2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule; Printable, TV Broadcasts

2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule

The 2024 Edmonton Elks schedule starts on June 8th at home against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Edmonton doesn’t hit the road until week three against Toronto. Edmonton finishes the   2024 CFL regular season play on October 25th at home against the Toronto Argonauts. 

2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule

During the 2024 CFL regular season, the 2024 Edmonton Elks schedule is broadcast on several networks. If you are living in Canada, you can watch the games on TSN, RDS, and RDS2. In the U.S. you can checkout CFL+ for streams and CBSSN for some of the games.  

1Jun 8Saskatchewan5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
2Jun 14Montreal7:00 PMTSN, RDS
3Jun 22at Argonauts5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
4Jun 27at B.C.8:00 PMTSN, CFL+
6Jul 14Ottawa5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
7Jul 19at Ottawa5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
8Jul 28Hamilton5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
9Aug 3at Saskatchewan5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
10Aug 11B.C.5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
11Aug 17at Hamilton5:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
12Aug 25at Montreal5:00 PMTSN, RDS, CBBSN, CFL+
13Sep 2at Calgary4:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
14Sep 7Calgary5:00 PMTSN, CFL+
16Sep 21Winnipeg5:00 PMTSN, CFL+
17Sep 27at Winnipeg6:00 PMTSN, CBBSN, CFL+
18Oct 5Saskatchewan5:00 PMTSN, CFL+
19Oct 12at Calgary2:00 PMTSN, CFL+
21Oct 25Argonauts7:30 PMTSN, CFL+
2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule

Printable 2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule

Printable 2024 Edmonton Elks Schedule

Just like when I watch the NFL, I find it much easier to follow the action with a printable 2024 Edmonton Elks schedule. We have one posted for you in PDF format that you can print, share, and email as you prefer. We include the Elks bye weeks in the schedule for your planning as well.

2024 CFL Playoff and Grey Cup Schedule

The 2024 CFL Playoffs start up right after the regular season wraps up. The beginning of the playoffs are on November 2nd, 2024. The championship is on November 17th, 2024 before the NFL Playoffs are scheduled to start. 

2023 Edmonton Elks Highlights

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