UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners; List of Champions and Scores

UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners; List of Champions and Scores

The UEFA European (Euro) Championship winners list consists of ten countries to date. More commonly referred to as the UEFA Euros, the major soccer tournament occurs every four years offset to take place two years out from the next FIFA World Cup. The tournament determines the continental champion of Europe and is the second-most watched soccer (football) tournament in the world after the World Cup. The only time the tournament has not been held since 1960 was in 2020 due to COVID. This one got made up in 2021 (similar to the Olympics). The tourney takes place after the Champions League Final and will wrap up prior to the 2024 Paris Olympics.  

How do Teams Qualify for the Euros? 

Similar to other major international tournaments, the host nation(s) qualify automatically for the Euros. The other teams compete in a qualification process to earn a spot in the European Championship. The UEFA Euro qualifying tournament takes place over the course of the year before the tournament. In 2024, the qualifying tournament was held from March 2023 to March 2024. End result is 23 teams + the host country out of a starting pool of approximately 53 teams get to play. Beginning with the 2020 Euros, the winner of the tournament goes on to compete in the CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions.

UEFA European (Euro) Championship History

Of the 16 European Championships held to date, there have been ten national teams who have won. When you look at the list you’ll see that Germany has three (if we count West Germany’s win), Spain three, Italy and France have two, and the former Soviet Union, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, and the Netherlands have each won one. The only team to win back-to-back Euro championships is Spain. 

List of UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners

Here is the list of UEFA European (Euro) Championship winners. We include the score, if there was extra time, and the penalty shoot (ps) results if there was one that year. 

2021Italy1–1 (extra time), (3–2 ps)England
2016Portugal1–0 extra timeFrance
2000France2-1 sudden death extra timeItaly
1996Germany2-1 sudden death extra timeCzechia
1988Netherlands2-0Soviet Union
1980West Germany2-1Belgium
1976Czechoslovakia2-2 extra time, (5-3) psWest Germany
1972West Germany3-0Soviet Union
1968Italy1-1 extra time, 2-0 replayYugoslavia
1964Spain2-1Soviet Union
1960Soviet Union2-1 extra timeYugoslavia
List of Euro Championship Winners

UEFA European (Euro) Championship Qualifier Highlights (Netherlands vs France)

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