March Madness Bracket Picks for 2024

March Madness Bracket Picks for 2024

So, you’re looking for March Madness Bracket picks for 2024. If you’re stuck or looking to help break some ties in picking between a few of your teams, we’re here to help. One technique is that you can use the “Will of the People.” Or at least sorta. Use the popularity of the teams that are searched on the most during the regular season to make the picks. Thanks to Google trends, we have bracket picks for you for the Men’s and Women’s 2024 March Madness brackets. 

What is the Bracket Pick Methodology? 

So, the good folks at Google Trends, did some awesome work. They took all of the team related queries for both the men’s and women’s teams during the 2023-24 college basketball regular season. Then, they converted those search queries and interests into picks. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the results are skewed to just the largest school winning as you’ll see. Does this have anything to do with basketball skill? Not really. It is a step above picking a bracket based on who would win a fight between mascots or the color of team uniforms though if you are stuck….We also have some more traditional bracket tips posted up you can use too 🙂 

March Madness Bracket Picks for 2024 – Women’s Bracket

Google Trends Women's March Madness picks by search.
Google Trends Women’s March Madness picks by search.

As you can see above, The Google Bracket has the Iowa women’s basketball team and Caitlin Clark winning the 2024 NCAA Women’s basketball championship. The predicted women’s Final Four by fan interest is Iowa, UConn, Tennessee, and South Carolina. South Carolina vs Iowa in the finals. To get to the Finals, Iowa over LSU in a 2023 NCAA Women’s Tournament championship rematch. We’ll see. All of the teams have a lot of basketball against a lot of really good teams to get to the “Ship!”

March Madness Bracket Picks for 2024 – Men’s Bracket

Google Trends Men's March Madness picks by search.
Google Trends Men’s March Madness picks by search.

The Google Bracket has Kentucky defeating the North Carolina Tar Heels in the championship game. Nothing like a couple of Bluebloods trying to add to their championship totals! Da Google has Kentucky over Purdue in the 2024 Final Four. UNC taking down UConn in their bid to go back-to-back and join UNC in the 6 National championship list. 

Where to Get March Madness Brackets?

If you need to get some printable brackets that you can print out to finalize your bracketology, look no further. We have the printable Women’s bracket posted here. The printable men’s bracket is posted here. We have a few more days to finalize our 2024 March Madness bracket entries, so best of luck to everyone. When it’s time for the games, we also have the 2024 March Madness TV schedules up for everyone to use to follow the action. 

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