Printable 2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule; Remaining Games and Matchups

2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

The printable 2024 Atlanta Braves schedule in grid and PDF format for the remaining games is included for you below. Atlanta has their last game before the All-Star break on July 14th on the road at San Diego. The Braves wrap up regular season play with a five-game home stand. They play the Mets followed by the Royals. 

2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

The remaining 2024 Atlanta Braves schedule is listed for you below. The last game before the 2024 MLB All Star Break for the Braves is on July 14th at the San Diego Padres. They pick up play again at home against the Cardinals on the 19th after the break. Atlanta finishes up regular season play at home against the Royals on September 29th, 2024. 

vs. AthleticsSat, Jun 14:10 PMvs. MarlinsThu, Aug 17:20 PM
vs. AthleticsSun, Jun 21:35 PMvs. MarlinsFri, Aug 27:20 PM
@ Red SoxTue, Jun 47:10 PMvs. MarlinsSat, Aug 37:20 PM
@ Red SoxWed, Jun 51:35 PMvs. MarlinsSun, Aug 41:35 PM
@ NationalsThu, Jun 66:45 PMvs. BrewersTue, Aug 67:20 PM
@ NationalsFri, Jun 76:45 PMvs. BrewersWed, Aug 77:20 PM
@ NationalsSat, Jun 84:05 PMvs. BrewersThu, Aug 812:20 PM
@ NationalsSun, Jun 91:35 PM@ RockiesFri, Aug 98:40 PM
@ OriolesTue, Jun 116:35 PM@ RockiesSat, Aug 108:10 PM
@ OriolesWed, Jun 126:35 PM@ RockiesSun, Aug 113:10 PM
@ OriolesThu, Jun 131:05 PM@ GiantsMon, Aug 129:45 PM
vs. RaysFri, Jun 147:20 PM@ GiantsTue, Aug 139:45 PM
vs. RaysSat, Jun 154:10 PM@ GiantsWed, Aug 149:45 PM
vs. RaysSun, Jun 161:35 PM@ GiantsThu, Aug 153:45 PM
vs. TigersMon, Jun 177:20 PM@ AngelsFri, Aug 169:38 PM
vs. TigersTue, Jun 187:20 PM@ AngelsSat, Aug 179:38 PM
vs. TigersWed, Jun 1912:20 PM@ AngelsSun, Aug 184:07 PM
@ YankeesFri, Jun 217:05 PMvs. PhilliesTue, Aug 207:20 PM
@ YankeesSat, Jun 227:15 PMvs. PhilliesWed, Aug 217:20 PM
@ YankeesSun, Jun 231:35 PMvs. PhilliesThu, Aug 227:15 PM
@ CardinalsMon, Jun 247:45 PMvs. NationalsFri, Aug 237:20 PM
@ CardinalsTue, Jun 257:45 PMvs. NationalsSat, Aug 247:20 PM
@ CardinalsWed, Jun 267:15 PMvs. NationalsSun, Aug 251:35 PM
vs. PiratesFri, Jun 287:20 PM@ TwinsMon, Aug 267:40 PM
vs. PiratesSat, Jun 294:10 PM@ TwinsTue, Aug 277:40 PM
vs. PiratesSun, Jun 301:35 PM@ TwinsWed, Aug 287:40 PM
vs. GiantsTue, Jul 27:20 PM@ PhilliesThu, Aug 296:40 PM
vs. GiantsWed, Jul 37:20 PM@ PhilliesFri, Aug 306:40 PM
vs. GiantsThu, Jul 47:20 PM@ PhilliesSat, Aug 317:15 PM
vs. PhilliesFri, Jul 57:20 PM@ PhilliesSun, Sep 11:35 PM
vs. PhilliesSat, Jul 67:15 PMvs. RockiesTue, Sep 37:20 PM
vs. PhilliesSun, Jul 71:35 PMvs. RockiesWed, Sep 47:20 PM
@ DiamondbacksMon, Jul 89:40 PMvs. RockiesThu, Sep 57:20 PM
@ DiamondbacksTue, Jul 99:40 PMvs. Blue JaysFri, Sep 67:20 PM
@ DiamondbacksWed, Jul 109:40 PMvs. Blue JaysSat, Sep 77:20 PM
@ DiamondbacksThu, Jul 119:40 PMvs. Blue JaysSun, Sep 81:35 PM
@ PadresFri, Jul 129:40 PM@ NationalsTue, Sep 106:45 PM
@ PadresSat, Jul 137:15 PM@ NationalsWed, Sep 116:45 PM
@ PadresSun, Jul 144:10 PMvs. DodgersFri, Sep 137:20 PM
vs. CardinalsFri, Jul 197:20 PMvs. DodgersSat, Sep 147:20 PM
vs. CardinalsSat, Jul 207:20 PMvs. DodgersSun, Sep 151:35 PM
vs. CardinalsSun, Jul 211:35 PMvs. DodgersMon, Sep 167:20 PM
vs. RedsMon, Jul 227:20 PM@ RedsTue, Sep 176:40 PM
vs. RedsTue, Jul 237:20 PM@ RedsWed, Sep 186:40 PM
vs. RedsWed, Jul 2412:20 PM@ RedsThu, Sep 191:10 PM
@ MetsThu, Jul 257:10 PM@ MarlinsFri, Sep 207:10 PM
@ MetsFri, Jul 267:10 PM@ MarlinsSat, Sep 214:10 PM
@ MetsSat, Jul 274:10 PM@ MarlinsSun, Sep 221:40 PM
@ MetsSun, Jul 281:40 PMvs. MetsTue, Sep 247:20 PM
@ BrewersMon, Jul 298:10 PMvs. MetsWed, Sep 257:20 PM
@ BrewersTue, Jul 308:10 PMvs. RoyalsFri, Sep 277:20 PM
@ BrewersWed, Jul 312:10 PMvs. RoyalsSat, Sep 287:20 PM
vs. RoyalsSun, Sep 293:20 PM
2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

Printable 2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

Printable 2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

I always prefer to have a printable 2024 Atlanta Braves schedule when following the team through the season. Not only does it let me know when to look for the Braves on TV, but I can also track when I have players up for Fantasy Baseball games and such. We have the printable schedule here for you in PDF

When Do the 2024 MLB Playoffs Start? 

So, a question that comes up every year for Braves fans is when do the playoffs get started? For the 2024 MLB postseason, they will begin with the Wild Card round of play on October 1st, 2024. As the playoff picture develops during the MLB regular season, we’ll see if the Braves are closer to the Wild Card or winning the division. You can checkout the blank, printable MLB Playoff and World Series bracket here too.  

Braves vs Nationals Highlights (5/28)

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