What is the Average College Basketball Score? March Madness Bracket Tiebreaker

What is the Average College Basketball Score
Reed Sheppard, Kentucky star guard

So, a common question right now is what is the average college basketball score? Most people are looking for an input for their March Madness bracket tie-breaker. For the majority of the bracket contests out there, predicting the final score of the championship game is used to break ties between contestants. We’ll get into the averages and why college basketball scores are typically less than NBA basketball game scores. 

What is the Average College Basketball Score? 

If you are looking for what is the average college basketball score, here’s the answer. For NCAA Division I Men’s and women’s basketball games. For men’s games, they are averaging around 67.9 points per game. Women’s games are averaging around 60.9 points per game. You’ll find some variations of this average based on what your source is using for their data. These are for Division I games only. Obviously with 350+ teams in D-I, you will see a fair bit of variance between the #1 ranked team and #352. 

Why is Predicting the Score of a College Basketball Game Hard? 

Predicting the score of a college basketball game is just hard. That’s why you see the over / unders for college games sometimes move dramatically once game-play starts. The players do not get as many game reps as we see for professional basketball players. As a result, the outcomes for the teams from game-to-game can vary significantly. Add in the fact that “Most” college players are under the age of 22, and you have all kinds of things that can influence performance. 

What is the Average Score of March Madness Basketball Games? 

I get it. You are either her for your March Madness tie-breaker, or looking for input on picking the right side of an over / under. So, the average score of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship is 77-68. This is a total of 145 points. I would not put 77-68 as your bracket tie-breaker in a March Madness contest. If it is a big contest, there will be a number of people who put the first thing they find online in for this spot. This is the average since the year the 3 point shot was introduced to college (1987). 

What Should I enter for my March Madness Tie Breaker? 

Caitlin Clark all-time NCAA D-I points record
Caitlin Clark all-time NCAA D-I points record

The average score in the Championship includes games that were not close. As a result, the averages are a bit off based off a relatively small sample size (since 1987). I recommend basing your tie-breaker entry on the teams you are predicting playing in the championship game. So, for example. For the 2024 NCAA Tournament, if I’m picking Alabama or Kentucky to win the NCAA Men’s basketball championship game, I’m going with a higher predicted score. Both of those teams put up a ton of points (when they win). They also allow a ton of points. If I’m picking teams that play a more methodical offense, I’m probably going with a lower point total. Or, you can assume that no one in your bracket is going to use 77-68 because who would put the numbers all over the Internet as their entry right? 🙂 SO many options!! May the bracket odds be in your favor, and enjoy March Madness. For the women’s brackets, I would take the same rationale for my picks. 

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