Trevor Bauer News: Astros are Hurting. Do they Take a Chance?

Trevor Bauer News

So, under Trevor Bauer news, the Astros have come up as a possible destination for the star pitcher. The Houston Astros have a ton of pitchers on the Injured List, and have not been performing as expected this season. With the club’s past experience of dealing with significantly bad PR from the cheating scandal, what other MLB team would be better positioned to deal with blowback from signing Trevor Bauer? We’ll get into that and more for you below. 

How are the Houston Astros Performing in 2024?  

So, the 2024 MLB season is getting into May now. The Houston Astros have been performing well-below standard/ expectations so far. They are DEAD LAST in the AL West so far this season. No one saw that coming. Heck, the A’s who get like 5 fans a game to their stadium before they go to Sacramento next year are doing better. The Astros are 9 – 19 at the time of this writing. Now, if Houston doesn’t turn things around and stays out of the MLB World Series talk, then it probably isn’t worth it to sign Bauer from that point of view. 

How did Trevor Bauer Pitch Last Year in Japan? 

Last year, Trevor Bauer’s stats were really good. Especially for not pitching in forever. He played for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars on a one-year contract. Here are his stats for the 2023 season if you haven’t seen them. 

2023 Trevor Bauer Stats

Will Trevor Bauer Pitch for the Houston Astros?

Trevor Bauer Houston stinks tshirt
Trevor Bauer was not a fan of Houston a few years ago.

So, skill-wise, I don’t think anyone would argue that Trevor Bauer can come in and deliver above the return on investment expected out of the MLB minimum salary. The main questions are: 1 – Is the PR backlash from the public worth the gain? 2 – How will Trevor Bauer fit in with the clubhouse chemistry of the team? 

Performance-wise, after a shaky first outing, he has been tearing it up for the  Diablos Rojos de Mexico. Now, if you go back a few years, Bauer publicly feuded with the Houston Astros. You can see the trash can cleans he wore in a game above. Also a disparaging shirt towards the Astros. All dealing with the cheating scandal against Houston. Teams tend to have a long memory for that type of thing. So, I would expect that we do not see Trevor sign with Houston this season. 

Trevor Bauer Diablos Rojos de Mexico Highlights

An interview with Trevor Bauer after a record-setting performance pitching in Mexico. 

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