See Caitlin Clark Play Today: How to Watch Iowa vs LSU Elite 8

See Caitlin Clark Play Today

Well, here we are again. If you’re wanting to see Caitlin Clark play today, it’s going to be a great game. Total rematch from 2023. Iowa vs LSU in the Elite 8. Couldn’t have scripted this better. Of course, the game’s not going to be played until Monday, but that’s ok. It gives us the rest of the weekend to build up to watching what will be one of the most popular women’s basketball games of the season. Most believe though, that for the Iowa women’s basketball team to win, it will come down to how involved Caitlin gets the rest of her team into the game. No matter what, it will be a great show. 

How to Watch Iowa vs LSU in the Elite 8?

Well, if you’re looking for how to watch Iowa vs LSU Elite 8 we’ve got ya covered. This is the game everyone has been anticipating in the 2024 edition of Women’s March Madness. The Iowa Women’s basketball Hawkeyes (32-4) are the No. 1 seed in Albany Regional 2, and Tigers are the No. 3 seed. The game is on ESPN, and it will definitely see a lot of folks checking it out. The game is on at 7:30 PM ET on ESPN tonight. We have the updated women’s March Madness bracket for you below too.

Updated 2024 Women's March Madness Bracket
Updated 2024 Women’s March Madness Bracket

Can You Stream the Iowa vs LSU Game?  

The short answer is yes. It’s never been easier to stream the Iowa vs LSU game or other women’s basketball games in 2024. Since the game is on ESPN, we have more options than with other games this postseason. You can check out the game on one of the streaming services out there. YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Fubu, etc. Pretty much, if they carry ESPN, you can watch the game.

Print out an Elite 8 Bracket for March Madness

So, you’ll want to make sure you print out an Elite 8 bracket for the game today. It’s going to be a big one against LSU for the Iowa women’s team, but we have a lot of great games on the schedule today as well. Whoever wins today’s game still has a tough road ahead of them to make it to the 2024 NCAA Championship game. No matter what, we look forward to these games before it’s time for the 2024 WNBA draft and the 2024 Olympics

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