College World Series Winners; USC Leads the Way, LSU Second Most Championships

College World Series Winners

Every year in May, baseball fans want to see who the past College World Series winners were as we gear up for the postseason. We have the complete list of champions for you through 2023 and counting. The MCWS takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, and includes the final eight teams in the NCAA DI baseball tournament. You can check out the complete list below. 

College Baseball Teams with the Most Men’s College World Series Titles

The college baseball teams with the most Men’s College World Series Titles are a fairly short list. No one is really close to USC. Here’s the list for you. LSU added to their total in 2023 breaking the tie with Texas for second place.

  • USC – 12
  • LSU – 7
  • Texas – 6
  • Arizona State – 5
  • Arizona, Cal State Fullerton, and Miami – 4
  • Minnesota and Oregon State – 3
  • Vandy, Stanford, South Carolina, Michigan, California, and Oklahoma – 2

The University of Kentucky who has been having one of the program’s best seasons in 2024 is the only SEC team to not have ever played in the CWS. 

College World Series Winners (1996-2024)

The list of College World Series winners is listed for you below. I broke up the lists so you can follow them easier. LSU won it all last year over Florida with a good football score in the championship game. The SEC has won the MCWS every year from 2019 to date, so we’ll see if 2024 brings a different conference to the title. 

2024TBDOmaha, Neb
2023LSU (54-17)18-4FloridaOmaha, Neb.
2022Ole Miss (42-23)4-2OklahomaOmaha, Neb.
2021Mississippi State (50-18)9-0VanderbiltOmaha, Neb.
2019Vanderbilt (59-12)8-2MichiganOmaha, Neb.
2018Oregon State (55-12-1)5-0ArkansasOmaha, Neb.
2017Florida (52-19)6-1LSUOmaha, Neb.
2016Coastal Carolina (55-18)4-3ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
2015Virginia (44-24)4-2VanderbiltOmaha, Neb.
2014Vanderbilt (51-21)3-2VirginiaOmaha, Neb.
2013UCLA (49-17)8-0Mississippi StateOmaha, Neb.
2012Arizona (48-17)4-1South CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2011South Carolina (55-14)5-2FloridaOmaha, Neb.
2010South Carolina (54-16)2-1 (11 inn.)UCLAOmaha, Neb.
2009LSU (56-17)11-4TexasOmaha, Neb.
2008Fresno State (47-31)6-1GeorgiaOmaha, Neb.
2007Oregon State (49-18)9-3North CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2006Oregon State (50-16)3-2North CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2005Texas (56-16)6-2FloridaOmaha, Neb.
2004Cal St. Fullerton (47-22)3-2TexasOmaha, Neb.
2003Rice (58-12)14-2StanfordOmaha, Neb.
2002Texas (57-15)12-6South CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
2001Miami (Fla.) (53-12)12-1StanfordOmaha, Neb.
2000LSU (52-17)6-5StanfordOmaha, Neb.
1999Miami (Fla.) (50-13)6-5Florida StateOmaha, Neb.
1998Southern California (49-17)21-14Arizona StateOmaha, Neb.
1997LSU (57-13)13-6AlabamaOmaha, Neb.
1996LSU (52-15)9-8Miami (Fla.)Omaha, Neb.
College World Series Winners (1996-2024)

College World Series Winners (1947-1995)

The first MCWS took place in 1947. Omaha, Nebraska became the location for the MCWS in 1950 and has remained the host city since then.

1995Cal St. Fullerton (57-9)11-5Southern CaliforniaOmaha, Neb.
1994Oklahoma (50-17)13-5Georgia TechOmaha, Neb.
1993LSU (53-17-1)8-0Wichita StateOmaha, Neb.
1992Pepperdine (48-11-1)3-2Cal St. FullertonOmaha, Neb.
1991LSU (55-18)6-3Wichita StateOmaha, Neb.
1990Georgia (52-19)2-1Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1989Wichita State (68-16)5-3TexasOmaha, Neb.
1988Stanford (46-23)9-4Arizona StateOmaha, Neb.
1987Stanford (53-17)9-5Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1986Arizona (49-19)10-2Florida StateOmaha, Neb.
1985Miami (Fla.) (64-16)10-6TexasOmaha, Neb.
1984Cal St. Fullerton (66-20)3-1TexasOmaha, Neb.
1983Texas (66-14)4-3AlabamaOmaha, Neb.
1982Miami (Fla.) (55-17-1)9-3Wichita StateOmaha, Neb.
1981Arizona State (55-13)7-4Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1980Arizona (45-21-1)5-3HawaiiOmaha, Neb.
1979Cal St. Fullerton (60-14-1)2-1ArkansasOmaha, Neb.
1978Southern California (54-9)10-3Arizona StateOmaha, Neb.
1977Arizona State (57-12)2-1South CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
1976Arizona (56-17)7-1Eastern MichiganOmaha, Neb.
1975Texas (59-6)5-1South CarolinaOmaha, Neb.
1974Southern California (50-20)7-3Miami (Fla.)Omaha, Neb.
1973Southern California (51-11)4-3Arizona StateOmaha, Neb.
1972Southern California (47-13-1)1-0Arizona StateOmaha, Neb.
1971Southern California (46-11)5-2Southern IllinoisOmaha, Neb.
1970Southern California (45-13)2-1 (15 inn.)Florida StateOmaha, Neb.
1969Arizona State (56-11)10-1TulsaOmaha, Neb.
1968Southern California (43-12-1)4-3Southern IllinoisOmaha, Neb.
1967Arizona State (53-12)11-0HoustonOmaha, Neb.
1966Ohio State (27-6-1)8-2Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1965Arizona State (54-8)2-0Ohio StateOmaha, Neb.
1964Minnesota (31-12)5-1MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1963Southern California (35-10)5-2ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1962Michigan (34-15)5-4 (15 inn.)Santa ClaraOmaha, Neb.
1961Southern California (36-7)1-0Oklahoma StateOmaha, Neb.
1960Minnesota (34-7-1)2-1 (10 inn.)Southern CaliforniaOmaha, Neb.
1959Oklahoma State (27-5)5-0ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1958Southern California (29-3)8-7 (12 inn.)MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1957California (35-10)1-0Penn StateOmaha, Neb.
1956Minnesota (37-9)12-1ArizonaOmaha, Neb.
1955Wake Forest (29-7)7-6Western MichiganOmaha, Neb.
1954Missouri (22-4)4-1RollinsOmaha, Neb.
1953Michigan (21-9)7-5TexasOmaha, Neb.
1952Holy Cross (21-3)8-4MissouriOmaha, Neb.
1951Oklahoma (19-9)3-2TennesseeOmaha, Neb.
1950Texas (27-6)3-0Washington StateOmaha, Neb.
1949Texas (23-7)10-3Wake ForestWichita, Kan.
1948Southern California (26-4)9-2YaleKalamazoo, Mich.
1947California (31-10)8-7YaleKalamazoo, Mich.
College World Series Winners (1947-2005)

College World Series Highlights (2023 LSU vs Wake Forest)

This was one of my favorite games from the 2023 MCWS. LSU vs Wake Forest. Paul Skenes on the mound for LSU. Win or go home to get to the championship game. 

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