Trevor Bauer News; Atlanta Braves the Next Destination?

Trevor Bauer News; Atlanta Braves

Another day, another MLB star pitcher out for the season. Under Trevor Bauer News, will the Atlanta Braves be the next destination for Bauer? Last weekend, Braves fans found out that star pitcher, Spencer Strider, suffered UCL damage to his throwing elbow. He’s going to be out for a while. So, the question is, are the Braves willing to take a chance on signing Bauer this early in the season? Or, will they look for an internal answer first?  

How are the Atlanta Braves doing in 2024 So Far? 

The 2024 MLB season is still young. The Braves are 7-4 as I write this in first place in the NL East. Losing Strider is a big hit to their rotation. Chris Sale has been on it so far, so the loss may be masked for a period of time. If the clubhouse dynamic is good, and they keep winning, we may see the Braves just hold off on any big moves like signing Trevor Bauer. 

Others think there is no way the Braves would sign him. It might just come down to what Atlanta’s MLB postseason prospects are on who and when they sign an outside arm to the pitching staff. 

Can Trevor Bauer Compete in MLB in 2024? 

It has been three years since Trevor Bauer pitched in MLB. He played for the LA Dodgers. As you probably know, he was placed on suspension for violating the MLB domestic violence policy. Since the 2024 MLB season began, there have been a number of rumors on teams that have looked to sign Bauer. The Met’s and Guardians are two of them. So far, we have not seen any substantive (or should I say public) acknowledgement or movement from a team on this front yet. He still has high-end stuff both velocity and movement-wise though. So, it’s likely he could come in and contribute pretty rapidly if a team accepts the PR risk with signing Bauer. 

How were Trevor Bauer’s Stats in Japan? 

Last year, Trevor Bauer’s stats were pretty solid. He got the opportunity to pitch for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars for the year. 

2023 Trevor Bauer Stats

Trevor Bauer News – Will Trevor Bauer Pitch for the Atlanta Braves? 

It’s difficult to say. I know the beat writers say absolutely not, etc. But, one of the things I’ve learned covering (and watching) baseball for more than 35 years, is you never say never. We have seen Bauer pitch three exhibition innings for the Diablos Rojos de Mexico in an exhibition game against the Yankees on March 24th. His stat line was pretty decent. No runs, 3Ks, 4 hits. He did have two walks. Velo was up and everything else checked out. So, we’ll keep an eye on things and keep you informed. Whether it’s the Braves or another MLB team, we’ll see how things evolve as we get into the season more. 

Trevor Bauer Joins the Diablos Rojos in Mexico

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