When Does Caitlin Clark Play Again? Indiana Fever, Big 3, Olympics?

When Does Caitlin Clark Play Again

So, when does Caitlin Clark play again? She will be picked #1 at the 2024 WNBA Draft, so the Fever’s first game is expected to be the next time we get to see her play right now. The Fever’s first game of the regular season is on May 14th at Connecticut. ESPN2 is going to carry a live broadcast of the matchup, so fans will get to see our first professional game by Caitlin. The next big question is on what other stages will we get to see her play? 

Will Caitlin Clark Play for the Big 3? 

So, at the time of this writing, we don’t know if Caitlin Clark will take Ice Cube up on the offer to play for the Big 3 basketball league. If she does, those games start going in early June. Oakland is the first host city. The current schedule is above. Matchups and specific dates will be set soon by the league, but if you are into getting tickets early for any games held in your local area something to consider. Even if Clark doesn’t play for the Big 3, the games were really good basketball last season. We expect to see the same this year. 

When Does Caitlin Clark Play Again for the Fever? 

So, the WNBA has significantly expanded the Indiana Fever TV schedule for those looking for when does Caitlin Clark play again? Especially if you can’t make it to one of the WNBA locations where she is going to be hooping it up. 36 of the 40 Fever games are being broadcast on TV now. That is huge for WNBA and Clark fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get all 40 games picked up before all is set and done. Especially if the Fever are anywhere near making a 2024 WNBA Playoff run. I know that a ton of fans are going to watch her first game against the Connecticut Sun, so we’ll see. 

If Caitlin Clark Makes the Olympic Team, When do they Play? 

If Caitlin Clark makes Team USA, I think the viewership of the games will be even more than it has been in past years. The 2024 Olympic women’s basketball tournament starts on July 29th for Team USA. The team plays Japan in their first game of group play in the Olympics. If Team USA makes it to the gold medal game, that takes place on August 11th, 2024. The WNBA goes on pause for the month for players to participate in the games. Play resumes after the Olympics wrap up. 

That’s about it. We’ll be excited to see Clark hit the court again as soon as we can. Until then, we have her SNL skit for you to check out. 

Caitlin Clark on Saturday Night Live

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