2024 Indiana Fever TV Schedule; Watch Caitlin Clark Play in the WNBA

2024 Indiana Fever TV Schedule

Well, that didn’t take long. The WNBA updated the 2024 Indiana Fever TV schedule for the regular season today. They will now have 36 of their 40 regular season games broadcast on national TV. This is the 25th season for the Fever, and the opening four games of the regular season will be shown on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and Prime Video (separate games for each one). The Caitlin Clark effect is in full run! 

When Does Caitlin Clark Start Playing for the Indiana Fever? 

Well, the Fever still technically have to draft Caitlin Clark in the 2024 WNBA draft. Then, it’s about 29 days later when the Fever travel to play at Connecticut. We’re going to see more and more changes too as time goes by before the WNBA season kicks off. I mean just the news that the women’s March Madness finals outdrew the men’s on TV was crazy. The madness and excitement will keep building. Does this mean we’ll see Caitlin in the BIG3 and the 2024 Olympics too? We’ll have to wait and see. 

2024 Indiana Fever TV Schedule

The Fever and the WNBA confirmed the revised TV schedule for the team today. This is really cool. There’s only a few games that aren’t covered (yet). Just wait and see how crazy things get if the Fever earn a spot in the 2024 WNBA Playoffs too! Then it will be nuts. Let’s enjoy some great basketball this season. 

May 147:30 p.m.at ConnecticutESPN 2
May 167:00 p.m.vs New YorkPrime Video
May 181:00 p.m.at New YorkABC
May 207:00 p.m.vs ConnecticutESPN
May 2210:00 p.m.at Seattle
May 2410:00 p.m.at Los AngelesION
May 259:00 p.m.at Las VegasNBA TV
May 287:00 p.m.vs Los AngelesNBA TV
May 307:00 p.m.vs SeattlePrime Video
June 11:00 p.m.vs ChicagoNBA TV
June 27:00 p.m.at New YorkNBA TV
June 77:30 p.m.at WashingtonION
June 107:00 p.m.at ConnecticutNBA TV
June 137:00 p.m.vs Atlanta
June 1612:00 p.m.vs ChicagoCBS
June 197:00 p.m.vs WashingtonNBA TV
June 217:30 p.m.at AtlantaION
June 236:00 p.m.at ChicagoNBA TV
June 2710:00 p.m.at SeattlePrime Video
June 303:00 p.m.at PhoenixESPN
July 29:30 p.m.at Las VegasESPN
July 61:00 p.m.vs New YorkCBS
July 1012:00 p.m.vs WashingtonNBA TV
July 127:30 p.m.vs PhoenixION
July 144:00 p.m.at MinnesotaESPN
July 177:30 p.m.at DallasESPN
Aug. 167:30 p.m.vs PhoenixION
Aug. 183:30 p.m.vs SeattleABC
Aug. 248:00 p.m.at MinnesotaNBA TV
Aug. 267:30 p.m.at AtlantaNBA TV
Aug. 287:00 p.m.vs ConnecticutNBA TV
Aug. 307:30 p.m.at ChicagoION
Sept. 14:00 p.m.at DallasNBA TV
Sept. 47:00 p.m.vs Los AngelesCBS Sports Network
Sept. 67:30 p.m.vs MinnesotaION
Sept. 84:00 p.m.vs Atlanta
Sept. 117:00 p.m.vs Las VegasNBA TV
Sept. 137:30 p.m.vs Las VegasION
Sept. 153:00 p.m.vs Dallas
Sept. 957:00 p.m.at WashingtonPrime Video
2024 Indiana Fever TV Schedule

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