2024 NBA Draft Schedule; Who is in the Lottery? Odds for #1 Pick

2024 NBA Draft Schedule

The 2024 NBA Draft schedule is set for June 26th, 2024. The draft will be televised at 8 PM Eastern Time and will be shown live to fans. A big question is who is in the draft lottery? What are the odds of the teams to get the #1 pick? We’ll go over all of that for you, and once the draft lottery takes place on May 12th give you the results as well. 

Is there a Victor Wembanyama 2.0 in the 2024 NBA Draft? 

The short answer is no. There is no Victor Wembanyama 2.0 in this draft. There are a number of great players that can help fill big holes on teams. The Spurs could actually have up to two lottery picks in the 2024 NBA Draft, so they will be looking for players that can complement Wemby so they don’t miss the NBA Playoffs again. The Washington Wizards, Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, and Portland Trail Blazers will all be looking for players who can contribute sooner than later too. 

When does the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery Take Place? 

The draft lottery goes down on Sunday, May 12th, 2024, at 3PM Eastern Time. The lottery is held in Chicago and will be televised on ABC this year. 

How Exactly Does the NBA Draft Lottery Work? 

So, a common question that comes up is how does the NBA Draft lottery work? There are 14 ping-pong balls that get numbered one through 14. They get placed in a lottery machine with 1,001 potential combinations when four are drawn out of the 14. Prior to the lottery taking place, 1000 of the combinations are assigned to the 14 teams in the lottery. Before the first one is drawn, the balls are mixed for 20 seconds. 

Then, they get mixed for 10 seconds before each successive draw. The team who has the four-digit combination gets the first pick. This continues through the fourth pick. The teams remaining get assigned the pics according to their draft odds. So, for example, Detroit can’t get a pick any lower than #5 if they don’t get one of the first four. 

What are the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery Odds?

Here are the 2024 NBA Draft lottery odds for the #1 pick and to get a top-four pick for the eligible teams. 

Washington – 14% (percent chance to get a top-four pick: 52.13%)

Detroit – 14% (top-four pick: 52.13%)

Charlotte – 13.3% (top-four pick: 50.28%)

Portland  – 13.2% (top-four pick: 50.01%)

San Antonio – 10.5% (top-four pick: 42.11%)

Toronto – 9% (top-four pick: 37.22%) (pick conveys to San Antonio if not in the top 6 picks)

Memphis – 7.5% (top-four pick: 31.95%)

Utah  – 6% (top-four pick: 26.3%) (pick will be conveys to Oklahoma City if not in top 10 picks)

Houston – 4.5% (from Brooklyn) (top-four pick: 20.27%)

Atlanta – 3% (top-four pick: 13.88%)

Chicago – 2% (top-four pick: 9.41%)

Houston – 1.5% (conveys to Oklahoma City if not among the top 4 picks) (top-four pick: 7.12%)

Sacramento – 0.8% (top-four pick: 3.84%)

Golden State – 0.7% (conveys to Portland – via Boston and Memphis – if not in top 4 picks) (top-four pick: 3.37%)

2024 NBA Draft Schedule

Victor Wembenyama selected first in 2023 NBA Draft
Victor Wembenyama selected first in 2023 NBA Draft

Once the lottery is complete, we get back to the Playoffs. Then, the 2024 NBA Draft schedule will take place on June 26th, 2024. The first round of the draft takes place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and will be aired on ESPN. The second round for the draft schedule is on June 27th and is held at ESPN’s Seaport District Studios in Manhattan. During the first round, teams get two minutes in between picks. In the second round, they get four minutes. This will be the second year in a row that we only see 58 vice 60 picks. The 76ers and Suns lost their second-round picks for violating the NBA’s tampering rules. 

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