Women’s March Madness Bracket Picks; Historical Records by Seed

Historical Records by Seed

Ok, we’re getting down to crunch time for your Women’s March Madness bracket picks. Historical records by seed since the tournament went to 64 teams is a great way to help you make the decision over whether you should pick an upset or not. This is especially true if you are close to finishing up your bracket challenge entry. Of course, you might just want to know how the seeds have done over time too. We’ve got all of that for you here. 

Why Does Looking at Historical Records by Seed Help with My Bracket? 

Well, one of the best parts about Women’s March Madness is that there is going to be at least one if not many upsets in the early rounds of play. All teams have hope going into their first games. Some of them hope == becoming Cinderella. The Women’s tournament first expanded to 64 teams in 1994. So, you can use this historical data to help inform your choices when filling out a bracket. 

The women’s numbers are different from the men’s when it comes to picking their bracket. Entering the 2024 Women’s NCAA Tournament, the #14 and #15 seeds have not won a game. #12 seeds have won 31 times. Seeds 13, 14, 15, and 16 have won just 11 times combined. The records below are since 1994 and include the seeds’ best finish. They do not include the First Four games. 

Women’s March Madness Historical Records by Seed

No. 1442-94Champions (22 times)
No. 2311-112Champions (four times)
No. 3249-113Champions (three times)
No. 4207-116Runner-up (once, 1994 Louisiana Tech)
No. 5135-116Runner-up (once, 2013 Louisville)
No. 6120-116Final Four (once, 1997 Notre Dame)
No. 798-116Final Four (twice)
No. 859-116Sweet 16 (once, 2006 Boston College)
No. 966-116Final Four (once, 1998 Arkansas)
No. 1048-116Elite Eight (once, 2017 Oregon)
No. 1150-116Elite Eight (once, 2011 Gonzaga)
No. 1231-116Sweet 16 (twice)
No. 1310-116Sweet 16 (three times)
No. 140-116First round
No. 150-116First round
No. 161-116Second round (once, 1998 Harvard)
Records by seed in Women’s March Madness since the field expanded to 64 teams..

How to Use Historical Records by Seed for Your March Madness Picks?

2024 Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket with Seeds
2024 Women’s March Madness Bracket

So, using this information is just a step. You will want to decide how risky or risk adverse you intend to be with your picks. The top seeds historically have the best winning percentage. Only six of the seeds have a winning record (#1 through #6). #7 seeds tend to lose more to #10’s in the first round.

Similar deal with the #8 seeds. In three years, we saw all No. 1 seeds reach the Final Four (2012, 2015, and 2018). We have a strong field this year, so you will just have to use your best judgment. We have some additional bracket tips you can check out as well. Good luck. We’ve placed the 2024 Women’s March Madness bracket with seeds above for you to reference against the historical data. Enjoy the Madness!

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