you updated. All times listed below are in U.S. Eastern time. Other major sporting related events ongoing during the race include Wimbledon, the 2024 ESPY’s, and the British Open

DateTime (ET)StageTV / Stream
Sat., June 296:30 a.m.Stage 1: Florence to RiminiPeacock
8 a.m.Stage 1: Florence to RiminiNBC | Peacock
Sun., June 306:05 a.m.Stage 2: Cesenatico to BolognePeacock
Mon., July 16:50 a.m.Stage 3: Plaisance to TurinPeacock
8 a.m.Stage 3: Plaisance to TurinUSA | Peacock
Tues., July 26 a.mStage 4 – Pinerolo to ValloirePeacock
8 a.m.Stage 4 – Pinerolo to ValloireUSA | Peacock
Wed., July 36:30 a.m.Stage 5 – Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Saint-VulbasPeacock
8 a.m.Stage 5 – Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Saint-VulbasUSA | Peacock
Thurs., July 47 a.m.Stage 6 – MÂCON to DijonPeacock
8 a.m.Stage 6 – MÂCON to DijonUSA | Peacock
Fri., July 57 a.m.Stage 7 – Nuits-Saint-Georges to Gevrey-ChambertinPeacock
8 a.m.Stage 7 – Nuits-Saint-Georges to Gevrey-ChambertinUSA | Peacock
Sat., July 67 a.mStage 8 – SEMUR-EN-AUXOIS to COLOMBEY-LES-DEUX-ÉGLISESPeacock
Sun., July 77 a.m.Stage 9 – Troyes to TroyesPeacock
Mon., July 8Rest – ORLÉANS
Tues., July 96:55 a.m.Stage 10 – ORLÉANS to Saint-Amand-MontrondPeacock
Wed., July 106:55 a.m.Stage 11 – ÉVAUX-LES-BAINS to Le LioranPeacock
Thurs., July 116:55 a.m.Stage 12 – Aurillac to Villeneuve-Sur-LotPeacock
Fri., July 126:30 a.m.Stage 13 – Agen to PauPeacock
Sat., July 136:55 a.m.Stage 14 – Pau to Saint-Lary-Soulan Pla D’adetPeacock
Sun., July 146:55 a.m.Stage 15 – Loudenvielle to Plateeau De BeillePeacock
Mon., July 15REST – Grussian
Tues., July 166:55 a.m.Stage 16 – Grussian to NimesPeacock
Wed., July 176 a.m.Stage 17 – SAINT-PAUL-TROIS-CHÂTEAUX to SUPERDÉVOLUYPeacock
Thurs., July 186:55 a.m.Stage 18 – Gap to BarcelonettePeacock
Fri., July 197 a.m.Stage 19 – Embrun to Isola 2000Peacock
Sat., July 2010 a.m.Stage 20 – Nice to Col De La CouilloleUSA | Peacock
Sun., July 212 p.m.delayed broadcastStage 21 – Monaco to NiceNBC | Peacock
2024 Tour de France TV Schedule

What do the Jersey Colors Mean in the Tour de France? 

So, the 2024 Tour de France will have about 200 cyclists for the race. There are 22 teams who participate in the event that provide coverage for their best or strongest rider. The terrain is extremely dynamic going from super flat to extremely steep. You’ll see some jerseys that are different than the team ones during the race. The yellow jersey signifies the overall leader of the race. Other jersey colors that you see are: red-white-polka dot for the best uphill climber, white for the youngest biker (normally under 25), and green for the fastest sprinter. We have more on the jersey colors for you here too.

2023 Tour de France Highlights

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