2024 US Open Tennis Schedule

2024 US Open Tennis Schedule

The 2024 US Open tennis schedule takes place Mon, Aug 26, 2024 – Sun, Sep 8, 2024. The tournament is the fourth (and last) Grand Slam championship of the year (Since 1987). The matches are played on hardcourts located in Queens, New York. U.S. Open match play always starts on the last Monday of August continuing for two weeks. The timing is setup for the middle weekend of play to occur during Labor Day (U.S.). We have the U.S. Open Tennis Championship schedule and more info for you below. 

Where is the US Open Played? 

The U.S. Open Tennis Championship is played in Queens, New York. There are 22 outdoor courts at the complex and four high-end courts. The higher-end courts are Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, Court 17, and the Grandstand. There are a number of field and practice courts at the complex. The main court is Arthur Ashe Stadium that opened in 1997 with a retractable roof that was installed in 2016.

It can seat 23,777 spectators for major events. Louis Armstrong Stadium is the next largest (opened in 2018), and it can seat 14,061 fans. All tennis courts at the complex used for the tournament have lights and support match play and TV coverage after dark. 

What are the Professional Tennis Grand Glam Events? 

There are four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. They are: Australian Open (January), the French Open (late May-June), Wimbledon (late June to early July), and the US Open. In 2024, we also have the Paris Olympics in the mix from late July to early August, so the high-end players for the men and women will be busier than normal this year. The US and Australian Opens are played on hard courts. Wimbledon is on grass, and the French Open is played on clay. While all of the Grand Slam events predate WW I, they were not held as sanctioned majors until 1925.  

What Channel is the US Open Tennis Tournament on? 

The 2024 US Open tennis tournament is on ESPN for the 16th year in a row. This is the 10th year that ESPN is the exclusive U.S. partner of the tournament. This means that we’ll see matches and other US Open related material on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+, and maybe ABC. 

2024 US Open Tennis TV Schedule

Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart
Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart.

All matches and courts will stream live on ESPN+ in the 2024 US Open Tennis TV schedule. We will see a mix in coverage on the main TV networks in the ESPN family of networks this year throughout the tournament. All of the finals will be shown on either ABC or ESPN. Once the final US Open TV schedule is finalized, we’ll post it here for you to tweak what you plan to watch. It will be based around the complete US Open tennis schedule that we have below for you. 

2024 US Open Tennis Schedule

The 2024 US Open Tennis schedule starts on Monday, August 26th, 2024. The final day of play is on Sunday, September 8th, 2024. There are mens and womens singles, doubles, and combined mixed doubles events during the tournament. If you are attending the event in person, the US Open confirms the gate open times and revises this sometimes daily. For planning, you can assume the gates will open at least one hour before the first match of the day. On busier days, 90 minutes to two hours before the first match. 

SessionDateStart TimeMatch Schedule
1Mon 26 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
2Mon 26 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
3Tue 27 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
4Tue 27 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
5Wed 28 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
6Wed 28 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
7Thu 29 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
8Thu 29 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
9Fri 30 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
10Fri 30 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
11Sat 31 AugDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
12Sat 31 AugNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
13Sun 1 SepDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s Round of 16
14Sun 1 SepNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s Round of 16
15Mon 2 SepDay11.00amMen’s / Women’s Round of 16
16Mon 2 SepNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s Round of 16
17Tue 3 SepDay12.00pmMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
18Tue 3 SepNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
19Wed 4 SepDay12.00pmMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
20Wed 4 SepNight7.00pmMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
21Thu 5 SepDay11.00amWomen’s Semifinals /Men’s Doubles Semifinals
22Fri 6 SepDay12.00pmMen’s Doubles Final or Mixed Doubles Final /Men’s Semifinal 1 / Women’s Doubles Semifinals
23Fri 6 SepNight7.00pmMen’s Semifinal 2
24Sat 7 SepDay12:00 PMMixed Doubles Final or Men’s Doubles Final / Women’s Final
25Sun 8 SepDay1:00 PMWomen’s Doubles Final / Men’s Final
2024 US Open Tennis Championship Schedule

2023 US Open Tennis Highlights (Coco Gauff)

Coco Gauff won her first career Grand Slam title by defeating Aryna Sabalenka in three sets (2-6, 6-3, 6-2) at the 2023 US Open.

Coco Gauff winning her first Grand Slam tournament in 2023.

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