Printable Super Bowl Squares Bracket

I think besides filling out a March Madness bracket, the next most popular American pastime is playing and filling out a printable Super Bowl squares bracket. Whether it’s at your office, school, with friends, or at your favorite bar or pub, playing squares really levels the playing field for casual fans. In squares, they can win cold hard cash without having to be an expert at how each and every player on the field will perform like in Fantasy Football.

For this reason, we have brought you a blank, printable Super Bowl squares bracket template for you to use for your respective gathering. You don’t have to put up money to play either. Last year for my son’s birthday, he and his friends played, and the winner of each quarter got rewarded with candy we had purchased for the contest. In case you don’t know how to play, we’ll go over that for you first. 

How Do You Play Super Bowl Squares?

Not everyone understands how Super Bowl squares work. Once you go over it once or twice, it’s actually a pretty straight forward game to understand. We’ve laid out the steps on not only how you set up the game. We also include the rationale on how to determine who wins at the end of each quarter.

First, print out your Super Bowl squares template or post online if you are going to allow people to make their entries via a shared Google Document sheet. You can use the 10 x 10 grid view that we provided for your game.

Next, you can either write in the names of the player(s) in the grid boxes they desire. If you are playing for a money pot, then typically each square will cost a set amount like $5 or $10 USD depending on how many people are participating and how large you want the pot to get to. 

Finishing the Super Bowl Squares Grid and Playing the Game

Once all of the squares are filled on your printable Super Bowl Squares bracket, choose the numbers for each row and column. The easiest way is to put each number between 0 and 9 on a small piece of paper and put in a hat to draw one at a time for the rows. Then, repeat for the columns. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a random number generator that you find online; however, many people still prefer the old school way to pick the numbers. 

Before you let people choose the squares, you need to let them know how often a winner will be picked. It is standard to select a winner after each quarter. The person who has the winning square at the end of the 4th quarter wins a bigger prize. Most games do not award winners over time. In order to tell who won, take the singles digit of each team’s score.

So, if team #1 has scored 14 points, use the number 4 for the column. If the other team has scored 21 points, then you will use the number 1 for the row. The person who’s square corresponds to those numbers wins the quarter. You then repeat the process for each quarter of the football game. 

Where to Get a Printable Super Bowl Squares Bracket to Print Out?

Now that you know how to play Super Bowl squares, choose what type of bracket that you want to use. We have a blank Super Bowl squares grid published for you to use focused on the Big Game. The Super Bowl Squares template can be used for any football game. You can actually use it for any game out there that keeps score over quarters if you really want to do so.

Our printable Super Bowl grid template is available in PDF, JPG, and Excel formats for you to use. There are no restrictions on use whether it be during the NFL Playoffs, the Super Bowl, or another sporting contest. The Excel file is a fillable Super Bowl squares template that you can upload to share with others. You can also use it to fill in your grid manually depending on your preferences. Enjoy! 

Printable Super Bowl Squares Bracket

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