Trevor Bauer News; NY Mets Sign Pitcher to One Year MLB Minimum deal

Trevor Bauer News

Well, for your Trevor Bauer news today, the NY Mets signed the pitcher to a one-year MLB minimum deal today. April Fools! That was if you believed the April Fool’s joke/parody put out on X (Twitter). Anyway, we’ll update you on the latest with Trevour Bauer and his work to get back to MLB after all of the drama below. 

When Did Trevor Bauer Last Pitch in the Major Leagues? 

The last time that Trevor Bauer pitched in MLB was three years ago for the LA Dodgers. He served the longest MLB suspension ever for violating the MLB domestic violence policy. Since then; however, Bauer has not found a MLB team willing to take a chance on him with the expected negative PR to follow. Last season, Bauer pitched in Japan. 

What were Trevor Bauer’s Stats in Japan? 

So, here’s Trevor Bauer’s stat line in Japan last year. He pitched for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars. 130 + innings pitched, 130 K’s, 10 wins. Pretty good showing with a 2.76 ERA too. 

His Baystars profile page is here for you. 

2023 Trevor Bauer Stats

What was Trevor Bauer’s MLB Performance Like Before the Suspension? 

Before the suspension, Trevor Bauer pitched 10 seasons in MLB. From 2012-2021 he played six years in Cleveland, For the D-backs as a rookie, followed by the Reds, and then the Dodgers. For his MLB career, Trevor is 83-69 with a 1.243 WHIP, 3.79 ERA, and 1,416 K’s in 1,297.2 innings pitched across 222 games and 212 starts. 

Trevor Bauer News – Has Trevor Pitched against MLB Teams Since His Suspension? 

For your recent Trevor Bauer news, he has pitched against MLB teams twice this pre-season. He threw one game with his Japanese travel club against the Dodgers (mostly minor leaguers). More recently, he threw three scoreless innings for the Diablos Rojos de Mexico in an exhibition game against the New York Yankees on March 24th, 2024. He gave up four hits, walked two, and struck out three batters in the three innings that he pitched. 

Will Trevor Bauer Pitch in MLB Again? 

It’s hard to say. He’s definitely pulling out all of the stops to show MLB teams that he can be useful for their MLB Playoff efforts. He’s also not had any new issues with the law/rules in a while. Just makes you think it’s a matter of time before a team signs him. We’ll keep you updated. 

Trevor Bauer Yankees Game Highlights

Here’s Trevor’s YouTube video on the outing against the Yankees if you haven’t seen it.

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