Updated NCAA Men’s Bracket; Sweet 16 Schedule

Updated NCAA Men’s Bracket

The updated NCAA Men’s bracket and Sweet 16 schedule for 2024 is now out. While we saw a lot of upsets in the first round, the higher seeds ruled the day in the 2nd round of play. NC State is our only double digit seed surviving to the Sweet 16 round of play. I’m not sure that we can call a P5 conference tournament winner a Cinderella, but I reckon you could call Creighton one in past years. They are a 3 seed in 2024 though. 

UConn is rocking and rolling so far in the tournament in their quest for a repeat NCAA Championship. Fans get treated to a rematch of the 2023 NCAA championship game when they play SDSU on Thursday. We’ll see if any of the teams on our most Final Fours list are able to add to their numbers after this weekend’s Elite 8 play too. The most updated Sweet 16 schedule and NCAA bracket are listed below for you. The latest NCAA bracket results are posted up for you here

2024 NCAA Men’s Bracket and Sweet 16 Schedule

  • Sweet 16: March 28-29
  • Elite Eight: March 30-31
  • Final Four: April 6 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
  • NCAA championship game: Monday, April 8 State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Updated NCAA Men’s Bracket and Sweet 16 Schedule

Thursday, March 28 (Sweet 16)

(6) Clemson 77, (2) Arizona 72
(1) UConn 82, (5) San Diego State 52
(4) Alabama 89, (1) North Carolina 87
(3) Illinois 72, (2) Iowa State 69

Friday, March 29 (Sweet 16)

(2) Marquette vs. (11) NC State | 7:09 p.m. | CBS

(1) Purdue vs. (5) Gonzaga | 7:39 p.m. |TBS/truTV

(1) Houston vs. (4) Duke | 9:39 p.m. | CBS 

(2) Tennessee vs. (3) Creighton | 10:09 p.m. |TBS/truTV

Saturday, March 30 (Elite Eight)

(1) UConn vs. (3) Illinois | 6:09 p.m. | TBS/truTV
(4) Alabama vs. (6) Clemson | 8:49 p.m. | TBS/truTV

Sunday, March 31 (Elite Eight)


Saturday, April 6 (Final Four)


Monday, April 8 (National championship game)

Updated NCAA Men’s Bracket; Sweet 16 Schedule for 2024

Updated NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket
Updated NCAA Men’s Tournament Bracket

The updated NCAA Men’s bracket for the Sweet 16 is posted. You can check out the ground truth from the source (NCAA) here. We’re excited to see how the games unfold on Thursday and Friday. There are a lot of new bracket challenges out for the Sweet 16 if your bracket was busted already like mine was. In my experience, I recommend printing your Men’s bracket out before it’s time for the games on Thursday. 

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