2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule; Printable, TV Schedules

2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule

The 2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 schedule is now out. The first game is on Thursday, August 15th with the Eagles playing at the Patriots. We have the complete list and printable schedule for you to use to follow the preseason action. Week 2 is typically the best one in my experience to watch before we start seeing the starters more limited in action in week 3. Just like in week 1, you may see some of the games later in the week moved around by the NFL. 

2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule

The 2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 schedule kicks off on August 15th. It runs through August 18th, 2024. We probably won’t see as many games moved around as in week 1 of the preseason. This is one of the big weeks left for teams to prep for the start of the NFL regular season

Thursday, August 15
MatchupTime (ET)TV/Stream
Philadelphia at New England7:00 PMLocal
Saturday, August 17
MatchupTime (ET)TV/Stream
Atlanta at Baltimore12:00 PMLocal
Cincinnati at Chicago1:00 PMLocal
NY Giants at Houston1:00 PMLocal
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville1:00 PMLocal
Detroit at Kansas City4:00 PMLocal
Minnesota at Cleveland4:25 PMLocal
Arizona at Indianapolis7:00 PMLocal
Buffalo at Pittsburgh7:00 PMLocal
Washington at Miami7:00 PMLocal
LA Rams at LA Chargers7:05 PMLocal
Dallas at Las Vegas10:00 PMLocal
Sunday, August 18
MatchupTime (ET)TV/Stream
NY Jets at CarolinaTime TBAor Aug. 15-17
Seattle at TennesseeTime TBAor Aug. 15-17
Green Bay at Denver8:00 PMLocal
New Orleans at San Francisco8:00 PMLocal
2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule

Printable NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule

Printable 2024 NFL Preseason Week 2 Schedule

We have a printable NFL Preseason Week 2 schedule in PDF for you. If you prefer to have the schedule in image format, that is above for you to use as well. As things change, we’ll keep you updated on the skeds here.

2025 NFL Regular and Postseason Schedules

So, once you get tired of preseason games, it’s time to focus on the NFL regular season. We have the complete NFL weekly schedule is up for you to check out what teams are up each week. We also posted the 2024 NFL Schedule Grid for you to see the full season’s schedule on one page. If you want to checkout the postseason, the NFL Playoff schedule is here. You can also view the complete list of Super Bowl winners here.

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