When was the Last Time a Canadian Team Won the Stanley Cup?

When was the Last Time a Canadian Team Won the Stanley Cup?

A question that comes up this time of year is when was the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup? Unfortunately for fans who live in Canada (or just like the teams), it has been more than 30 years since a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. The Montreal Canadiens were the last to do so in 1993. That’s been a hot minute, so we’ll go over the years that teams had a chance (ie making the finals) since then. 

When was the Last Time a Canadian Team Won the Stanley Cup? 

So, since the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993, we have seen Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup finals a total of six times. Going from oldest to most recent: Vancouver, 1994; Calgary, 2004; Edmonton, 2006; Ottawa, 2007; Vancouver, 2011; and Montreal, 2021. Even more interesting to some fans, is that 1993 was also the last time that we had a team win the Stanley Cup where all of the players were born in North America. 

How Many Times have the Canadiens Won the Stanley Cup? 

So, while it has been 30+ years since their last Stanley Cup victory, the Montreal Canadiens have won the NHL championship a record 24 times since 1915. The club was founded in 1909 and actually predates the formation of the NHL. The team won five consecutive Stanley Cups between 1956-1960 and were in the finals for 10 straight years (1950-1960). That is just straight dominance. Today, the Canadiens play all of their home games at the Bell Centre in Montreal. 

Who did the Canadiens Defeat in the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals? 

The 1993 Stanley Cup Finals saw the LA Kings with Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky, take on the Montreal Canadiens. This was the first time that the Kings played in the Finals. It was also the first time since 1920 that a team from the U.S. West Coast made it. The Canadiens would win the series four games to one. This was the 100th anniversary of the Stanley Cup. It was also the first Stanley Cup Finals to start in the month of June. 

Who is the Next Best Canadian Hockey Team in the NHL? 

If you measure “Best” by Stanley Cup titles, then the Toronto Maple Leafs are second. They have won the Stanley Cup 13 times. The last time they won was all the way back in 1967 though. They did win a division title in 2000 and are one of the most followed teams in the NHL. 

Highlights from the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals

For those who like to check out the video and pics more than reading, here’s the highlights from the Canadiens victory in 1993. 

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